WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 14, 2022): KFC Yum! - Louisville, KY

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes.

Our official preview has been updated throughout the day, setting the stage for tonight's penultimate episode ahead of Survivor Series: WarGames, which takes place a week from Saturday! Scheduled for tonight will be an apologize from the MizDexter Lumis. Also, we'll have the leader of the Judgment Day, Finn Bálor, in singles action as he challenges United States Champion Seth Rollins. And in further singles action, Matt Riddle looks to educate "Mister Perfect 4.0 GPA," Chad Gable. We'll have more build towards next weekend's Survivor Series: WarGames and a whole lot of hilarity will ensue. Maybe. Possibly. Don't quote me on that. Heck, we may even hear from the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos, who will eclipse the New Day's longest-reign record tonight.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 14, 2022): KFC Yum! - Louisville, KY

In the Ring: United States Champion Seth Rollins

We're welcomed to Raw by commentary and then proceed to spend five minutes, literally, as Rollins does his best Roman Reigns impersonation with the lengthy entrance! He finally speaks at 8:05pm, and welcomes the KFC Yum! Center to Monday Night Rollins. He begins to address the recent spate of challengers, ranging from Finn to Riddle to Bobby Lashley--"and, for the first-time ever, Austin Theory tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on my United States Championship." He continues, cackling that it didn't work out well for Theory. The crowd interrupts with a loud "that was stupid" chant, haha! Rollins, going ever the more blonde each week, continues. "Look, I'm sure he'll be out here later; you guys can tell him then how stupid he is, huh? Haha! But my point is (that) something seems different about the United States Championship." He mulls it over and determines the changing factor is himself--as he holds "the top prize on Monday Nights! And right here, in the main event tonight, we're going to add to my legacy as United States Champion when I go one-on-one with a former friend, a former foe--Finn Bálor!" And then we get the music for Bobby Lashley! Makes sense, right? Lashley makes his way out with a mic and talks about smashing "Selfie Boy" Austin Theory. He tells Rollins that he's not going to stop harassing Seth until Lashley gets his title back. Rollins mentions Lashley's recent temper, and pulls a Heyman interpretation as he speculates it's because of Lashley's loss to "Brrrr-ock Lesnarrrrr!"
Mustafa Ali makes his way down the ramp with a ref warning him off. Lashley warns Ali. "You remember that beatdown I gave you last week? It's gonna pail in comparison to the beatdown I give you this week. So let's start using (your) head...you need to walk out of here before I hurt you." Boos from the crowd as Rollins mentions it's a fair point. Ali hits the ring and is easily sent outside by Lashley. Lashley states this is a message for anyone who stands between him and his United States title. Ali jumps on Lashley's back and Seth Rollins leaves the ring, up the ramp. Lashley asks Ali on the mic if he's stupid, then states "if you want to come in here and get an ass-whooping, Ali, then I welcome you to but it's not gonna be pretty. Get in here and get some!" Lashley drops mic and we head to break at 8:12pm!

Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs Mustafa Ali

We return from break at 8:16pm and get our first match! Mustafa Ali is pulling double-duty this week as he's got a SmackDown World Cup match Friday. Ali gets about five seconds of offense in, by way of avoiding Lashley, until the All Mighty (Almighty?) One gets his hands on Ali. Lashley begins to beat Ali outside the ring and inside, and at one point throws Ali across the commentary table like a toy at Corey Graves. Ali lands awkwardly on his arm--not sure if it's a work--and Lashley takes things into the ring. Lashley continues to dominate Ali and the ref warns Ali that he'll stop the match if Ali can't defend himself. Graves mentions the awkward landing on Ali's arm but the match continues. Lashley hits a spinning slam and the ref checks on Ali. Lashley with a big chokeslam, then a second! Graves calls it a spine buster but if the choke is held... The ref again checks on Ali and threatens to stop the match and Lashley shows what Graves calls sympathy as he completely dominates Ali. At about 8:19pm, Ali fires up to get a DDT and another strike in before Lashley shuts it down with a spear. Lashley slaps the Hurt Lock on Ali; Ali refuses to tap and is put down! The ref calls for the bell at 8:20pm!
Your Winner by TKO, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage Interview: the OC

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Mia Yim--the OC--are asked bout "neutralizing the Rhea Ripley" threat by adding Mia Yim to their faction. Anderson takes credit, stating he has a way with the ladies. Styles cuts in and challenges Finn to a singles match at Survivor Series: WarGames to end their feud. Mia Him refers to herself as--and please, someone correct me on the spelling as I'm doing this phonetically--me-chin, a Korean nickname. She states she's got a match, coming up next, and we head to break at 8:22pm!

