WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 6, 2021): FTX Arena, Miami, FL

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Happy Labor Day to all of you from us here at Rajah News. Ahead of this Friday's Super SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, Raw looks to go all out. Once again your host is the one and only Hogan Michaelson Mike Hogan. We've got quite a show for us tonight.

Our official preview is up, and five matches have already been announced for tonight--including two championship matches and two number one contender matches. We'll have a seven-team Turmoil Match as Raw's remaining tag teams vie for a shot at R-K-Bro's Raw Tag Team Championship. We'll watch as the Queen defends her title against arch-rival Nia Jax, and Reggie will put his 24/7 title on the line against Tozawa in Reggie/Tozawa VIII. We'll also watch Drew McIntyre battle it out with Sheamus for a shot at US Champ Priest at the upcoming Extreme Rules event, and former Raw champions Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. team up in a non-title match against Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina.

All this and much more, next on Raw!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 6, 2021): FTX Arena, Miami, FL

Backstage Show Opener: Tag Team Quips

We open our show with Kofi and Xavier of the New Day wearing their red-and-black nDr (think: nWo) shirts. They're followed by the various other teams in tonight's Turmoil match in making a statement or two regarding their chances. The LHP, Mace & T-Bar, Veer & Mahal, the Viking Raiders, Mansoor & Ali and Styles & Omos each make a short quip to state their chances for winning. Jimmy Smith, the impeccable Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the FTX arena in Miami.

In the Ring: Tag Team Turmoil...Turmoil

Team R-K-Bro make their way out to a decent pop. Riddle has a balloon snake on his scooter and stops to give it to a kid in the audience before entering the ring. Orton and Riddle simultaneously pose, Orton style, with Riddle knelt and wearing both belts around his shoulders for Randy. Both men get mics and pause as the crowd chants for them. Orton addresses last week when MVP and Lashley attempted to take the titles off R-K-Bro, and they failed miserably. He blames the reason for Lashley's team losing is because "Bobby Lashley is a son of a bitch." He then tells us that they're going to watch the "seven tag teams left on Raw" to see who's ready to take on the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment--R-K-Bro. Riddle is excited. "We've got T-Bar & Mace and they're super tall...and we've got Lucha House Party and they're not so tall but they've got those cool masks." Riddle suggests Orton get a snake mask, and a horse mask. He says they could be like the Viking Raiders and go on a raid and drink ale--but he states "look at that body" and says Orton doesn't eat any carbs. Orton is trying his hardest not to laugh as Riddle continues rambling on, talking about the New Day bringing pancakes because he's hungry.
They're interrupted by Bobby Lashley & MVP. MVP speaks first. "Riddle, won't you shut your stupid ass up?" and "I swear, the WWE Universe loses an IQ point every second (as they) listen to you ramble on!" He informs them, as he and Lashley walk to the ring, that they should not focus on the seven teams in the turmoil but focus on them instead. Lashley stands toe-to-toe with Orton and both Lashley & MVP fault Orton for hitting him from behind last week. Lashley tells Orton that he should have the cajones to fight Lashley face-to-face. Orton asks for clarification, and Lashley states that he's challenging Orton to a singles match. Orton points out it's been fifteen or sixteen years since they last fought one-on-one. Orton agrees with a simple stipulation--Lashley put that WWE Championship on the line. MVP hops on the mic quickly. "Randy, last week like the Viper you are, you hit your patented RKO outta nowhere. However, when the Almighty returns the favor it won't be out of nowhere, it'll be in your face one-on-one at Extreme Rules." Lashley tells MVP to hold on. "You know what, Randy, I am that greedy son of a bitch you (say) I am." Lashley states that he's going to go to the back and talk to WWE Officials in an effort to be added to the tag team turmoil, because Lashley still wants to be a double champion.
Enter the New Day! The New Day tell Lashley and MVP to hurry up and go talk to officials because the New Day are starting this match right now. Xavier Woods adds that they know the odds are against them, but they're the New Day and beating odds is what they do. Woods states they'll go on to be the new...dubya...dubya...E...tag...team...champions! Out come the Viking Raiders!

