WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls 2002 Fear Factor Appearance

During her recent interview on Shoot Conversations with Chris Hero, WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly shared a few memories of her appearance on Fear Factor, which happened in 2002. Check out her comments below.

Says she never heard of Fear Factor before her appearance:

“I did because nobody else wanted to do it. They worked their way down the list and they were like, ‘Torrie Wilson doesn’t want to do it, Stacy Keibler doesn’t want to do it, will you please do this?’ Honestly, because I don’t watch TV, I had never heard of it. I say yes, I call my little brother, ‘Hey Luke, I’m going to be on a show called Fear Factor.’ He goes, ‘You’re gonna have to eat worms!’ ‘What?’ ‘They eat worms on that show.’ ‘That is not real. Sometimes, to get the ratings up, you do things that look like something else to draw emotion from the audience.’ I was explaining to him that it was a work and that no one would be eating worms.”

On being eliminated in the second round:

“I get there and yes, you are eating worms. The first challenge was a rung ladder into a helicopter over the ocean. Easy. [Laughs]. Part of it was, I had hung out with the crew and they showed me how to go up a rung ladder to do lighting, so I knew how to hold it, plus, in gymnastics, a single leg shoot through is an easy move you do to get where you want to be. So, anyway, not hard. The next day, they give us a big spread of brunch and they say, ‘We’re going to be filming for the next 10 hours, no food, get your good in now because this is it.’ I got as full as I possibly could, anticipating that I would not be eating for the rest of the day, only to find out that we’re doing a pig brain drinking contest. Even if it had been a milkshake, I don’t think I could have drank it because I was so full. What they wanted was projectile vomiting, that’s how you get the ratings. I was a victim.”