WWE Live Event Results (11/10/19) - Aberdeen, Scotland

Thanks to rajah.com reader Richard Rue for sending this in:

Hi all

Here are my results/report from the live event tonight in Aberdeen Scotland

Definitely not a sell out crowd, with quite a few seats empty.
It really wasn’t a loud crowd at all - i expected a lot more noise for the big stars here, but it wasn’t happening for some reason

Opening match

Drew Mcintyre makes his entrance to applause and cheers as the hometown boy.
He gets on the mic and says how happy he is to be home.
His opponent Ricochet makes his entrance next.
Some comical moments in this match, with the heel/face roles swapped as Drew is Scottish
Crowd was quite quiet for most of it - Ricochet got the win
Drew then offers a handshake and says in Scotland they give special kiss - and proceeds to headbutt Ricochet, then he leaves. (Its a Glasgow kiss for those who don’t know)

Next up its a triple threat tag team match

First out is the team of R Truth and Cedric Alexander. Great reaction for R Truth, who gets the crowd going with Whats up!
Next out is Street Profits
Then finally the team of Shelton Benjamin and Drake Maverick
Shelton and Drake are the heels here, with Drake getting the mick taken out of him by the others about his height etc
Some very funny moments in this, and the crowd we all laughing along.
Shelton made out he didn’t want to be in the team as he was embarrassed.
Street profits get the win after back and forth action and a final minute of everyone getting involved all over the ring, and Drake left on his own and loses.

After the match Shelton gets on the mic and tells the crowd how he didn’t want to be in the team etc, and he wants someone to fight.
Kevin Owens comes out - not that hot a reaction to be honest. Which was surprising.
He comes into the ring in street clothes and stuns SB. Then he leaves.

Next match, Bobby Lashley comes out with the lovely Lana.
Lana gets on the mic and gets the crowd riled up and booing.
Rusev comes out running into the ring and straight into action.
Back and forth for a while but ends in a DQ with a low blow from Bobby,
Crowd are happy though, as we get Bobby getting hit in the head with Lana show that Rusev took. He’s popular for sure as the face here.

Next match
Randy Orton comes out, slowly slowly walking, and gets onto the turnbuckle but doest do his pose, knowing its going to rile the crowd. he is playing his big heel part here.
what was interesting is, i lip read him when he saw the ref and said to him “wow, this crowd is shit”
Rey Misterio came out next, to a much better reaction. The younger crowd clearly loves him, and he spent a lot of time with them on his way out.
Some good back and forth action, Rey gets the win with 619 and frog splash.
Rey then took about 15mins to get back up the ramp as he took a photo and signed anything for every fan. What a great guy he is

Final match before the intermission - Street Fight for the universal championship
Seth Rollins comes out - best reaction so far
Next up the Fiend.
And yay…we are wrestling under the red light. (sigh)
They used kendo stick, a couple chairs, 2 tables, and a sledge hammer in this. the action only went around the right and inside it, probably due to the red lights only being on the ring
Ended up with mandible claw and sister abigail, after Seth missed with a sledge hammer swing.

Kabuki warriors are out first for our next match
Then Nicky Cross and Sarah Logan
Nice reactions for Nicky as she was the home girl back in Scotland.
Match was fine, although some errors from Sarah i felt. Match ended with Cross getting pinned ager a double team.

US championship up next
First out was AJ Styles - really good reaction for him. Very popular, even though he was the big bad heel
Next out “ROOOOAR” its Braun Strowman.
After 3mins or so of AJ running away from him, the match ends with a DQ with the OC coming out
Beat down on Braun
Viking Raiders then run out for the save.

Due to this, we now have ourselves a 6 man match

This was good actually, back and forth action, and finally we get the win after AJ jumps off top rope and into a power slam from Braun. 1,2,3

Now we have our main event for the Women’s championship
Sasha banks is out first, and plays the heel for well.
Huge reaction for The Man
We get underway and its good action for the most part.
Result is Becky retaining after locking in the arm bar.

As with most of the live touring shows, the show is very different from what we are used to seeing on tv week in and out. Much more of a pantomime feeling to it, with crowd participation and the wrestlers joking around/breaking character etc

The crowd was just a bit dead for most of it, and the last few matches they came alive a bit more.
Show start 5pm, and we all left 8.30pm

Biggest pops
1 - Becky Lynch
2 - AJ Styles
3 - Seth Rollins

Best performances
1-Aj Styles - he’s just a great worker, and worked the crowd as much as himself
2-Seth Rollins - he took most of the bumps on chairs etc
3-Becky Lynch - she worked her ass off, and was calling most of the moves from what i could tell
Honourable mention - Drake Maverick. the guy is hilarious, and i think everyone was laughing at him during the funny spots.