Seven-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match, Part I: the New Day vs the Lucha House Party vs the Viking Raiders vs Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs T-BAR & MACE vs AJ Styles & Omos vs Jinder Mahal & Veer

The winning team will receive a Raw Tag Team Championship match against reigning champions R-K-Bro. Our starting teams are the Viking Raiders and the New Day. It appears this may be a tag team gauntlet-style match. After a break, we start with Kofi and Ivar. Ivar wraps up Kofi from behind. Kofi with a standing switch, followed by a pair of leap frogs as Ivar runs off the ropes. Kofi takes Ivar into the corner and hits a few elbows. Kofi charges the corner and Ivar with a unique offensive move, countering the charge into a middle rope inverted Banzai Drop. Ivar tags in Erik. Erik picks Ivar up and bombs him onto Kofi as Orton & Riddle cover their faces at the move, covering for two. Ivar is tagged back in. Ivar cartwheels but Kofi blocks any offense and makes the tag to Woods.
Woods comes in fast as Erik takes the tag. Woods looks to whip Erik but Erik slaps on the brakes twice. Erik with an overhead suplex toss. Erik charges Woods in the corner but Woods counters and connects with a modified Tornado DDT. Kofi gets the tag. Ivar is knocked off the apron and Kofi with a spinning kick for a close two. Erik is legal. Erik looks for a rising knee but Woods blocks. Woods and Erik slug it out briefly. Kofi makes the blind tag as Woods clotheslines Erik over the top rope. Kofi looks for a tope suicida but the Raiders catch him! Woods streaks around the ring only to have the Viking Raiders Powerbomb Kofi into his face. We go to break!
Back from the break. Kofi fires up his comeback, dropping Erik multiple times before hitting the Boom Drop! Kofi plays up to the crowd and get a "New Day rocks" chant started. Ivar distracts Kofi, allowing Erik to gain the upper hand. Erik tags in Ivar and the two work together to hit another double team move on Kofi. Ivar covers for a close two. Ivar tags Erik back in and whips Kofi into Erik, who flows the move into a pair of rib breakers. Kofi escapes with a head scissors and makes the tag to Woods. Erik tags in Ivar. Erik bombs Woods down and Ivar dives off the top rope for a high-flying, hard-crashing body splash for a close two. Woods takes the tag as does Erik and Woods quickly rolls up Erik for the elimination. The Viking Raiders have been eliminated, 8:30pm
The next team out is Mahal & Veer. The New Day with suicide dives before they can fully enter the ring. Woods is legal and hits a beautiful top rope dive on Jinder Mahal for a close two. Mahal takes control and begins to stomp Woods before dropping a leaping knee into his face for a close cover. Mahal dominates Woods in the ring. Shanky and Kingston come face-to-face before RKBro at the announcer's table. We go to break with Woods laid out on the ringside floor as Kofi backs away from Shanky. Back from the break. Jimmy Smith informs us that during the break, Mahal & Veer have been in total control. Mahal continues to work over Woods. Mahal looks for a suplex but Woods escapes. Mahal catches the foot, and Woods kicks him off to make the hot tag to Kofi. Kingston comes in quick. Kofi looks for a splash in the corner but Mahal moves. Mahal charges Kingston in the corner, only to eat a boot. Woods with the tag and a top right dive to cover and pin Mahal. Jinder Mahal & Veer have been eliminated, 8:37pm.