Singles Match: Mia Yim vs Tamina

We return from break at 8:27pm and Rhea Ripley makes her way down to observe this match. We get our bell and the crowd is all-but-dead for this contest. Mia Yim easily handles Tamina throughout the short match. We watch Damage CTRL observing this match backstage as commentary question who they're "scouting." Yim with a new finisher, Eat Defeat, to pick up the super fast win barely a minute in. After the match, Rhea Ripley threatens to enter the ring and the crowd finally realize people are in the ring, chanting for Mia. Rhea and Dominik Mysterio back up the ramp, jawing off.
Your Winner, Mia Yim! (1 minute)

Backstage: Matt Riddle Shares the Bongs

Cathy Kelley interviews Riddle backstage. He states Elias is busy booking gigs and doing "rock star stuff" for their band. The Alpha Academy walk up, shooshing Riddle. Riddle responds, "bro," and Gable responds "shoosh"--this goes on for several times, with Riddle starting to play in timing, until Gable realizes he's being toyed with. Gable promises to put down Riddle with a-thank-yew and we head to break at 8:32pm!

Singles Match: Matt Riddle vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

We return and get our bell at 8:39pm as Corey Graves sings Riddle's amateur wrestling praises. Riddle and Gable lock up, with Gable going collegiate wrestler on Riddle. Gable forces Riddle into the corner and hints at an old-school Test of Strength. Riddle falls for it, as every face has since 1982, and Gable throat punches him for it. Gable takes Riddle down then back into the corner, using a dragon screw leg whip--no, three! Riddle is completely at Gable's mercy as he whips him into the corner. Riddle's knee magically heals up enough to allow him to drop Gable with a kick and follow it up with a pair of suplexes. Impressive gut-wrench suplex; Riddle chases it with a Bro-ton but Gable gets the knees up! Riddle climbs the turnbuckles but Otis distracts him by shoving the steel steps off their platform. Gable pops up, runs up the turnbuckles and hits Riddle with a snap German Suplex off the top! We head to break at 8:41pm! We return minutes later as Gable begins a lengthy stretch of offense. Gable looks for an ankle lock but Riddle remains elusive-enough to avoid it. Gable nearly picks up the win with an impressive "Tiger DDT" (per Corey Graves). Gable strings together a few more moves, kipping up before a huge duplex attempt. But the "Original Bro" is ready to "feast" as he starts his comeback sequence. Riddle drops Gable with the Orton DDT then looks for a Punt Kick on Otis at ringside. Gable attempts to attack the distracted Riddle and ends up stealing the win at 8:49pm, with an assist from Otis, who holds Gable's feet down on the ropes behind the ref's back as he uses a leverage pin to pick up the steal!
Your Winner, Chad Gable! (10 minutes)

Backstage: JBL, Baron Corbin, and Akira Tozawa

JBL and Corbin are shown backstage, cleaning out a sucker of his hard-earned money in a game of poker. A sommelier (no, not Reggie) shows up and offers some fine Kentucky Bourbon. JBL denigrates the great state of Kentucky, stating those rednecks wouldn't know shit about brewing anything (or something to that affect). Tozawa takes the empty seat at the table and plainly says "I play poker." JBL quickly assumes Tozawa doesn't know how to play and prevents Corbin from running him off, hoping to clean out the unsuspecting Tozawa.

