WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (June 21, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Pictured Above, Left to Right: Carmelo Hayes; Tony D'Angelo

Welcome, Rajahmaniacs, to our live NXT 2.0 results coverage! Tonight's phat preview was up early with the all 411 our skittles-colored hearts could ever want. NXT 2.0's resident home skillet, Alba Fyre, is set to take on the totally buggin' Lash Legend. Also gettin' jiggy tonight is Solo Sikoa who looks to shut up the simply aiight Grayson Waller. Also, the ever-flyNorth American Champion Carmelo Hayes looks to tell new challenger Tony D'Angelo to talk to the hand, among other matches!

Pictured: Solo Sikoa; Grayson Waller

Pictured: Alba Fyre; Lash Legend

Pictured: Cameron Grimes; Edris Enofe

Pictured: Brooks Jensen; Von Wagner

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (June 21, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In Memory of Tim White.

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller

After a card in dedication to the late, great Tim White, we cut straight to Solo's entrance. The crowd supports the fan-favorite Uce as he makes his entrance. He and Waller spend the opening minutes brawling with neither man taking control for more than a few moments. The crowd continues with various Solo, Uso and Sikoa chants throughout the match. Waller picks up his aggressive pace, taking the first solid control of the night as we head to break! Throughout the break, Waller slows the pace and taunts Solo Sikoa with mocking strikes and off-mic words. Solo's attempts during the break to rally are quickly squashed by Waller, who maintains control through the entirety of the break until we return and then some. Waller continues to denigrate Solo with slaps to the back of the head, all while toying with Solo. The crowd tries to cheer some life into Solo and fire off a "Grayson sucks" chant. Waller climbs the top ropes and mocks the "U-so" call-and-return, allowing Solo to recover and smack Waller off the top turnbuckle. Solo unleashes his comeback, running rampant over Waller. Solo sets up a Samoan Drop but Waller escapes; during the escape, Waller rips off the turnbuckle pad. Waller looks for his springboard-into-the-ring rolling cutter (he really needs to name it already) but Solo blocks! Solo climbs up for an Uso Splash but Waller rolls out the way, so Uso follow sit up with a Superkick. Waller shoves Solo Sikoa into the exposed turnbuckle, hits a Whipper Snapper, and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Grayson Waller!

Tag Team Match: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Yulissa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter are out first, and after a break we get their opponent's entrance and the bell. Leon (in the skirt-tights who dances) & Feroz impress in the short match against the veteran NXT tag team, using quick tags quite effectively to keep Kayden Carter isolated for the opening moments of the match. Feroz takes a moment, dancing and mocking Carter. The crowd shows both teams love. KC2 show off their superior tandem tag offense, using some unique moves including a sliding German Suplex/dropkick combo. Katana Chance--the artist formerly known as Kacy Catanzaro--finds herself in trouble, briefly, but KC2 bring back the quick tags of their own to isolate Leon. Chance & Catanzaro are probably the best women's tag in the entire company and the improvement of their tandem offense puts them in the top five tag in all of the (current WWE) roster. Feroz gets the hot tag after an extended period of Leon in the ring and she takes it to Carter and Chance, easily clearing the ring and setting up a double-team lift-up facebuster tag team finisher, nearly picking up the win! Carter makes the save and Feroz comes back in off a series of quick tags. Both women fall victim to a double-neckbreaker from Chance, who brings in Carter and the veteran duo put away Feroz & Leon to pick up the win. Great match effort from both teams.
Your Winners, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance!

Story-Building: Wes Lee/Trick Williams, Tiffany Stratton/Wendy Choo

We get some filler, during which Wes Lee cuts a sad, sad promo until Trick came out to hurt his feelings, planting the seeds for a future match. Stratton then cut a pre-recorded promo on Wendy Choo, taking special exception with Choo ruining her ring gear and called her a "Peter Pan reject."

Singles Match: The Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp) vs the D'Angelo Family (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro)

Strong and Kemp are out first to boos. We head to break! Wilde & Del Toro are out next, briefly accompanied by Stacks and 2 Dimes. Note: last week and this week's episodes were previously recorded, I believe, hence the appearance still of the since-released member of D'Angelo's fam. We start with Strong and Wilde, with Strong immediately taking Wilde down with an arm bar. Del Toro comes in and the duo double-team Strong as they take an early lead. Wilde & Del Toro rally but Kemp unleashes his own suplex village and helps secure the win for the Diamond Mine.
Your Winner, the Diamond Mine!

Toxic Attraction Address Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez; Chance, Carter Get Involved

Mandy Rose addresses Roxanne Perez mocking her, as do Jacy Jayne and a poster-worthy Gigi Dolin. Rose warns Perez that if she sticks around, her dreams will become a nightmare real fast. Roxanne and Cora Jade come out on the mic in matching white tops. Rose yells for the crowd to shut up as she runs this place. She then warns Perez not to cash in her contract. Perez tells Rose that she's feeling on top of the world, and knows she's earned every bit of being able to learn her dream "and the thing about dreams is they're even better when you get to share them." Jacy Jayne yells off mic that she's sick, mocking Perez. Roxanne and Jade then announce they've formed a tag team and are cashing in on Toxic Attraction's tag titles! Out next are KC2, weighing in as they're next in line for the titles (per Carter). Chance & Carter cut a semi-heel promo, calling the newest besties--Jade & Perez--the "flavor of the month." Jade states she's been here a year and Perez just got here, but states KC2 are done. KC2 states they'll show them done and they brawl with Perez and Jade as officials attempt to separate them. Toxic Attraction love the chaos from the ring.