The next team out are the Lucha House Party. The New Day attempt to take it to the LHP before they can enter the ring. LHP counter with a pair of simultaneous moonsaults off the apron and onto the New Day. They take the action in the ring. Gran Metallik starts with Woods and works him over briefly before tagging in Dorado. Dorado with chops to Woods in the corner and ring, looking for a pin off one. Dorado off the top rope for a cross body but Woods gets his knees up and leaps in the air, countering the move with a hands-free modified Codebreaker. Kingston gets the hot tag as Metallik does. Kingston nearly eliminates Metallik, who tags Dorado back in almost immediately. Kofi with a tag to Xavier. Dorado with a springboard-assisted double face plant to wipe down the New Day. Kofi rolls to the outside as Lucha House Party use multiple tags to take turns moonsaulting off the top onto Woods. Dorado looks for the pin but Kofi makes the save. Dorado and Metallik send Kofi out of the ring, and Dorado hits a baseball slide to drop Kofi. Dorado runs off the ropes, is tripped by Kofi, and Xavier rolls up Metallik for the pin! Lucha House Party has been eliminated, 8:42pm.
The next team out are Karrion Kross' future Mad Max stable mates, T-Bar & Mace. No, I'm not capitalizing their name every time I type it. We go to break as an exhausted New Day ready for their biggest competitors of the night. Back from the break. Mace brutalizes Woods with heavy strikes. Mace taunts Woods as he corners him. Woods rises and throws an elbow into T-Bar's face and throws forearms at Mace, attempting to get some semblance of separation. Mace easily takes control back and manhandles Woods, getting a close two. Mace continues to talk smack and locks in a shoulder Claw! Kofi attempts to get the crowd behind Woods but it's weak. Woods rises up just enough to fire off a step-up kick to break the hold. Mace takes Woods immediately into the corner, and the 6'7" Mace pummels Woods. Mace sits Woods on the top turnbuckle and grabs him by the throat. Woods fights back with a fist, then hits a low-angle dropkick that takes out Mace's leg! Woods looks for a tag but he's too far away. Riddle, at commentary, attempts to fire the crowd up for Woods. T-Bar takes the tag in and pounds Woods with strong kicks and a rising knee. T-Bar whips Woods into the rope and drops him with a back elbow from hell, covering for a close two. Mace is tagged in just as Woods hits a jawbreaker on T-Bar. Mace with a belly to back suplex for a close two. Mace cranks Woods' neck while Riddle is...biting his toe nails? Mace throws a backhand to Kofi, swatting him off the apron. Mace tags in T-Bar, who runs around the outside of the ring and slings Kofi into the barricade. T-Bar enters the ring and connects with a big boot. T-Bar looks for a GTS but Woods rolls him up to steal the pin! Mace & T-Bar have been eliminated, 8:51pm. Mace beats Kofi outside the ring and back in after the bell, and Mace & T-Bar double team Kofi with a running suplex back drop.
Out next are Mansoor & Ali! Mansoor looks furious at the actions of T-Bar & Mace. Ali tries to slow his comrade down, but Mansoor hits the ring. Mace & T-Bar easily handle Mansoor, throwing him out the ring. Ali finally hits the ring in an effort to make the save but is sent outside, too. Mace & T-Bar send Mansoor into the steel steps and deliver a big kick, smashing him against the metal. The two giants then both whip Ali into the ring post. They then retrieve steel steps and ram Mansoor in the face with it. Refs run down tot he ring. Kofi tries to fight off T-Bar but is powerless. Mace holds the steel steps on his shoulders and T-Bar throws Kofi--Lawn Dart style, a la Randy Savage--face-first into the steps! WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville head out and yell at T-Bar and Mace. Multiple officials come down and finally seem to get Mace & T-Bar to lay off the New Day as we go to break.
Back from the break. We return to find WWE Officials have restored some semblance of order to our Turmoil (Gauntlet) match. During the break, Deville and Pearce announce to the crowd that they're not letting it end like this in Miami. They decide to give these two teams a breather and they'll finish it later tonight. We're also informed that Lashley & MVP have been added. Four teams remain--the New Day, Lashley & MVP, Mansoor & Ali, and Styles &* Omos. Leave it to the New Day to hit the Pause Button.
This match is paused until later tonight.

