WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 3, 2022): XCel Energy Center - St Paul, MN

Monday Night Raw

Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles; the Judgment Day

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Just a reminder that Extreme Rules is Saturday night and we'll have live results for y'all as usual, so swing by and say howdy (and maybe some of us will say hi).

The WWE go-home edition of Raw's official preview listed six segments and matches for tonight's card. Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair will sit down with Saturday's challenger, Bayley, to sign their contract to make the bout official. Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles team up to take on two members of the Judgment Day in hot men-on-men tag action. Matt Riddle & Seth Rollins will come face to face ahead of their match Saturday as well. Braun Strowman takes on Chad Gable in singles action, and Chad's Alpha Academy cohort, Otis, has his hands full with "Johnny Wrestling" himself, Johnny Gargano. And not to be outdone by her husband, Candice "Mrs. Wrestling" LeRae takes on Damage CTRL's Dakota Kai in singles competition.

Bianca Belair; Bayley

Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles; the Judgment Day

Seth Rollins; Matt Riddle

Braun Strowman when he realizes he returned to feud with Chad Gable

Johnny Gargano; Otis

Candice LeRae (Mrs. Gargano); Dakota Kai

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Oct. 3, 2022): XCel Energy Center - St Paul, MN

Opening; Welcome to the Extreme Rules Go-Home Edition of Monday Night Raw!

We have our opening video and music before Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us to Monday Night Raw and our go-home episode ahead of Saturday's Extreme Rules!

In the Ring Promo: the Judgment Day

Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio make their way out to boos. Bálor cuts a promo about his upcoming "I Quit" match with Edge, Saturday night at Extreme Rules. He threatens to end Edge's career, again, and permanently (insert random act of violence here) to Edge before it was all said and done. Priest took a turn on the mic, dissing AJ Styles, and Dom hopped on the mic to tell Rey via the camera he hates him for "lying to me all my life." Finn then addresses AJ Styles, reminding him that he could have "destroyed" him last week but instead he's offering him a chance to join the Judgment Day, again, out of respect of their friendship.

Tag Match: AJ Styles & Rey Mysterio vs the Judgment Day

Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles make their way out and we head to a break! Doesn't appear Styles wants to take Finn up on that offer. We return from break four minutes later and find this match already under way. Rey Mysterio drops "the Punisher" Damian Priest with a Hurricanrana but Priest side-steps a springboard cross-body to take the first lead for the Judgment Day tonight. Priest looks for a cover early but no joy. Priest whips Rey into the Judgment Day corner and hits an elbow strike splash before bringing in the technician Bálor. Bálor insults Rey by executing the Three Amigos, again, complete with the Eddie G shimmy. Bálor covers for barely a two. Bálor looks to whip Rey but Rey resists the first two attempts. Third time's the charm, however, as Bálor sends Rey sliding out of the ring on his stomach and crashing to the floor in front of commentary, an applauding Rhea Ripley and a smiling Dom. Priest tags in and hits a modified Lawn Dart drop on the apron, dropping Rey's face across the hardest part of the ring! Bálor tags in and stalks Rey as he's slow to enter the ring. Bálor stomps at Rey as the ref warns him. Bálor with a snapmare and a headlock on the seated Rey, working the neck as the crowd tries to come alive a bit for the legendary lucha. Bálor works Rey over for a few moments and the action spills outside, where Mysterio is sent down hard. Bálor grimaces for the camera and we head to break!
We return to find Finn and Priest double-team Styles, with Finn stretching the Phenomenal One out for Priest to leg drop. Priest slaps on a Crucifix abdominal stretch and Styles grunts in pain for several moments. Priest loosens the hold and Styles fires off a desperation kick, with both men dropping to the canvas. Finn distracts the ref, allowing Rhea Ripley to rip Rey off the apron, preventing Styles from making the hot tag. Finn tags in but Styles fights off both Finn and Damian with his Styles Combination, then executes a double-DDT to leave both men laid out! Rey stalks Rhea around the ring until Dom steps between the two. Dom kneels and begs his dad to hit him. Rhea uses the distraction to catch Rey with a running clothesline when the ref's distracted again. Styles continues to suffer at the hands of a double-team due to Rhea neutralizing Rey. A quick Coup de Grace puts the final nail in the coffin as Styles falls victim to the numbers game.
Your Winners, the Judgment Day! (16 minutes)