Miz TV, feat. Dexter Lumis

The Miz begins his entrance and Graves hypes the upcoming segment, sending us to break at 8:52pm! The Miz comes out as "Miz-ter Rogers," complete with a cardigan. We return at 8:56pm and are welcomed to Miz TV. The Miz tells us this will be a special episode as he'll relinquish hosting to Byron Saxton! Byron starts to stand and the Miz has him sit, then announces he's the guest on his own show. He coaches Saxton as Byron asks about the allegations of the Miz paying Dexter Lumis to attack him. The Miz asks for complete silence as he has an emotional statement to read. He goes to start. "I regret paying Dexter Lumis." Saxton interrupts, asking if he admits to paying Lumis. Lumis cuts him off and continues, stating he regrets paying Dexter Lumis but he did it for sympathy. He complains about 18 years in the WWE and being under-appreciated. He points out he helped Lumis get a job when he was "jobless" and people still aren't on his "side." He pivots the narrative, stating its Dexter Lumis' greediness and Dexter wouldn't' stop. Saxton asks the Miz why he gave a different story to the undercover investigator (last week). The Miz states it was a performance, as he was telling her what she wanted to hear. He states the people in this "small city" don't know what its like to be in a "big city" and claims he's a devoted father, loving husband "and a man who was cooped up in his bedroom all weekend long because he was depressed and sick about everything that happened!"
He's interrupted by "Rebel Heart" as Johnny Wrestling makes his way out! Johnny Gargano tells the Miz that he wasn't depressed, stating the Miz was vacationing in Cabo. The Miz accuses Gargano of stalking him; Johnny calls him a dummy because Maryse posted it all online. The Miz claims he was depressed in his hotel room and Gargano states the Miz is always looking to take the easy way out. The Miz wisely asks why would he take the hard way; Gargano goes on, accusing Miz of getting caught up in a lie and that he "stopped paying Dexter Lumis." Saxton attempts to ask a question not approved by the Miz and the Miz snaps at him to only ask the questions the Miz gave him. Gargano accuses the Miz of paying off Saxton, too. The Miz accuses Gargano of just coming out there to get a "Johnny Wrestling" chant and the crowd obliges! "I do love that 'Johnny Wrestling' chant but the truth is, Mike, everyone knows you're a compulsive liar." He states the Miz lies about everything, "starting with that sweater you're wearing!" The Miz snaps, "it's a cardigan!" The crowd with a Miz-ter Rogers chant! Gargano acknowledges them to a pop as he calls the Miz "Mr. Rogers." He points out that Mr. Rogers was a good guy. The Miz exclaims over and over that he's a good guy, then repeats "I'm sorry! I'm sor-ry!"
He then insists they move on so he can be a role model for his kids; Gargano replies if he wants to be a role model to his kids, he should pay Lumis. Gargano then tells us that he's spoken to WWE Officials and the camera footage was convincing, adding "this all comes to an end in two weeks in this very ring when the Miz takes on Dexter Lumis! And if Dexter wins, you have to pay him everything you owe him! And! And! If he wins, he finally gets a WWE contract!" The Miz tells Gargano to tell "That deranged psychopath" that he'll, basically, end him, there will be no contract, there will be no money, but "it will be Awesome!" Gargano tells the Miz to tell Dexter himself and the camera turns, showing Lumis behind the Miz dressed as a set extra! The Miz hauls ass up the ramp when Lumis jerks for him and that's it for now!

Singles Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Dominik Mysterio w/ the Judgment Day

After a video showing where Benjamin and Dom Mysterio exchanged words earlier today, we get our next singles match underway! Dom is escorted out by Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest of the Judgment Day, eager to prove himself against the man he denigrated as old and as inferior. We head to a break and return in the lengthy warm-up to this match. Finally we get the entrance of the former three-time Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin! We get our bell at 9:15pm. We're given a short match, during which Shelton is constantly harrassed by the Judgment Day members at ringside. Dom capitalizes on the mutliple distractions and, after enduring a small beating from Benjamin, picks up the win. After the match, Rhea and Damian congratulate Dom.
Your Winner, Dominik Mysterio! (Who cares)