United States Champion Number One Contender's Match: Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

The winner of this match will receive a United States Championship match against Damian Priest at Extreme Rules. McIntyre makes his way out first as we get clips from last week's triple-threat match that saw Damian Priest pin McIntyre to retain. Sheamus makes his way out. If you've never seen McIntyre vs Sheamus, you're missing solid matches. All 57 of them. McIntyre and Sheamus exchange control early on, with neither man having the dominant upper hand. Sheamus looks early on for a Ten Beats of the Bodhran on Drew, but McIntyre counters and hits the move on Sheamus instead! Sheamus and Drew struggle more until Sheamus sends Drew outside. Sheamus dives off the top turnbuckle and clotheslines McIntyre at the ringside, against the commentary table. Sheamus sends Drew into the ring and follows, walking right into a wicked Spinebuster by McIntyre for a close two! McIntyre ascends the turnbuckles slowly; too slowly as Sheamus quickly rushes up and attacks him. Sheamus climbs to the middle rope, threatening a middle-rope Superplex, but McIntyre clubs Sheamus' back so hard his skin turns red. McIntyre attempts a reverse Superplex to the outside, but Sheamus puts on the breaks and throws fists into McIntyre. Sheamus finally fires off the middle-rope Superplex! Both men are down as we go to break!
Back from the break. Sheamus maintained control throughout the break and works McIntyre's neck as we return. McIntyre starts to fight back, throwing fists that back up the former US champ. McIntyre whips Sheamus off the ropes and hits a snap overhead suplex. McIntyre takes Sheamus into the corner, dodges a strike and hits a beautiful neckbreaker before kipping up. McIntyre grimaces at Sheamus, who sits in the corner catching his breath. McIntyre comes close and Sheamus kicks the leg out from McIntyre. Sheamus climbs up but McIntyre hulks up and runs up the ropes, hitting a Superplex Release for a close two. McIntyre looks for a Future Shock DDT but Sheamus blocks.
Drew counters with a Sunset Flip for a close two. Sheamus takes control when Drew fires off a Glasgow Kiss--right to Sheamus' protective face mask! Sheamus fires one of his own, dropping McIntyre for a close two. Sheamus fires off a textbook Alabama Slam for a close two. Sheamus posts up in the corner and mocks McIntyre, counting down for a Claymore but McIntyre counters with a clothesline. Drew hits the Future Shock DDT for a close two. Drew posts up and looks for a Claymore but Sheamus catches him on his shoulders. McIntyre slips out and sends Sheamus into the ring post. McIntyre with a Kimura lock! Sheamus struggles to get to the ropes and after several long moments, he does. Sheamus crawls into the corner, holding his left arm. McIntyre comes in close and Sheamus flips McIntyre over the ropes. Drew lands on the apron and climbs up top. McIntyre looks for a diving attack but Sheamus dodges and McIntyre rolls through; Sheamus catches McIntyre with a knee for a close two cover. Drew McIntyre hits a White Noise on Sheamus, picking up another close two count. McIntyre removes Sheamus' face mask, much to Sheamus' horror. Drew kicks Sheamus in the face. Drew posts up in the corner, calling for the Claymore. Sheamus catches Drew mid-move, rolls him up with a School Boy, grabs the tights and steals the win! Afterwards, McIntyre laid out Sheamus with a Claymore.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender for the United States Championship, Sheamus!

Backstage Interview: United States Champion Damian Priest

We cut to the back. Priest is asked about the previous match. Priest says all of his "Agents of Infamy" around the world will help power him to a victory over Sheamus again and the last thing Sheamus will hear is "and STILL United States Champion..."

Backstage Interview: Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.

We now cut to Sarah in the back with the two former Raw champions. They're asked about teaming up. Both women admit that they both want to be Raw champions, but they're fine with being teamed up. Nikki doesn't want to "fly" to any conclusions but states that while they may not have much in common, both women agree that defeating the Women's tag team champions could give them something in common--gold.

