WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (Nov. 4, 2022)

Friday Night SmackDown

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Tonight's program is our go-home edition of a pre-recorded SmackDown, ahead of tomorrow's Crown Jewel event. (The recording was mandatory due to travel time for our blue-brand Superstars). Our official preview had the bare-bones information for tonight. Intercontinental Champion Gunther will defend against Rey Mysterio. In a No DQ match, Liv Morgan takes on Sonya Deville. And in what should be an entertaining match, Ricochet takes on LA Knight.

All this and much more, tonight on SmackDown!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (Nov. 4, 2022)

No Disqualification Match: Liv Morgan vs Sonya Deville

We're welcomed to SmackDown by Michael Cole and Wade Barrett, and we get right on to tonight's pre-recorded program. Our first match is a no DQ contest between former SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville. Morgan's wearing a "Chucky" (Child's Play)-themed ring gear set tonight. Deville starts off in control and quickly turns to weapons to establish an early dominance over Morgan. Morgan looks to rally early on but Deville catches her with a baseball slide kick. When Morgan does begin to take control, the crowd comes alive, chanting for tables. We head to break and when we return, we find Morgan's offensive streak was short-lived. We return to find Deville working Morgan's neck with a hold. Morgan escapes but Deville catches her with a running knee. Deville climbs the middle rope and hits a flying knee to Morgan, covering for a quick two. Deville exits the ring after the failed cover and retrieves a half dozen chairs, sliding them into the ring. When she enters, Morgan drops her with a series of kicks. Morgan fires up her comeback, hitting a rear attack in the corner followed by a rolling knee. Morgan looks for a springboard jawbreaker and connects! Morgan covers for two. Morgan positions the chairs in a 45 degree arc from the corner, then takes Deville up to the top turnbuckle. Deville fights back, trying to prevent whatever Morgan has in mind, and does just that with a Powerbomb to Morgan on the steel chairs! Morgan kicks out at two. Deville looks for her finisher but Morgan dodges it, hits the ObLIVion on the steel steps, and picks up the win at 8:18pm!
Your Winner, Liv Morgan!

Hype, Hype, Hype

Gaps between matches are filled with hype for tomorrow's Crown Jewel event. Highlights include Pogan Laul's brother, Pake Jaul, will be in his corner tomorrow in Riyadh.

Singles Match: Ricochet vs LA Knight

"The human highlight reel" Ricochet is out first, sending us to a break ahead of our second match of the night. We return from break as LA Knight makes his way in on the mic. "You've gotta be kidding me! A once in a generation star, some would call a megastar" is making his way out. He calls various fans in the crowd inches and states the intro given last week listed the wrong home city for him, and Samantha Irvin (the ring announcer) must've been captivated by his "baby blue eyes." Ricochet's had enough and hits a diving attack to wipe out LA! Ricochet takes it inside and the ref calls for the bell. Ricochet with a snap mare and a kick to the gut, followed by a dropping elbow for a quick cover. Wade Barrett catches us up about "the Megastar" LA Knight, bragging about Knight's performance in NXT and at their premium live events. Knight takes a turn in control of the offense. Barrett mentions the LA Knight/Max Dupri name change and quickly brushes it off, stating that even Knight couldn't prevent himself from being a megastar. Ricochet and Knight battle at the apron, and Knight takes a short stretch in command. Knight stomps and kicks Ricochet, then attempts a top-rope moonsault. Ricochet avoids it and connects with a knee. Ricochet does his feign springboard taunt when Knight exits the ring and we head to break! We return from the break with Knight in control. Knight with a neck breaker to set up a possible diving attack. Ricochet rallies while Knight's busy jawing-off and fires off a snap Hurricanrana that sends Knight flying! Ricochet takes Knight into the opposite corner and bounces his face of fate turnbuckle, then follows it up with a beautiful springboard cross-body! Ricochet with a running moonsault for another near fall! Knight and Ricochet jockey for control a few more moments until Knight steals the win by hooking the tights and the nearby ropes after reversing a Ricochet roll-up!
Your Winner, LA Knight!

Backstage: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Sami Uso, and Solo Sikoa

The bulk of the Bloodline are shown backstage. Sami's hyped for the Usos, who defend against the Brawling Brutes tomorrow and are mere weeks away from surpassing the longest-reign record held by the New Day. Jey Uso mentions he's going to go out to the ring and address the Brutes. Sami attempts to get him in line, stating they've made progress ever since Roman told Sami that Jey was his problem. Jey addresses him as "Sami Uso" and goes on to state this isn't a Bloodline thing but an Uso thing. He and Jimmy head off, sending us to a break with Sami alone with Solo Sikoa.