Backstage Interview: Cathy Kelley w/ Austin Theory

Cathy welcomes the "Former Mister Money in the Bank," and he sighs "you too, Cathy?" Theory, sporting a growing beard, chastises the WWE Universe. He states he was touted to be the next big thing and "proved" it from day one. He states he became the "Face of the Franchise" (Shane Douglas in the house?). He claims everyone thinks he failed last week but they're wrong, as he feels "more alive than I ever have. Let's talk about it, let's talk about that briefcase." He calls it an anchor and points out Roman Reigns, stating he never looks vulnerable--and when he does, "rarely, the Bloodline were there." He states Roman Reigns is unstoppable and a "scenario of me cashing in, it doesn't exist." And that's why he decided to go after "one of the greatest champions of this past decade, Seth Rollins." He states he had Seth beat, A-Town downed and then faults Lashley for mauling him and costing him a run as a two-time United States champion. He's interrupted by a returning Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler reminds Theory that he tried to help him out a few months ago but Austin wouldn't listen. Theory tells Ziggler he's tired of being "the next big thing" and all his "youngest this-and-that" accolades, then challenges Ziggler to a match, stating he'll show Ziggler what Austin Theory's about. Afterwards, Corey Graves praises Theory, stating losing the Money in the Bank case may have been the best thing for him.

Singles Match: Iyo Sky w/ Damage CTRL vs Dana Brooke

Iyo Sky and company are out first, sending us to a break at 9:34pm! As Brooke makes her entrance to new music, we get a pre-recorded promo in which she talks, essentially, about moving on from the now-defunct 24/7 Championship. Iyo Sky takes control out the bell at 8:38pm. Iyo catches Brooke with a running kick as she's rope strung. The crowd is dead for this match, too, and the most exciting point of it is when Corey Graves speculates if Damage CTRL are looking to recruit Nikki Cross or "weaponize" her. He calls her the most unpredictable and dangerous woman on the roster. The crowd--maybe eight people--start a weak "let's go" chant but it's so weak I can't tell if its for Bayley or Dana. Brooke shocks the world as she gets two whole offensive moves in, connecting with a kick and a DDT for a super-short cover. Brooke looks for her handspring attack int he corner but Iyo catches her, counters with a German Duplex, and sets up "DB" with a Meteor in the corner! Iyo nails the Over the Moonsault and picks up the win at 9:40!
Your Winner, Iyo Sky! (2 minutes)

Mia Yim Addresses Damage CTRL; Picks Side

Mia Yim comes out, ready to give Damage CTRL her answer after they attempted to recruit her backstage earlier tonight. She states that they're right, WarGames means picking a side--and she's done just that. She's joined by Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair! Those four plus a mystery partner take on Damage CTRL, Nikki Cross and a mystery partner of their own in just 12 days!

Backstage: JBL's Poker Game Concludes

Tozawa, wearing his yellow sunshades, drops his hand--showing three queens. Corbin insists he's got three kings--no, three Aces--and attempts to steal the pot from the poker game without showing his hand. Tozawa stops him, reveals Baron has nothing, and accuses him of cheating. Tozawa then challenges Corbin, and JBL asks if he means a duel. Nope, it'll be a wrestling match, as Tozawa and Corbin agree to a match later tonight and Tozawa slaps Corbin's hand away, running off with cash.