After the Match: Dissension Leads to a Judgment Day Beatdown

After the match, Rey assists AJ Styles up. Styles is furious with Rey and yells "I needed you!" Styles, upset that Rey allowed Rhea & Dom to distract him once again, then shoves Rey. Rey leaves and as he does, the Judgment Day immediately attack the isolated Styles. Rey doesn't look back and Styles takes a four-on-one beating from the Judgment Day. Finn yells at AJ afterwards, warning him that he's Styles' only friend.

UFC Legend Daniel Cormier to Guest Ref at Extreme Rules this Saturday Night

We're reminded that the MMA legend Daniel Cormier will be the guest referee during the Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle at Extreme Rules.

Backstage: United States Champion Bobby Lashley and the New Mustafa Ali

Lashley is shown arriving to the locker room and is asked about his three-month, dominant reign. Eventually Mustafa Ali shows up, his hair in dreads, and talks to Lashley about wanting a title opportunity. He then starts a heel turn as he demands, angrily, a title shot, pissing off the champ with his words and tone. Lashley grants him the shot later tonight and we head to break!

United States Championship Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs Mustafa Ali

As the champ makes his entrance, Corey Graves touts the prestige and importance Lashley's restored to the United States Championship title. Byron Saxton praises Lashley as does Graves, even throughout Ali's entrance. Ali's definitely rocking a pseudo-heel gimmick it seems, but sports nice dreads and a neato "Chase the Light" new graphic tee. We get our bell at 8:42! Lashley starts off ultra aggressive, tossing Ali across the ring with ease. Lashley with a neckbreaker followed by a stalling Suplex. Lashley looks for a spear early but Ali gets a knee up! Ali with a chop! Ali attempts a whip but can't budge the Almighty One. Lashley catches Ali mid-air and looks for a Lawn Dart but Ali escapes. Ali with a Superkick followed by a Tornado DDT and finally the champ's down! Lashley rolls to the outside and Ali hits a Suicide Dive but Ali's still on his feet! Lashley sends Ali in and slides in, eating a kick to the face from Ali! Ali goes for another kick and Lashley rips him out of the ring, hitting him with a nearly "decapitating" lariat as we go to break! When we return, we find Lashley still in control, punishing the challenger with a Strong Irish Whip that sends Ali's back hard into the middle turnbuckle. Lashley maintains a slow pace, whipping Ali into the opposite turnbuckle before driving Ali face-first into the canvas. Lashley picks up Ali and places him on the top turnbuckle then climbs the middle ropes. Lashley looks for a middle-rope Superplex but Ali fights the champ off!
Ali hits a springboard 450 splash on Lashley's left arm as Lashley's using it to prop himself up by holding the rope, leading to Corey Graves to exclaim the arm is broken. Lashley proves him wrong seconds later as he recovers and hits a one-armed Powerbomb to Ali for a close two. Lashley again with another slam to Ali for another close cover, but Ali gets the shoulder up, leaving the champ looking "perplexed." The ref checks on Ali and Lashley just stands over the broken challenger, watching as Ali tries to use Lashley's legs to pull himself up. Lashley implores him, "you need to stay down! Just stay down, you don't want this!" Ali slaps the shit out of Lashley and the champ angrily throws Ali out of the ring! Ali finds himself in a fireman's carry and his skull rammed into the ring post by the champ! Lashley again hoists Ali up and again rams his head into the ring post! The champ doesn't just want to win, he's looking to hurt the challenger. Lashley exits the ring to break the count and hoists Ali up, throwing him into the timekeeper's area like a doll! Lashley again enters the ring. The ref begins his count as Ali attempts to drag to his feet. At eight Ali drags himself to the desk and barely enters the ring before ten! Lashley's as shocked as commentary. Lashley posts up in the corner, waiting for Ali to rise. Lashley with the Spear! Lashley pulls Ali into the Hurt Lock and finally Ali taps!
Your Winner by Submission AND STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley! (9 minutes)

After the Match: Rollins Attacks!