Backstage Interview: Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

Flair tells us that last week, Jax said she was going to splatter the Queen but failed to do so. Flair isn't worried about tonight and ends her short promo with "long live the Queen."

Non-title Tag Team Match: Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina vs Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley make their way out together before we head to a quick promo for this week's Super SmackDown in Madison Square Garden one day before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 on Saturday. Brock is announced and more surprises are in store for us. After a break, the tag champs Natalya & Tamina make their way out. Byron Saxton points out that Natalya and Tamina have wanted to face new competition, and they're getting it tonight. Graves reminds us that the champs have not been dominant as of late, with Shotzi & Nox giving them grief on SmackDown. We start with Nikki and Tamina.
Tamina and Nikki circle and lock up. Tamina with a face slam immediately to Nikki. Nikki backs up into a corner and looks to escape it, but Tamina continues to sidestep in front of her to block her. Tamina charges the corner and Nikki looks for a counter. Tamina takes Nikki to the top turnbuckle and hammers away at her. Tamina looks for a Samoan Drop but A.S.H. wiggles free. Nikki with a vertical senton and a dropkick to keep Tamina grounded. Nikki tags in Rhea. Rhea throws Nikki like a weapon at Tamina. Tamina catches her and swings Nikki at Rhea, but Rhea dodges and drops Tamina. Nikki leaves the ring as Tamina and Rhea slug it out, both women throwing fists. Tamina takes the upper hand long enough to tag in Natalya. Natalya and Rhea lock up. They break, and Rhea tags in Nikki. Natalya hesitates as Rhea picks up Nikki once again. Rhea swings Nikki once again, using her partner to knock down Natalya. Nikki is distracted by Tamina long enough to give Natalya time to hit a desperate takedown. Both women are down in the ring. Tamina heads around the ring and attacks Rhea Ripley in her corner, dropping her down to the floor as we go to break!
Back from the break. We return as Nikki kicks out of a pin attempt by Tamina. Nikki rests in the corner. Tamina charges and Nikki dodges. Nikki looks for a tag but Tamina tags in Natalya. Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter but Nikki escapes and tags Rhea. Ripley comes in with a vengeance, taking Natalya apart and flooring her with a headbutt. A low-angle dropkick flattens the champ. Rhea roars at the crowd and connects with a bridging suplex for a close two. Rhea yells for Nikki and tags her in. Nikki runs along the apron, up the opposite corner and hits her Cross-Body off the top for a close two. Tamina makes the save. Rhea hits the ring and takes out Tamina. Natalya hits Ripley with a German Suplex, and Ripley rolls out the ring. Natalya with a Discus Elbow, but fails to see a blind tag from Ripley. Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter again, unaware Nikki isn't legal. Ripley hits the Riptide on an unsuspecting Natalya and picks up the win! after the match, Nikki hops up and lets Rhea hold her around her waist for a bit as they smile, relishing their victory.
Your Winners, Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.!

Moist TV, featuring Karrion Kross

Backstage, Moist TV is set up. Morrison welcomes Kross. Morrison is disappointed that Kross didn't bring his big clock. Kross thanks Morrison for welcoming him to the show. Kross states that he likes to make peoples' worst nightmares a reality. Morrison asks Kross what he's planning to do next. Kross tells Morrison that "I'm going to make you suffer." Morrison removes his shades, and feigns that Kross was joking because the whole locker room know if you mess with Johnny Drip Drip, you get the Dripstick. He then asks if Kross is going to go for the United States or WWE titles. Kross tells him that he's going to do all that...right after he destroys Morrison. Morrison tells Kross that he's been in the business two decades, he's fought the Taker, he's been "in DX" (?). Kross tells him that none of it matters because tonight, he'll fall and pray.