Gettin' Ucey Wit' It

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring. The Usos inform the audience that the Bloodline is in their city, and Jimmy hypes the fact that they're nearly the longest reigning tag team champions ever. The crowd pops and chants Ucey, making Jimmy crack up. "And it starts with the Brawling Brutes," exclaims Jey, before adding "you's the two's and we the one's!" Out come the New Day! Woods and Kingston tell them to pump the brakes, slow it down, and several other similar phrases. "Hey, now at Crown Jewel, it's gonna be the Usos versus the Brawling Brutes for the WWE Tag Team Championships," starts Kofi, "and if I"m being honest, we're rooting for the Brawling Brutes." The New Day roll into the ring and Woods mentions that if the Usos retain, when the Usos land on American soil they'll have the longest-reigning tag champs--the New Day--waiting to "tear you from limb to limb to protect our record. In other words, we got next," exclaim the New Day to a pop and crowd chant. The Usos hoist up their titles and nod until the Brawling Brutes attack them from behind! The New Day tell the Brutes to beat the Usos tomorrow, then the New Day and the Brawling Brutes team up to beat down the Usos! Solo Sikoa & Sami Zayn hit the ring and all eight men begin to brawl! Solo with a snap mare to Butch and a Superkick to Ridge Holland! The Usos drop the New Day with Superkicks and the Bloodline work on beating Ridge Holland four-on-one! The crowd loudly chants for "Sami Uso!" The champs head up opposite corners and look for stereo Uso Splashes! Butch hits the ring with a shillelagh and evens the odds until Solo Sikoa drops him with a spinning Urinage! Solo helps up Jimmy, who in turns helps up Sami, and the Bloodline leave the ring as the Brutes and New Day recover.

Singles Match: Shayna Baszler w/ SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

Rousey escorts out Baszler, who's set to take on her former tag team partner--after this word from their sponsors! When we return, Natalya makes her entrance to a nice pop from the digital crowd (piped-in noise). We get our bell and Natalya starts off with working holds, focusing on Baslzer's neck as Wade Barrett and Michael Cole hype the hell out of Baszler and her return to "who she really is." Cole reminds us that Rousey and Baszler are friends going back to their MMA days. Baszler takes control quickly back in the ring, and looks to stomp Natalya's elbow. Natalya counters with a whip to the corner but fails to follow it up with a splash. Baszler begins tow work over Natalya in the corner, stomping away at the midsection as the ref counts a warning. Rousey cheers on Baszler from ringside as Baszler turns her attention to Nattie's left arm, and again goes for the elbow/hand stomp. This time, Shayna connects with it and Natalya rolls to the ropes as commentary speculate she may have a "dislocated elbow." Rousey laughs as Baszler continues to dismantle the Natalya, using a side lock to stretch the left shoulder. Cole calls her the "Submission Magician." Nattie rallies, briefly, blocking a kick and using it to send Baszler to the mat. Natalya with lefts and rights, elbow strikes battering Baszler before Nattie picks up a two after a basement dropkick! Natalya plays up to the crowd for a cheap pop and pulls Baszler to her feet. Nattie looks for a duplex but Baszler counters with a roll-up for two. Baszler whips Nattie into the corner but Nattie avoids a splash and fires off a Discus Clothesline for a quick cover attempt. Nattie looks for the Sharpshooter but Baszler kicks her off, slaps on the Kirifuda Clutch and puts Natalya to sleep! After the match, Baszler pulls her knee pad down and--under the order of Ronda Rousey--connects with a bare knee to the face of her former friend and tag partner.
Your Winner by TKO, Shayna Baszler!

In the Ring Promo: MVP

We get the usual hype ahead of MVP's promo for tomorrow's Omos vs Braun Strowman match. MVP states he was particularly pleased to discover Strowman is in action tonight "so close to his match" against Omos. "But, you guys know that uh, I'm kinda a big deal around here. I used my connections to sort out some opposition for Braun Strowman tonight. SO I've got a few opponents for him! Well, five opponents for Braun Strowman tonight!" Music plays and out come five local yokels! The unnamed folk start their way down her amp until Strowman runs them over from behind! Strowman approaches the ring ad the crowd pops and MVP backs off. MVP attempts to beg Strowman off, and his body language indicates he wants to talk to Braun. Strowman's body language, however, indicates Braun would much rather let his fist do the talking. Strowman chases MVP around the ring. MVP swings and misses at Strowman with the cane! Braun sends MVP into the steel steps and the barricade, and then into the ring with a roar. Strowman pulls up MVP and hits the running Powerslam! The crowd chant "one more time" and Braun is happy to oblige, pulling MVP up to once again hit a running Powerslam! The crowd again chants for another, and Braun listens to them! Braun eggs them on then pulls up MVP and hits a third running Powerslam to a big pop!