Without provocation or warning, Seth Rollins hits the ring! Rollins takes out Lashley in the ring, cackling at Lashley as he poses over the fallen champ and the belt. Rollins exits the ring and hits the Stomp on Ali for good measure and we head to break! Up next are Rollins and Riddle, who are barred from touching each other until Saturday.

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle Come Face-to-Face

We return from break as the crowd continues to sing Rollins' theme. We're treated to a WWE Digital Exclusive of footage from last week when Riddle and Rollins brawled after Raw went off the air. We're reminded that Daniel Cormier will be the referee for the Fight Pit match between Rollins & Riddle this Saturday Night. Rollins hops on the mic. "Well, now that we have cleared Bobby 'Trashley' from the ring, hahaha, we can get on with this evening's festivities! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Rollins! I am your host for this evening, I am a visionary, I am a revolutionary, I am Seth--" he holds up the mic and the crowd cheers "freakin' Rollins!" He reminds us of the aforementioned fight and tells us it'll become "synonymous with (my) name." He then tells us to behold the Fight Pit, and we get a narrated video showing a cage around the ring with a platform up top. There are no doors, no pin falls, no escape; "The only way to win is by submission or knock-out."
We're shown clips of Riddle's time in NXT and the cage itself used in NXT, including Riddle taking on Timothy Thatcher in the Fight Pit in NXT. Decent, lengthy video including sketches of the Fight Pit cage itself. Rollins is back on the mic when the video ends and tells us he's going to show Riddle what he's shown Lashley, Cody Rhodes, and what the world knows--that he is the (self-proclaimed) "most dangerous man in the history of this industry!" He then adds that's Saturday but this is tonight and he tells Riddle "I know you're back there scooting around, so why don't you scoot your annoying face out here so it can piss me off in person!" Matt Riddle makes his way out, walking, no scooter as Rollins states "there's the guy whose face I'm gonna smash Saturday" and calls himself the King of the Fight Pit. Riddle reminds Rollins he's never been in one before, but Riddle has. Rollins reminds Riddle that they have a "no-contact clause" and if Riddle touches Rollins, the match Saturday is off. Riddle tells Rollins he's there to "give you an education lesson on the Fight Pit. Because I'm not just gonna hurt you, I'm not just gonna beat you, I'm gonna to kill you this Saturday." He tells Rollins the fans won't single Rollins' theme, they'll sing "Bro" (to the tune of Rollins' theme). The crowd starts to sing it for him!
Rollins states that Cormier isn't on Riddle's side and is, in fact, "a fan of Seth freakin' Rollins." Rollins then takes the digs personal, stating Riddle isn't "allowed to see" his kids and states "these days, child support is very expensive." He cackles in Riddle's face, and Riddle takes a jab at Rollins' breath then asks "when's the last time you held a championship? Oh wait, that's right, the last time you faced for the championship was against your boy Roman and he choked your ass out! Remember the lats time you main evented WrestleMania? Oh wait, you haven't, but your wife Becky has!" Ohhhh! The crowd pops at that. Rollins and Riddle get into it, yelling over each other, until UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier is shown on screen! Cormier gives both men props but states that like the world, he's tired of their feud as it's spanned the world. He states he'll see both of them Saturday in Philadelphia and both men stare each other down. Rollins taunts Riddle, trying to get him to hit him, then knocks off Riddle's hat. Riddle maintains his composure though, and the crowd showers Rollins with boos as he leaves.