Singles Match: Karrion Kross vs John Morrison

Retribution's Karrion Kross makes his way out first, wearing his mask as usual, and we head to a break. We return from break and the bell rings. Kross immediately takes control with a big forearm. Kross then hits the Doomsday Saito, and locks in the Kross Jacket. Morrison gets to the ropes to break the hold. Morrison shoots a Dripstick into Kross' face. Kross flips out and lays into Morrison. Kross backs up into a corner, holding onto Morrison, and back drops Morrison over the ring post and hard to the outside. Kross heads outside and brings Morrison in, then locks in a Kross Jacket in the middle of the ring. Morrison goes to sleep. That's literally the entire match.
Your Winner by Submission, Karrion Kross!

Backstage Interview: Nia Jax

Sarah interviews Jax backstage, asking if she has a response to Flair's comments earlier. Jax doesn't want to waste time talking about Flair, and proceeds to go ahead and talk about Flair. She claims she did "splatter" Flair last week and promises to finish what she started, by defeating the Queen and walking out as the new champion.

Raw Women's Championship Match: Charlotte Flair(c) vs Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler

We cut to the arena and out first is our Queen, Charlotte Flair. We head to a break as she makes her entrance. After a break, Jax is shown in ring. We get official announcements and the belt presentation, and our bell rings. Shayna Baszler gets on the apron and on the mic immediately pausing it. Shayna tells Flair that she agrees with the Queen, and isn't sure if Jax can beat Flair tonight. Baszler asks us if her friend and tag team partner will win the title tonight or will she choke? Flair attacks Jax off the distraction. Both women grapple roughly, tugging hair. The ref forces the break. Both women jaw at each other, with Flair telling Jax repeatedly to pull her hair. Jax reaches and Flair rolls outside then does the DX crotch-chop. Flair yells "Kiss my ass" and grabs her belt, threatening to leave the ringside area. Baszler blocks her. Flair tells Baszler repeatedly to "get out of my face." The distraction works and Jax grabs Flair's hair, pulling her into the ring. Jax with a rear waist lock. Flair breaks the hold with back elbows. Jax with a back body drop but Flair rolls with it and fires off an immediate chop block, taking Jax's leg out. Flair and Jax jockey for control in the ring. Jax looks for a top rope maneuver but Flair slides down, between Jax's legs and counters with a bomb, covering for a close two. Flair angrily stalks Jax and starts to stomp away at Jax's left knee. Charlotte looks for a Figure Four but Jax whips her down hard. It looks like Flair hits her head on the turnbuckle, but she appears fine as she rolls out of the ring and we roll to another commercial break.

Back from the break. Jax recovers outside, leaning against the barricade as Flair exits to the apron. Flair climbs up the rear turnbuckles and looks for the top rope Moonsault to the outside of the ring. Jax extends her right arm out so Flair can hit some of her. Baszler looks for a surprise attack on Flair; Flair ducks and Baszler stops just shy of hitting Jax. They stare for a few long moments before Jax goes back into the ring. Jax looks for a Powerbomb; Flair rolls through and attempts a roll-up but isn't strong enough. Jax sends Flair into the corner and hits a splash in the corner. Jax puts Flair up on the top turnbuckle. Baszler hops up on the apron, once again distracting her partner. Flair uses the opportunity to hit a Natural Selection off the top rope and pick up the win.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair!

After the Match: Blissful Conflict

Baszler half-grins as Flair wins. Alexa Bliss appears on the tron and calls for Charlotte's attention. "Now that you're finished fighting, it's time for fun!" Bliss says Lily is a fan, and "they" invite her to their Playground. Flair tells Alexa she's not interested in her mind games and she's definitely not going to the Playground. Bliss says its too bad because Lily has a lot of pent-up energy tonight and asks "do you have any idea what it's like to be stuck with a maniacal" person, then adds "oh, of course you do, you're a Flair." The lights go out and when they return, Alexa Bliss is behind Flair to a nice pop from the crowd. Flair turns slowly, seeing Bliss, and turns to face her. Bliss continues to smile. Flair tells Alexa that she knows Bliss obviously wants something, and asks what it is. Bliss simply points to Flair's title. "Oh, you-you want this? You want a title match?" Flair holds her title up and the crowd hits a loud "Yes!" chant. "Fine," Flair continues, "but this isn't your playground. It's mine." The digital audience boos this heavily while the in-house crowd just sorta...sits there.

