WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (May 24, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan 1.0 We've got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview is up, and tonight continues the build-up towards In Your House '22. We'll see NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose taking on Indi Hartwell. Meanwhile, over in the men's division, NXT Champion Bron Breakker is set to face Duke Hudson. Also slated for tonight is Von Wagner vs Ikemen Jiro and Alba Fyre will battle Elektra Lopez tonight as well.

All this and more tonight!

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (May 24, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Tony D'Angelo Addresses Legado Del Fantasma

Tony D and is two stunads are shown in teh back and they address Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma, threatening bodily harm. They walk off and we see Santos behind them, smiling as he puts on his shades.

Tag Match: Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan & Channing "Stacks" Lauren vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

Edris Enofé & Malik Blade are already in the ring as Tony D and the Stunads make their entrance to big boos. Enofé starts off with Dimes and takes the early lead. Enofé brings in Malik Blade who immediately looks for a cover. Blade works the arm briefly, then uses a springboard arm drag and a dropkick to lay out Dimes. Enofé comes in off the frequent tag and both men double-team Dimes by whipping him into the corner before hitting what was, essentially, a sideways 619. Tony causes a distraction at ringside, allowing Dimes to take control. Two Dimes uses a Strong Irish Whip that sends Enofé bouncing off the turnbuckles and tags in Stacks. Stacks continues working on Enofé's neck with a side stretch submission. We're shown Legado Del Fantasma in a picture-in-picture as Santos tells the boys it's time to go to the ring. Enofé attempts a comeback but Stacks holds him off until a desperate springboard knee lays both men out! Blade makes the hot tag and drops both Stacks and Two Dimes, sending Dimes over the top rope to the outside before using a cross body to wipe out Stacks. Blade with a springboard Stutter before executing a cross body off the top for a close two. Blade uses a backslide for another attempt, then a sunset flip pin attempt, before finally using a single-leg kick to drop Stacks. Enofé is attacked by Two Dimes, who rips him off the apron then takes up position in his own corner. In the ring, Blade and Dimes go at it as Legado Del Fantasma make their way out to a big cheer. And just like that, Dimes clobbers Blade and they pick up the quick win.
Your Winners, Two Dimes & Stacks!

Post-Match Brawl Time!

All three members of LDF hit the ring at Tony D's invitation, leading all six men to brawl until officials separate them. The crowd loudly chants "let them fight".

Singles Match: Wes Lee vs Sanga

After Wes Lee cuts a short backstage interview to hype himself up, both men begin their entrances. Sanga (fka Suarav Gurjar) toys with his mustache and roars us off into our first break of the evening. Lee, his ribs completely taped up, gets a decent welcome from the NXT Universe ahead of the bell, all while Sanga stares at him angrily. Or happily--who am I to judge? The bell rings and Lee immediately hops up at Sanga, who catches him with ease and takes him into the corner. Sanga grabs Lee and literally throws him completely across the ring. The crowd cheers "one more time," haha! Sanga proceeds to easily dominate the cruiserweight, standing on his chest and using powerful blows to batter Lee. Sanga heads outside and uses the apron to position Lee for a lovely beating. Sanga takes it back to the center of the ring. Lee fires off a chop and scurries between the legs of Sanga, but Sanga is too quick. Sanga slaps on a rear waist lock submission. The NXT Universe tries to fire up Lee, and Lee throws a series of back right elbows to gain some separation. Less throws a kick and a fist into Sanga's knees then battles to his feet, using an uppercut and a kick to stagger the big man! Lee battles Sanga outside then hits a springboard double-foot stomp to Sanga's back--and he's still on his feet! Lee hits a running dropkick to send Sanga into the steel steps, finally staggering the big man down to one knee. Sanga catches Lee with one huge fist, stunning Lee. Sanga takes it back into the ring. They briefly spar in the corner before Lee heads up top. Lee looks for a stomp off the top but Sanga moves, so Lee rolls through--and right into a lariat that nearly cuts him in half! Sanga with a brutal-looking one-handed chokeslam and this one is over, folks!
Your Winner, Sanga!

After the Match: Xyon Quinn and Sanga's Turn

Quinn, who's been dodging Lee for weeks, makes his way out to torment the downed Wes Lee. Sanga turns face as he makes the save and stands side-by-side with Sanga.

Backstage: Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

Jade shows Perez support with positive comments (I mean, it's true--if any of it were memorable, you'd read it here) then we head to break.