Next Week on SmackDown: the SmackDown World Cup on Fox!

Eight Superstars (not yet named) will compete for the brand-new SmackDown World Cup (on Fox). We'll also have Shinsuke Nakamura in action against Santos Escobar with "la reina" Zelina Vega and the rest of Legado Del Fantasma!

Intercontinental Championship Main Event Match: Gunther(c) w/ IMPERIUM vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, a two-time former Intercontinental Champion, is out first for our main event match to a nice welcome. Out next is our champ, the Ring General, Gunther with IMPERIUM! The defenders of the Sacred Ring stride out in black as Cole hypes "the working-man's championship," the Intercontinental title, which "Gunther believes he is all about." We get our official introductions and the ref calls for the bell at 9:41pm! Gunther has a height and weight advantage over the Lucha-legend, and it shows as he takes command right away. We head into the break as Gunther easily manhandles Rey, sending him outside. Gunther follows and bombs Rey onto the hard-edged apron, then enters the ring and demands the ref count Rey out. Rey enters the ring just at ten, saving the match. Gunther simply pulls up Rey and scoop slams Rey. Gunther with a running kick to Rey's flank, followed by another scoop slam! Hogan called, he wants his basic move back. Gunther spends more time slowly following Rey as he rolls across the ring than fighting. It catches up to him hen he goes for yet another scoop slam and Rey blocks it!
Gunther tries to power through but Rey again hangs on! Rey converts the scoop slam attempt into a crucifix tie-up! Gunther attempts to shrug Rey off but can't, and Rey whips his body around to convert the hold into a DDT! Both men are down! Rey starts to string together offense, kicking the hamstring before flailing rights at the Ring General. Rey with a springboard Moonsault attempt but Gunther catches him. Rey quickly slips around to Gunther's back and slaps on a sleeper! Gunther struggles to escape, his face going red as Wade Barrett speculates the "big man is fading." Gunther breaks free with a snapmare, but Mysterio isn't done yet! Rey leaps off the middle turnbuckle, onto Gunther's back, and slaps on the sleeper again! Gunther rams back into the corner but Rey holds on! Gunther's in trouble as the champ falls to one knee and the crowd cheer. Rey hangs on as Gunther rallies, climbing up the turnbuckles. Gunther leaps off the middle rope, crashing back on Rey! Both men are down and we head to a break!
We return from break with commentary praising the champ. Rey starts to rally yet again as fatigue begins o set in on both men. Rey battles the champ in the corner, then moves to the apron where he uses a step-up kick to rock the champ. Rey with a senton off the top to drop Gunther, then follows it up with a springboard wheelbarrow! Rey picks up the pace and use san arm drag to set up the 619. Gunther recovers so Rey dropkicks him back into position, then connects with the 619! The crowd are on their feet and finally waking up tonight as the challenger climbs the turnbuckles! Rey's too slow, however, and Gunther throws him off the turnbuckle! Gunther climbs the turnbuckles himself--and Rey turns the tables, attacking Gunther!
Rey climbs the middle rope and headbutts Gunther repeatedly. Gunther knocks him off and Rey pops back up, climbing back up the middle rope again! Rey with a headbutt to Gunther's midsection before attempting a Super-Hurricanrana. Gunther blocks it and attempts a super-Powerbomb off the middle turnbuckle! Rey counters mid-move, converting it into a Super-Hurricanrana and covers Gunther, who just gets his arm up in time! Rey Mysterio again nearly picks up the win with a Sunset Flip pin attempt for a very, very close two. Rey moves to the apron, does an Eddie Guerrero shuffle to the crowd, and climbs up top. Mysterio goes for the Frog Splash but Gunther moves. Gunther hits the Shotgun Dropkick on Mysterio! Gunther with a power bomb! Gunther rolls the legs to pin but Mysterio gets the arm up just in time and the crowd pops big.
Gunther, frustrated, paces the ring and yells. He pulls up Rey by the head but Mysterio throws a right! Gunther with a chop and a Powerbomb attempt but Rey fights it off! Rey sets up the 619 and goes for it--but Gunther intercepts him with a big boot to the face! Gunther with a brutal clothesline, hooks the leg and picks up the win!
Your Winner AND STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all tomorrow at noon for Crown Jewel!

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