White Rabbit QR Code

We see Candice LeRae walking backstage when "technical difficulties" distort the screen and briefly display a QR code which takes you to: https://www.wwe.com/01000111_01000001_01000011_01011001. If you look at the 1's and 0's in the url, that's binary and spells out GACY. Here's the binary translator to check it out yourself, just punch in: 01000111 01000001 01000011 01011001

Singles Match: Candice LeRae vs Dakota Kai w/ Damage CTRL

Candice "Wrestling" is out first to a decent reaction. Dakota Kai--one half of the women's tag team champs--is escorted out by Damage CTRL comrades Bayley and Iyo Sky. LeRae starts off in control, taking Kai out and threatening a suicide dive. Kai wisely moves around the ring, positioning near her Damage CTRL pals. LeRae catches her with a dropkick to the jaw, however, and hits an apron attack to drop Kai as we head to a quick break! We return from break with Dakota Kai in control. A big boot drops LeRae for a quick two count. Kai holds LeRae by the hair and kicks her in the face repeatedly as the ref cautions her. The former captain of Team Kick taunts LeRae, using soft kicks to toy with her as Bayley yells an insult about calling LeRae's baby to tell her mama won't be home tonight, or the liking. LeRae rallies in anger and counters a Kai running kick with one of her own and both women are down! LeRae starts her comeback when they rise, firing off chops, forearm blasts, and a flurry of fists as she unloads on Kai in the corner! LeRae with a running back elbow and a snapmare, then steps up on Kai's back and hops up, hitting a Senton on Kai. Unique offense that yields a close two. LeRae locks on a beautiful, unique submission but Kai rams LeRae against the turnbuckle to break the hold. Kai charges in and again, LeRae counters it! "The Poison Pixie" LeRae begins to climb the turnbuckles but a recovering Kai catches LeRae with a running kick to the face! Kai climbs up to the middle rope and looks for a Superplex but LeRae blocks it. LeRae attempts to fight her off and drops down, then looks for a Powerbomb! Kai holds onto the ropes for dear life and LeRae changes gears, slamming Kai's face into the top turnbuckle! LeRae with a snap German Suplex off the middle rope that launches Kai across the ring! Iyo Sky gets on the apron, distracting the ref so Bayley can strike LeRae as she sets up her finisher! Kai rolls LeRae up and steals the win at 9:31!
Your Winner, Dakota Kai! (11 minutes)

Singles Match: Otis w/ Chad Gable & Austin Theory vs Johnny Gargano

"Shoosh! Shoosh, please!" It's time! The Alpha Academy and Austin Theory are out first, followed by Johnny Wrestling to a great pop. Otis is repeatedly called "the Tree Trunk" during this and was billed as such in the preview. Welp, confirmed, Vince wasn't the only one thinking up stupid names. Otis starts off strong against Gargano, using his ham-hock sized fists to batter Johnny Wrestling in the opening moments. Gargano runs off the ropes, gaining momentum before attempting a shoulder charge to Otis. Otis absorbs it and chops Gargano down with a vicious knife-edge chop. Otis takes Gargano into the corner and taunts him verbally as the ref warns him. Theory's on commentary too, FYI. Otis pulls Gargano up and scoop slams him down, then uses a Canadian backbreaker on Gargano in the middle of the ring! Gargano holds on, however, and after several long moments, Gargano escapes. Gargano with a kick to the face of a charging Otis, then a forearm uppercut as Otis charges in a second time! Otis goes for a charge for the third consecutive time and Gargano side steps it, sending Otis into the ring post! Gargano unloads on Otis but the big man is hard to take down.
A step-up Enziguri rocks Otis, sending him into the corner. Gargano with multiple running attacks in the corner until Otis catches him mid-air and hits a snap suplex release! Otis looks for a corner splash bomb but Gargano avoids it! Gargano unloads kicks to Otis but Otis fires back, using a massive clothesline to drop Johnny Wrestling. Otis hoists Gargano up but Gargano counters with a Tornado DDT! Gargano with a cover for a close two. Otis rolls outside and Gargano follows with a suicide dive! Gargano attacks Theory at commentary then drops Otis with another high-risk move. Otis is back to his feet fast, however, and enters the ring. Gable distracts the ref, allowing Austin Theory to hit Gargano in the back with the Money in the Bank briefcase! Otis hits a slam and pins for the win at 9:47pm.
Your Winner, Otis! (6 minutes)