Singles Match: Austin Theory vs Dolph Ziggler

Austin Theory makes his way out first, sending us to break at 9:45pm! We return, get Ziggler's entrance, and our Bella t 9:50pm. Ziggler starts off taking Theory to the corner, causing the youngster to duck under the bottom rope to avoid his offense via ref break. Ziggler backs off and looks for a leaping attack; Theory catches him in a fireman's carry, only to have Ziggler wiggle free. Dolph looks for a kick but Theory avoids ti and drops Ziggler. Theory takes Dolph into the corner then drops him with a backbreaker in the middle of the ring for a short, short two. Graves praises a "more deliberate Austin Theory" as he came out, sans phone, and the Vinny Mac selfie-era of Theory is over! Theory pulls Ziggler up; Dolph throws a right to the gut and a series of rights to the face but Theory stops him with a kick off a rope rebound. Theory covers then pounds Ziggler with blows, covering once more. He immediately breaks the pin and transitions to a headlock, working Ziggler's neck as the weak crowd starts to wake up and chant for Ziggler. We head to break at 9:54pm with the youngest (insert accolade here) in dominating fashion!
We return at 9:57pm with Ziggler starting to mount a comeback. Ziggler with a neck breaker followed by a jumping DDT that would make any luchadore proud! Ziggler picks up a two but Theory gets the shoulder up. Both men are down for a few moments, with Theory selling the sore neck. Ziggler latches onto Theory's neck and both men rise. Theory escapes the hold and throws a right that staggers Dolph. Dolph responds with a leaping kick but Theory counters! Theory sets up the A-Town Down but converts Dolph's attempt o escape into a Rack Bomb! Theory covers, rolling the legs for a close two. Theory calls for the A-Town Down again and looks for it, but Ziggler uses his momentum to swing over onto Theory's back and cinch in a sleeper hold! Ziggler screams "yes" over and over as Theory starts to fade. Theory suddenly pops alive, angrily drooling all over the canvas before ramming Ziggler back into the corner! Ziggler refuses to let go, keeping the sleeper on! Ziggler takes Theory down tot he mat in the middle of the ring as Graves questions his fate! Theory again angrily powers awake and dumps Ziggler off! Theory charges at Ziggler--right into a kick! Ziggler follows it up with a Famouser, hooking the leg and covering for two! Theory gets the shoulder up! The KFC Yum! Center finally shows some life after a lengthy stretch of silence. Ziggler and Theory continue to jockey for control in the ring, with Theory sending Ziggler's shoulder into the ring post! Ouch! Graves warns us that there's "malice in the eyes of Austin Theory" as he approaches the vulnerable Ziggler. Theory taunts Ziggler and sends him shoulder-first into a second ring post!
Theory, dripping sweat and drool, pulls Ziggler back into the ring and to his feet. Theory takes Ziggler in a headlock and sets up another attack but Ziggler counters, whipping Theory into the ring post! Ziggler follows it up with the Zig Zag and picks up a 2.5! Ziggler's beside himself as both men are down! The crowd rips off a loud "this is awesome" chant and Ziggler tries to fire himself up in the corner. Ziggler goes for a Superkick but Theory fires off a big forearm first, rocking Ziggler! Theory hits the A-Town Down to boos! A sizable part of the audience chants "one more time" and Theory complies, hitting a second A-Town Down! Good god, Theory is drooling all over the place. Perhaps he has rabies. Theory mounts Ziggler, pounding him with fists until Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Theory follows, taking Ziggler by the hair and sending him into the steel steps! The crowd boos loudly and the ref warns Theory, telling him that's enough. Facial hair, no care--Theory continues to assault Ziggler, pulling him up by the hair and slamming his face into the commentary table! The ref continues to warn Theory, who is relentless with his ruthless aggression, pounding Ziggler's face over and over and over into the commentary table! The ref calls for the bell, throwing the match out at 10:05pm! The crowd LOUDLY boos now as Theory is unstoppable, continuing his onslaught on Ziggler! Finally, officials hit the scene and attempt to dissuade Theory from pressing the attack. The crowd showers Theory with boos and he goes back for more! Theory wails away on Ziggler until officials separate him. "Your kid, huh," Theory barks at Ziggler. "I ain't your damn kid!" Theory finally leaves, angrily stating "I ain't no damn kid, I'm all day, I'm Austin Theory," as he heads to the back.
Your Result, Referee Stoppage! (15 minutes)

Damage CTRL Have Their Fifth for WarGames!

We cut backstage after a break and find Damage CTRL, newly-allied with Nikki Cross, discussing their fifth member for WarGames. Finally, up walks Rhea Ripley who states that they need look no further! If Belair and Yim are their foes, she's down to clown with the Damage folk. The five will take on Bliss, Asuka, Belair, Yim and an as-yet-unnamed opponent.

Singles Match: Akira Tozawa vs Baron Corbin w/ JBL

We head to break and return for a short, weak match that sees Corbin pick up the win rather easily at 10:18pm. The match sucked almost as much as my recap of it! Tozawa was lucky to get a pair of moves in before Corbin hits the End of Days to an overly-excited JBL, defeating Tozawa in his first real, non-24/7 match in quite some time.
Your Winner, Baron Corbin.