Video Promo: 24/7 Champion Reggie

We get a, uh, "Greatest hits" I suppose of Reggie's athleticism and agility while avoiding R-Truth and Tozawa over the weeks as they've attempted to take his title.

24/7 Championship Match: Reggie(c) vs Akira Tozawa

Our 24/7/11 I-95 South Champion, Reginald the Sommelier, makes his way to the ring and we head to a break. When we return from the break, Tozawa is out and our competitors are ready. Reggie uses his agility to hit a flipping leg drop mid-air. Reggie with a flipping senton to win and retain in mere seconds. After the match, R-Truth and Humberto Carrillo attempt to take down Reggie. Catering then empties, rushing the ramp. Reggie hits a modified tope con giro that wipes out the entire group. Reggie backs up the ramp--and out comes Drake Maverick! R-Truth looks for a clothesline but Reggie ducks and he almost hits Drake. R-Truth tells Drake that this is R-Truth's show and asks why he's there. Truth then runs off to the back, chasing Reggie. The post match lasted four times longer than the match.
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Reggie!

Backstage Interview: DouDrop

DouDrop is asked about last week, when Eva refused to show up for her match. DouDrop isn't shocked that the "self centered, egotistical wench" couldn't make Raw tonight. So DouDrop challenges Eva Marie to a rematch next week. She points out that Eva tormented her for months under the disguise of the "EvaLution" which, to Dou, was "EvaDelusional".

Seven-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match, Part II: the New Day vs Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs Lashley & MVP vs AJ Styles & Omos Part One