Singles Match: Chad Gable vs Braun Strowman

The Alpha Academy and Austin Theory immediately begin to beat Gargano, stomping away at him until the "Monster of Monsters" Braun Strowman hits the ring to make the save! The ref calls for the bell and we get back-to-back matches as Strowman clears the ring, sending us to break! When the ref's back is turned, Otis attacks Strowman as he tries to enter and sends him flying across the commentary table while sending us to break! We return to find Gable still in control and learn that the ref sent Otis tot eh back, barring him from the ring side area. Gable escapes from a Powerslam attempt and hits a German Suplex for a close cover early on. Gable jaws off at Strowman and throws slow strikes at Braun. He yells that this is "my state and you don't embarrass me in my state, you hear me?" Backstage, we're shown MVP and Omos watching this match. Strowman slaps a hand to Gable's throat and threatens a chokeslam. Gable dips over the ropes with an arm bar locked in, wrenching the shoulder until Strowman pulls him in with a single-arm bomb. Gable fires off, picking up the pace as he drops Strowman with a dropkick and a flying lariat. Gable heads up top and looks for a Moonsault but Strowman moves it and rips off his shirt. Strowman hits the Powerbomb on Gable in the middle of the ring and covers for the easy win.
Your Winner, Braun Strowman! (6 minutes)

Contract Signing: Raw Women's Championship Extreme Rules Match

Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair is shown backstage as commentary hypes her contract signing with Bayley, next! We return and find Corey Graves is moderating this contract signing. He spends the opening moments hyping the Extreme Rules ladder match for the Raw's Women's Championship. The EST of Raw is out first, followed by Bayley. The two engage in a lengthy exchange of words, but I'll save y'all the time and sum it up: Bayley promises to live up to every threat she's made and vows to defeat Belair for the title; Belair is resolute that shall not come to pass. Graves has them sign the contract and on the bottom of the contract pad is a QR code but due to the camera angle and the middle rope vivisecting the code, we were unable to find out at this time where it leads. (We'll rewind later and update y'all). We head to break.

Singles Match: Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford vs Solo Sikoa w/ the Bloodline

"The Samoan Street Fighter" Solo Sikoa is escorted out by the Bloodline as represented by "Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn and the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the Usos. Dawkins is out next, escorted by a boot-wearing Montez Ford. Commentary confirm he has a minor leg or foot injury. Sikoa and Dawkins lock up. Sikoa starts off looking strong against the future Hall of Famer, but we head to our first break of the match with Dawkins sending Sikoa out of the ring, seeking counsel from the Bloodline. We return from break and find Sikoa with a working hold on Dawkins as commentary informs us he's maintained control throughout the break. Dawkins powers out of a hold but Sikoa fires off a string of strikes, leading to a snap Samoan Drop for a close cover. The Usos and Sami Zayn encourage Solo as he throws big rights into Dawkin's head and again whips him into the ropes, dropping him with another Samoan Drop for another close cover! Sikoa takes Dawkins into the corner and yells in his face then uses a Strong Irish Whip to send Dawkins streaking across the ring, rebounding off the turnbuckles the hard way. Sikoa slows the pace, stalking his prey as some jackass uses his phone camera light int he audience, two or three rows back, to prove how much of an annoying jackass he can be. Sikoa with a trap clutch but Dawkins fights to his feet. Solo weathers through strikes to the gut and drops Dawkins once again, this time with an explosive Belly to Belly Suplex.
It's all Solo so far as Dawkins rests in the corner as Sikoa backs up, pumping himself up. Sikoa charges and hits a running hip attack to Dawkins, smooshing his face between rump and turnbuckle! Solo takes several long moments, nearly a minute, just pacing himself. He looks for another running hip attack but Dawkins--who's had ample time to recover--drops him with a dropkick! Finally after several minutes of being beat, Dawkins fires up his comeback sequence! Dawkins moves like mercury, running across the ring and using the ropes and turnbuckles as extensions of his body. Sikoa is battered from seemingly all sides as Dawkins springboards and comes at him from all directions. Sami Zayn hops up on the apron, distracting Dawkins for a few moments and allowing Sikoa to get more offense in. Solo finds himself distracted by Zayn as well--no clue why--and Dawkins rolls him up from behind! Solo kicks out and is sent outside.
Sami Zayn checks on Solo and the Usos end up having words with him, with Jey angry still at Sami as he's been for months. Dawkins uses the chaos and confusion to hit a tope con giro, wiping out the Usos! Sami chastises Dawkins and Solo takes it back into the ring where he puts Dawkins away immediately to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa! (13 minutes)