United States Championship Main Event Match: Seth Rollins(c) vs Finn Bálor w/ the Judgment Day

And, fifteen plus minutes later, we finally get our entrances and the official announcements! The crowd loudly sings Rollins to the ring as Finn looks on stoically. We get our official bell at 10:36pm, finally! The crowd again loudly sing Seth's theme as he and his challenger lock up. We're off! Bálor and Rollins lock up and engage in a sequence of counters, both drawing upon their technical prowess as they jockey for position. The crowd with a loud "lets go Rollins" chant as he locks up with Bálor. Rear waist lock from Rollins; Bálor quickly escapes and takes Seth to the mat, locking onto his neck as Corey Graves reminds us that this is a Finn Bálor who knows "he can rely on himself." Okay. Bálor continues to work the neck, with Rollins groaning as he stays in the hold for over a minute. The crowd attempts to cheer the Architect out of it, and Rollins powers to his feet. Rollins whips Bálor into the ropes and miss with a chop off a speedy rebound. Seth catches Bálor off the second rebound, sending him outside with a brutal chop. Rollins follows it up immediately with senton to the outside, taking down the challenger and sending us to break at 10:39pm! We return from break with Finn maintaining control. The Prince takes the pace to a snail's crawl, continuing to use working holds to contain the champ. Rollins looks to rally, finally chaining together some offense around 10:46pm. Rollins looks for the Stomp but Finn counters with a Sling Blade! Rollins heads up top and dives off but Finn avoids the strike, sending us to our second commercial break mid-match at 10:48pm!
We return from break at 10:52pm. After Finn fails to capitalize on Rollins in the Drop Zone, we find Rollins taking control as he threatens to Powerbomb the Prince outside, the same move that injured Finn years ago. Finn escapes it and takes it to Rollins, dropping the champ with a drop-kick into the barricade before taking it back into the ring. Rollins looks to rally right away, hitting a gut-wrench sit-out powerbomb for a close two! Finn takes a turn in control, briefly, looking for the Coup de Grace! The champ avoids it but eats a Superplex into a 1916 from Finn for yet another close cover! Rollins survives for another few moments! Finn straddles Rollins and begins to kidney-punch the champ, focusing his strikes on Rollins' core. Rollins fires off a kick to the gut and looks for a Pedigree; Finn escapes nd looks for a double stomp but no one's home! Finn and Seth grapple for control, with Rollins hitting the 1916 on Finn for a close two! Graves exclaims the champ smells blood as Rollins posts up for a Stomp!
The Judgment Day run to ringside and Rollins streaks over to intercept. Finn takes advantage of the distraction and hits the champ, dropping him and following it up with a Double Stomp! Finn posts up int eh corner until the OC hit the ring and begin to brawl with the Judgment Day! Finn's distracted by the brawl at ringside. Anderson and Priest brawl at ringside as Karl Anderson follows Dominik Mysterio into the ring! Yim and Rhea battle it out into the crowd as Priest shoves Anderson across the commentary table! Priest is knocked into the crowd by an angry Gallows. Finn looks to monopolize on the chaos, setting up Rollins for a Coup De Grace! AJ Styles shows up and shoves Finn of the top! Styles and the OC brawl into the crowd with the Judgment Day, leaving Finn and Seth down in the ring. Seth recovers and sets up Finn for a Stomp outta nowhere, connecting with it to cover and retain at 10:57pm!
Your Winner AND STILL United States Champion, Seth Rollins! (21 minutes)

After the Match: A-Town (Beat) Down

Austin Theory attacks the champ immediately after the bell, beating the champ into the corner. A-Town Down! A-Town Down! Theory stands over the fallen champ as he rolls to the outside! Theory absolutely decimates the champ, hitting another pair of A-Town Downs on him in the ring. Theory pulls p the US title, eyes it, then uses it to strike Seth int he face! Running belt shot from Theory! Rollins is sent flipping in air before crashing down as the crowd showers Theory with boos! Theory poses with the US strap over the downed champion, ending our program!

Tomorrow Night on NXT: a Special Championship Tuesday!

NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends his title against would-be Geico spokesman, Von Wagner. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose will defend against Alba Fyre.

Survivor Series: WarGames Note

The premium live event takes place a week from Saturday. Note: the WarGames match will have five participants per team. The first announced WarGames match features Rhea Ripley, Nick Cross and Damage CTRL taking on Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and two more partners to be determined.

Next Week on Raw

One member of each team involved in WarGames will compete to determine the WarGames Advantage for their team. Looks like we're just getting one WarGames match.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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