The New Day limp out to the ring and we head to break. When we return from the break, R-K-Bro are once again at ringside by commentary, watching this match. Mansoor & Ali make their way down. The bell ring and we start with Kofi and Mansoor. They lock up and Kofi looks for a rear waistlock. Mansoor with a standing switch, but Kofi converts it into an arm bar. Mansoor flips Kofi over and shakes some life into his arm. Kofi runs off the ropes; Mansoor leap frogs over. Kofi, instead of rebounding off the opposite ropes, flies to the outside as Ali stands on the middle rope, forcing it low unbeknownst to Kofi. Kofi recovers in the ring and hits the SOS. Kofi tags in Woods and Ali comes in. Woods with a dropkick to the back of neck. Ali shoves Woods into his corner and tags Mansoor. Mansoor and Ali fail to double-team and, instead, Woods stands on Mansoor's back to hit a Superplex! Mansoor and Woods jockey for control. Mansoor clubs Woods' lower back and Woods rolls in pain. Mansoor backs off to let the ref check on Woods. Ali yells repeatedly for Mansoor to attack Woods; Mansoor refuses, stating in return that Woods is hurt. Ali slaps Mansoor's chest, tagging himself in, and lays into Woods' lower back with multiple kicks. Woods gets the tag to Kofi. Kofi looks for Trouble in Paradise but Ali hits a Superkick first. Ali looks for the 450 but rolls through as Kofi moves. Kofi with the Trouble in Paradise after a tag to Woods. Woods off the top with a diving elbow, picking up the pin. Ali & Mansoor have been eliminated, 10:35pm.
Out next are the former tag team champions, AJ Styles & Omos. We head to break as they make their way down to the ring. Back from the break. We return to find Styles with a double reverse arm stretch on Woods. Woods looks for the hot tag to Kofi but Styles intercepts Woods with a modified spear. Styles mounts and pounds Woods before using a Strong Irish Whip to bounce Woods off the corner. Woods groans in pain at the damage Styles' shows Woods' back. Styles with a series of elbows to Woods' lower back in the corner. Styles shuts down Woods' attempt at offense with an elbow drop to the shoulder. Styles taunts Kofi and takes Woods into his corner. Omos is tagged in. The 7'4", 400lb giant steps over the top ropes and looks at Kofi as he drops Woods with a single clubbing blow. Omos talks to Styles and stands on Woods' lower back, using the ropes to apply leverage as the ref counts a warning. Styles continues to coach Omos. Omos throws Woods into the corner like a doll. Omos cockily walks over to jaw at Kingston. Omos then turns and hits a splash on Woods in the corner. Omos tags in Styles. Styles covers for two.
Styles continues to focus his assault on Woods' lower back and looks for a quick cover. Styles with a rear chinlock. Riddle tries to cheer on Woods along with a very quiet chant from the in-house crowd. Styles continues to dismantle woods and taunt Kofi. Woods with a stomp to Woods' thigh, then his knee. Styles with a stiff kick to the back of Woods' thigh. Styles lifts Woods and holds his left leg. Woods attempts to fight back, and fires off a right that knocks Styles off-balance and he falls to the ringside floor. Woods limps over to Kofi, looking for a tag. Styles enters the ring and streaks across, attempting to attack Kofi--who instead drops to the floor to avoid it. Woods with a desperate takedown. Styles and Woods make tags simultaneously. Kofi heads up top and flies across the ring, only to be swatted out of the air like a fly by the Giant Omos. We head to another break.
Back from the break. Styles and Kofi go at it. Kofi with a double-foot stomp off the middle rope to a standing Styles. Kofi is exhausted and has to use the corner to pull himself up. Styles approaches and Kofi sends him into the corner. Weak "New Day Rocks" from the tired crowd. Kofi with a few blows before Styles breaks out the corner. Kofi with a desperate Trouble in Paradise and covers--just as our cameraman outside the ring bumps into the ring, haha. Omos easily swats Kofi down and holds Woods at arm's length as Woods swings wildly, unable to connect. Omos and Styles work together to put away the New Day. The New Day have been eliminated, 10:53pm.
Our next, and final, team out are WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP. MVP gets a big chant from the crowd as they finally wake up. MVP tags in Lashley after soaking in the chant. Lashley immediately drops Styles to a knee. Lashley throws Styles into the ring post like a stuffed animal. Lashley points to Orton and Riddle, who grimace at ringside as Lashley decimates Styles for a few moments. Styles fights back, hitting a Pele Kick and scrambling to his corner. The giant Omos is tagged in and the crowd comes alive big time as Omos and Lashley talk smack and and stand toe-to-toe.
Omos holds his arms above his head, mocking Lashley and calling for a Test of Strength. Omos then lowers his arms to his shoulder level and both men lock up. An ol' fashioned Test of Strength, for real! Both men struggle but Omos has the size advantage and the height gives him a dominant angle. Lashley starts to fight back but Omos easily tosses him aside before hitting a Big Boot that sends Lashley out of the ring. Lashley rises and comes face-to-face with Orton. They exchange words. Styles tags in and runs along ringside, up on the commentary and takes out Lashley with a diving lariat! Omos heads outside and throws Riddle into the barricade, laughing as he does.
Styles manages to get Lashley into the ring and attempts to climb in. MVP stops Styles by grabbing the leg, but Styles lays out MVP. Omos throws Riddle across the ringside area. Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm but Lashley ducks under, rebounds off the ropes and hits a spear! Lashley covers for the one, two, three! Styles & Omos have been eliminated, 10:59pm.
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP!

After the Match

Omos chokeslams an unsuspecting Lashley, leaving him laying int he ring as he helps Styles to the back. Lashley rises, enraged and dripping sweat, only to eat an RKO out of nowhere! It's official--next week, R-K-Bro will defend against Lashley & MVP!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by on this holiday evening, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the one of the last black-and-gold episodes of NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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