Singles Match: Alba Fyre vs Elektra Lopez w/ Legado Del Fantasma

When we return from break, we get a pointless segment showing Bron Breakker finding a 20-year-old photo on a locker. We cut to the ring where Lopez is already out. Alba Fyre, the artist formerly known as Kay Lee Ray, comes out to a new, unique entrance--a red filter, lots of digital flames and fog and such, with a bat that she points at the crowd like a certain former surfer. Fyre's hair is done differently, too, with a predominant batch of vibrant red hair amongst other shades. We see Cora Jade in the ring at ringside and the ref calls for the bell. Fyre fights Lopez to the outside and back in, taking control early on with her aggression. A dropkick precedes a unique side Russian forward roll attack. Fyre unloads chops but Lopez blocks the arm, catching it and using it to slam Fyre face-first into the canvas. Lopez hooks the arm and rams Fyre into the turnbuckle before positioning to the apron. Lopez pulls Fyre's arm through the ropes and hops off the apron, snapping Fyre's arm on the turnbuckle/ropes. Lopez lays into Fyre but Alba's ready for her turn on offense. Fyre goes after Lopez and looks for the Gory Bomb but her injured shoulder gives out, giving Lopez the advantage once again. Elektra focuses on Alba's shoulder but Fyre escapes a pin attempt and follows it up with a Superkick. Headbutt form Fyre; Fyre climbs to the top and hits a senton bomb to pick up the win! Afterwards, Lopez slaps the popcorn out of Jade's hands.
Your Winner, Alba Fyre!

Backstage: the Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine, sans Roddy Strong, are shown backstage when they're informed that Strong will not be present tonight--Strong cannot perform in his match because of an ankle injury. The Creeds and Ivy Niles take exception with Strong, with all the members stating he should've, essentially, taped it up and sucked it up.

Nikkita Lyons Injured; Fallon Henley to Face Tiffany Stratton in Semi-Finals

We return from a break backstage, where Briggs & Jensen are shown with Henley. Henley's informed that Nikkita Lyons is injured and has withdrawn from the tournament. Henley is informed she'll advance to the finals with a "bye week." Tiffany Stratton walks up and takes issue with the situation; Henley informs Stratton to find an official and make it official, as she's ready to fight. Instead of a bye, Henley gets a match!

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, Semi Final Round Match: Roxanne Perez vs Lash Legend

Perez and Legend battle to a stand-still early on. The crowd shows both Superstars some love with dueling chants, until they startup a "Lash is Trash" chant as Legend takes an early lead. Perez weathers through it before starting her comeback quite early. Perez wipes out Legend and unloads fists on her. Legend falls victim to two running elbows in the corner before countering Perez and slamming her face into the mat. Lash looks for a Powerbomb but Perez counters it into a Pop Rox (Sunset Flip) roll-up to steal the win out of nowhere.
Your Winner and Advancing to the FINALS, Roxanne Perez!

Singles Match: NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose vs Indi Hartwell

Hartwell is out first, followed by Mandy Rose--sans Toxic Attraction. After a lengthy entrance, we get the bell. Hartwell comes out of the gate aggressive, taking it to the champ all around the ring. Rose looks for a chance to take the upper hand but Hartwell maintains control, quickly overcoming Rose's spurts of offense. We head to commercials with a picture-in-picture break, during which Hartwell continues to stalk the NXT Women's champ around the ring. Hartwell looks for a running Bulldog but Rose counters it and finally takes her first firm lead of the night. Rose takes Hartwell into the corner and pummels her with fists and kicks. Rose with the snapmare into a waist thigh submission attempt, drawing deep from her playbook during her Golden Goddess days. Hartwell suffers in the move for the remainder of the break. Finally, Hartwell gains some form of separation and catches Rose with a big boot. Hartwell with a roll-up but only gets two. Rose with a rising knee shot to Hartwell before yelling inaudibly in her face. Rose starts to dismantle Hartwell, using the ropes as weapons and isolating Hartwell in the corner. Rose uses a suplex to prove me wrong, however, taking the action to the middle of the ring. Hartwell uses the ropes to attempt to climb up and again, Rose places a knee on her back and uses the ropes as a weapon as the ref warns her. Rose looks for another suplex but Hartwell counters. Both women are down!
Rose uses an abdominal stretch to control Hartwell for just over a minute. Hartwell finally rallies and uses a hip toss to drop the champ. Before she can capitalize on the move, however, the Champ takes down Hartwell. Indi endures it, however, and starts her comeback sequence. Hartwell pummels Rose with fists and batters her across the ring and onto the apron. Hartwell gets the champ rope-strung and throws a knee to Rose. Toxic Attraction begin to stumble down the ramp. KC2 battle Toxic Attraction down the ramp and around the ring, eliciting a "holy shit" chant from the crowd. The chaos and confusion sets up a Mandy Rose Big Boot to take down Hartwell and pick up the win!
Your Winner, Mandy Rose!

After the Match Brawl

Toxic Attraction and KC2 continue to battle along ringside as Rose backs up the ramp. Wendy Choo attacks Rose from behind, and teabags Rose before throwing a bag full of bouncy balls on Rose. Choo asks Rose, essentially, "how do you like my balls?" We head to the back.

Bron Breakker Has Daddy Issues

The psy-ops continue between Breakker and Gacy, as Breakker watches a football game (previously recorded). Apparently it was an important game for him but his dad couldn't make it due to wrestling in Japan. Breakker then promises he won't let Gacy in his head.

NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, Semi-Finals Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley

Tiffany Stratton is out first, prior to the break, followed by Henley afterwards. Both women lock up and Henley looks for a side headlock. Stratton powers out of it and both women show off some nice athleticism as they counter each other. Both women go back and forth for the duration of the short match. Henley's striker style offense gives her the late advantage during the match over the powerhouse-wanna-be Stratton. Henley lets her confidence get the best of her, however, as Stratton takes out her knee and starts her own streak of offense. Stratton uses kicks and springboard maneuvers to take it to Henley. They go back and forth for about two, three minutes until Stratton picks up the upset win to a booing crowd.
Your Winner and Advancing to the FINALS, Tiffany Stratton!

Next Week: Thea Hail Picks a College

And y'all think my writing sucks? Apparently, Thea graduates this weekend (from high school, that is) and will appear on NXT next week to let us know which college she's choosing. No, I"m not trolling. She'll announce her college of choice as the 'E is going to allow her to school + work. She's apparently going to turn down some Ivy League school for NXT.

Bron Breakker Doesn't Like Being Called Out on His Daddy Issues

Breakker is approached in the locker room by Duke Hudson, who informs Breakker that he's not the one playing mind games. Obviously. Bron states he knows, and Duke asks if Bron's ready for Hudson tonight as he is ready for Bron. He makes a comment about Bron's daddy issues which causes Breakker to angrily slam him into the locker. Someone's touchy.

Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Ikemen Jiro

Wagner is out first to boos. Jiro wastes no time when his entrance starts as he races down the ramp and into the ring. He takes it to Wagner until Wagner uses a spinning Powerslam to take control. Wagner with a suplex and a body slam for a close two. Wagner slows the pace of the match, using a working hold for nearly a minute as he attempts to wear down Jiro. Jiro starts his comeback about a minute and a half in, using a springboard dropkick to stagger the big man. Jiro fires off strikes before attempting a cartwheel attack. Wagner counters, but Jiro's "Style Strong" offense takes the battle to the outside. Jiro with a springboard Moonsault to the outside, wiping out Wagner. Jiro takes it back in the ring and hits a top-rope modified Tornado DDT for a close cover of his own. Jiro rips open his jack, screams, and looks for a Superkick. Wagner uses Jiro's jacket to blind him and pummels him as the ref warns Wagner. Wagner hits a Death Valley Driver and puts away Ikemen Jiro.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

Singles Match: NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs Duke Hudson

After a bunch of nonsense, we get on with our main event. Joe Gacy and his two hooded BFFs are shown in the standing gallery/overlook area to the side of the ring, attempting to toy with Breakker's head. Breakker uses a series of snap suplexes to take out Hudson, defiant at Gacy's mind game attempts. Hudson looks for a cover early then hammers the back of Bron's head and kidneys with big forearms. Hudson whips Breakker, who counters it. Both men leap frog, duck under, and generally counter each other until Breakker turns a drop-down into a Gator Roll and Suplex combo! Hudson heads to the outside, holding his back, and Bron tells Hudson to "c'mon!" Breakker heads out of the ring to throw Duke in, but Hudson suckers him into a big clubbing clothesline! Duke takes it back into the ring. Both men jockey for control until a whip leads to both Superstars crashing into each other. We head to break.
Hudson maintains control throughout the break and uses working holds to contain the champ. Hudson positions Breakker on the top turnbuckle and looks for a Superplex but Breakker slaps on the brakes and breaks the hold. Hudson throws a few fists and fires off another attempt, this time connecting with the Superplex for a close fall. We return from break as Hudson positions Breakker on the top again. Gacy and his minions are now at ringside, circling the ring. Hudson sets up another Superplex but Breakker fights him off. Hudson charges the corner and shoves Breakker off, causing the young champ to crash hard into the ropes and apron before spilling to the floor. Gacy's minions stand at the entrance ramp as Hudson pulls Breakker up and sends Breakker into the steel steps.
Hudson continues his offense, taking it into the ring where he uses rights to weaken Breakker. Hudson looks for a Steiner Recliner but Breakker fights to prevent it. Breakker slips down and picks the legs out form Hudson, then looks for a submission of his own. Hudson escapes, however, and takes Breakker to the corner. Hudson attempts either a Powerbomb or Razor's Edge but Breakker counters it! Bron starts his comeback sequence, running Hudson over with a series of shoulders before a snap slam drops the Duke! Bron pulls down his straps and uses a Cactus Jack clothesline that sends them both spilling to the outside. Breakker eyes the nearby minions cautiously and takes the action back into the ring. Breakker then turns and lays into the disciples, beating them both down before he enters the ring as well. Hudson, with a steel chair in hand, attempts to clock the champ. Breakker takes the chair away and uses it to scare off the two disciples. Hudson turns Breakker, and Breakker clocks Hudson--causing a DQ! Afterwards, Gacy taunts Breakker as commentary reminds us that Bron can lose the title at In Your House if he gets DQ'd.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Duke Hudson!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's Skittles-brand episode. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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