WWE News: Raw Superstar Buys New Car, Top 10 Unique Pin's (Video)

-- WWE Monday Night Raw Superstar Asuka is the owner of a new car!

Earlier this week, WWE's second Women's Grand Slam Champion posted a new vlog, which has the following description:

I bought a new Lexus LX.
The new Lexus LX has been waiting for more than 4 years for delivery in Japan and is currently out of order.
And I have to say goodbye to my beloved Lexus LS....
Lexus LS was a really cool car.
It was cool no matter how many times I saw it. And the seats with massage were comfortable to ride in.

-- In other World Wrestling Entertainment news, a brand new edition of 'Top 10' is available on the official WWE YouTube channel, featuring the Top 10 Unique Pin Styles:

Watch these pinfalls that stand out, featuring Nikkita Lyons, The Undertaker, Yokozuna and more.