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Edris Enofé w/ Malik Blade

Grimes comes out and leads us to a commercial break. We return and find Enofé ready to rock. Grimes takes Enofé to the mat with a waist lock and the two kick off yet another match with no true control established in the opening moments. Grimes and Enofé effectively counter each other's technical attempts to lock on and exploit working holds. Grimes ultimately picks up the win with a Cave In, garnering needed momentum for his upcoming title shot in a few weeks.
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

Nikkita Lyons Returns Next Week!

And that's all I've got to say about that.

Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Jensen

All parties are banned from ringside except the superstars. Wagner and Jensen start off fast, with Jensen hitting an excellent spinning heel kick that rocks the neanderthal of a man. Wagner isn't down for long, however, and starts to dissect Jensen--who, noticeably, is growing out sideburns and facial hair, finally. Both men go back and forth with strikes and whip attempts until Wagner catches Brooks with a big boot. Wagner starts to focus on Jensen's previously-injured arm, then switches to the uninjured left wrist, stomping on it and using the metal bolts in the turnbuckle assembly to wedge Jensen's thumb before smacking the arm repeatedly! The ref count a warning but it's enough to give Wagner control. Wagner uses the apron and other elements of the ring to focus on the now-weakened left wrist. Jensen puts up a valiant effort but Wagner puts him away by countering a springboard into a cutter. Afterwards, Robert Stone and Sofia Cromwell escorted Wagner out.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend

Alba Fyre is out first, awkwardly holding her flaming bat as if it's a foreign object. We head to break ahead of our penultimate match! We return and Lash makes her entrance. The former WNBA star takes control for the bulk of the match and shows off some impressive core by reversing a Gory Bomb into a piledriver attempt. Legend makes the same fatal mistake heels always make--she focuses on running her mouth off, even as the former Kay Lee Ray repeatedly attempts to make a comeback. Fyre fires off a series of kicks but finds herself once again on the canvas when Legend counters a rebound with a beautiful, spinning old school Sidewalk Slam! Legend and Fyre battle briefly in the corner once again until Fyre hits the Gory Bomb (why not just call it the Fyrebomb, I don't even know...). Fyre ascends the turnbuckles, rolls through on a missed top-rove move and seemed to tweak her knee. She limps briefly before Legend smacks Fyre with her red baseball bat, causing the immediate DQ! Fyre stays down while officials check on her but I believe her knee is fine as she focuses on selling the bat shot.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Alba Fyre!

North American Championship Main Event Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs/ Tony D'Angelo

With under a quarter hour in our program, we head to break--our main event match is coming up next! We return and Tony D comes out in a fuzzy blue sweat suit/tracksuit accompanied by the Family. He sends the Legado members back to the ramp, ordering them to stay put while Stacks and 2 Dimes remain ringside. The crowd heckles him with Legado chants. Melo is out next with Williams. We get a blue spotlight during the official announcements and title presentation and, with seven minutes left in the hour, we get our bell! The next update comes right at 10 and the final comes a few minutes after, when the program ends. Hayes and D'Angelo seem evenly matched early on. The D'Angelo family don't come into play much early on, simply standing there--all five of them, sans Elektra Lopez--as Trick takes time to yell at them. Hayes is distracted by the hustle and, as we go to our final break of the night, Tony D takes a commanding control of the match.
During the picture-in-picture, Tony D drops Hayes on the apron before taking him inside. D'Angelo with an Irish Whip; he follows it up with a back breaker on Hayes. Hayes attempts to throw a few blows from a prone position on the canvas but D'Angelo easily overpowers the champ. D'Angelo looks to use the corner to contain Hayes but the champ dodges a charge! Hayes attempts to follow it up with a springboard kick but D'Angelo counters with a stuff strike to the gut, and covers for two. D'Angelo stalks the champ across the ring and frequently uses the ropes to his advantage as the ref counts warnings. D'Angelo is careful to break always at four. D'Angelo with a brutal rib breaker slam into the canvas for a close call. D'Angelo switches to working holds on the champ, stretching his abdomen as we return from break. Final update in 5-8 minutes.
Hayes starts to string some offense together as the crowd cheers him on. D'Angelo weathers it and uses a modified exploder suplex for yet another close cover. Trick yells encouragement to his friend as D'Angelo yells insults at Hayes, screaming "you're not the champ, I'm the champ, I'm the Don!" D'Angelo disrespects the champ, slapping him around and all-but-calling him Susan (bonus if you get the reference). Hayes starts his comeback in full after countering a suplex attempt into a jawbreaker, covering for a close two! The champ pulls up Tony D to all fours and positions in the corner. Melo indicates where a belt goes on his stomach but hops off the turnbuckle, grabbing his lower back. Tony D crawls across the ring and Melo pursues. D'Angelo with an impressive spot in which he turns a spear into a roll up, hang-on follow-through suplex. You've got to watch the spot at roughly 10:02-10:03pm EST. I'm not describing it proper. D'Angelo tells Escobar to slide him the brass knuckles. Santos slides them in--"accidentally" right to Hayes. Hayes uses them to clock Tony D as the ref is still distracted by the D'Angelo Family, using his own distraction against him, and picks up the win! Legado Del Fantasma back up the ramp, defiantly staring down Tony D as he's left bewildered in the ring.
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's Skittles-brand episode. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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