Video Promo: Edge

We veg a video, pre-recorded, of Edge. He talks about the "veil" of his "character" being dropped, discusses his forced retirement 11 years ago, and his journey back. He babble son about not wanting sympathy as this job is his dream and his choice (okay) and laments the toll its taking on his entire family. He talks about it getting harder to hide from his girls when he's injured, and the toll it takes on them. Ultimately, he addresses the fact that every time he takes down the Judgment Day, they come back stronger and tear him apart. He warns Finn ahead of their Extreme Rules match and swears Finn can't hurt him enough to make him say "I quit." He goes on to promise victory for himself to end the promo.

Singles Main Event Match: Alexa Bliss w/ Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky w/ Damage CTRL

Alexa Bliss is out, accompanied by the EST, and we head to a break ahead of our main event. We return and our WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai, are escorted out by Bayley. The bell rings at 10:46pm and Sky opens with a running dropkick to the face! Bliss quickly recovers and the two exchange blows int he middle of the ring. Bliss takes it into the corner until Sky uses a Dragon Screw counter to a kick to drop Bliss. Sky begins focusing her strikes on Bliss' right knee. Sky with a forearm but a second is blocked by Bliss, who chains together a series of strikes that end in a mule dropkick! Bliss stands on Sky's head and uses the ropes for leverage as she stomps Sky's head! The ref counts a warning. Bliss with a double-knee strike to Sky followed by Insult to Injury for a short two. Bliss looks for another cover and gets two. Bliss with a rear waist lock but Sky escapes it by charging forward, sliding out of the ring and catching Bliss on the ropes! Bliss and Sky brawl briefly outside until Sky drops Bliss, sending us to break!
We return from break and find Sky still in control. Iyo Sky heads up to p and looks for the Over the Moonsault but Bliss moves. Bliss positions Sky and climbs up top, hitting the Twisted Bliss off the top! Bayley slides partially into the ring, distracting the ref, until Bianca Belair drags her out and attacks! Dakota Kai & Bayley double-team Belair and send her into the steel steps. Bliss hits a tope con giro to wipe out Damage CTRL at ringside! Bliss climbs up top but Sky's had ample time to recover. Sky climbs up and attacks Bliss, hitting a backpack driver to lay her out. Sky climbs up top and hits the Over the Moonsault to pick up the win at 10:55pm!
Your Winner, Iyo Sky! (8 minutes)

After the Match: Damage is in Control

Damage CTRL gang up on Bliss, stomping away at her before turning their focus to Belair. They use a ladder to attack the champ. Damage CTRL work on keeping the champ and Bliss down. A hobbled, limping Asuka makes her way down and attempts to make the save. She finds herself quickly triple-teamed. Damage CTRL use a ladder on Asuka then position it on its side. Bayley positions Bliss between the spread legs of the ladders and Kai & Sky kick the opposite sides, making a steel and Bliss sandwich! They then stand up the ladder as Bayley stomps Asuka. Bayley turns her attention to Belair and hits the Rose Plant. Bayley then hits a Rose Plant to Alexa Bliss. Bayley climbs the ladder with the Raw Women's Championship in hand, and Kai & Sky straddle the opposite legs of the ladder. Damage CTRL pose on the ladder, each hoisting gold.

This Saturday Night: Extreme Rules!

It was announced Daniel Cormier will be the special guest referee for the Riddle/Rollins Fight Pit match. We'll have a full preview once the card's finalized after SmackDown!

Next Week on Raw

Roman Reigns & the Bloodline return to Raw; the fall-out of Extreme Rules; the official season premiere of Raw; and DX's 25th anniversary show, featuring HBK, Triple H, X-Pac and "Road Dog" Jesse James. Also, Johnny Gargano takes on Austin Theory.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's go-home edition of Raw! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there and don't forget--Extreme Rules is Saturday!

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