WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Live Results (October 26, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome to NXT: Halloween Havoc! Your ghost tonight is a total hack, Michael "Myers" Hogan/ We've got a terroriffic show lined up for us tonight as NXT celebrates the annual tradition in style. With four title defenses, a mysterious unveiling and the debut of another Uso, we've got one hell of a show ahead of us!

Our official preview is up, and tonight's special features four title matches, the debut of the recently-teased mysterious Superstar (Elias repackaged?) as well as the debut of another son of Rikishi, Solo Sikoa. NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa will take on the son of Rick "Franken" Steiner, Bron Breakker, in a highly-anticipated challenge. Raquel Gonzalez will spin the wheel as she defends against Mandy Rose in the gimmick match. Both sets of tag titles will be on the like as MSK defend against Imperium, also in a Spin the Wheel Make the Deal (SWMD) match, and Io Shirai & Zoey Stark defend their titles in a triple-threat Scareway to Hell Ladder match against both Toxic Attraction and the team of Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta.

NXT will have all this, and more, tonight on Halloween Havoc! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Live Results (October 26, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL>

Welcome to Halloween Havoc, hosted by (runner-up) Grayson Wall!

We open with our now woo-less WWE Together video before being welcomed by Chucky the killer doll. The doll cuts a quick monologue, playing up the Halloween Cheese, and runs down every match tonight before Wade Barrett and corporate tool version of Tom Phillips, Vic Joseph, welcome us to Halloween Havoc. Because without the Havoc, it's not Halloween as sponsored by Progressive. Word broke minutes before the start of the show that we'll open tonight's program with our Women's Tag Team triple-threat! We find out later in the broadcast that runner-up host, Grayson Waller, is filling in for Knight tonight.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Scareway to Hell Ladder Match: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark(c) vs Toxic Attraction vs Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

Toxic Attraction--complete with Jacy Jayne, recovered after last week's scary spill--and Indi & Persia are already in the ring as we cut to the arena. Our champions, Stark & Shirai, head out. Vic explains that the first Superstar to climb the ladder and retrieve the titles will win this triple-threat ladder match. Glad that was cleared up for us. We hear more from Chucky over a short introductory-match video before we get the bell. All six women are in the ring as the crowd loudly gets behind Io. All six women clash, with Indi & Persia seemingly working with Io & Zoey to double-team Toxic Attraction. TA is sent out of the ring. They re-enter and Stark & Shirai clear the ring. Io gets a hot pop when she retrieves a ladder from beneath the ring. Stark guards the ring as Shirai does so, blocking Jacy Jayne from entering. Gigi Dolin comes up from behind and attacks Stark, sending her out. Toxic Attraction both beat down Indi Hartwell as Persia attempts to slide a ladder in. Gigi and Persia play tug o' war over the ladder. Persia stuns Dolin, enters the ring and works with Indi to wipe out Toxic Attraction. Persia uses the ladder to clothesline Toxic Attraction, rolling the duo out of the ring. Stark wipes out Persia & Indi with a diving dropkick. Io and Zoey both climb up the ladder. Jacy Jayne shoves the ladder, spilling the champs off. Jayne clears the ring and Dolin feeds her another, placing it across the bottom ropes in the corner. Stark takes out Jacy with a kick, and Gigi and Zoey kick each other at the same time. Outside the ring, Indi and Persia double-team Io. They look to suplex her through a ladder bridge but Io counters it into a double-DDT to a huge pop.
Shirai sets a ladder and ascends once again. Indi Hartwell dives off the ropes and lands perfectly on the ladder, grinning at Io as she rushes to shove Io off. Zoey Stark climbs where Io fell, buying time for Persia Pirotta to set up a much taller (20 foot?) ladder. Persia fights off Toxic Attraction. Chaos unfolds again and, ultimately, both ladders are wiped out. Persia personally sends the champs and challengers flying out of the ring, using Zoey Stark as a human torpedo. Persia fights off Zoey, who enters the ring with a bit of a limp after her foot caught on and slid across the top rope during her Torpedo rendition. Persia fights off Shirai, and Dolin climbs behind her back. Persia takes out Dolin and Shirai climbs behind her back. Persia pulls Shirai down and lays out the champ. Dolin looks to sneak behind Persia, proving the true definition of insanity, and Pirotta powerbombs Gigi Dolin through the ladder hanging across the corners! The crowd with a loud "holy shit" chant. Persia climbs but Jacy Jayne has her boot. Persia looks for another powerbomb; Jayne converts it into a headscissors that sends Persia into the corner--and a ladder, face-first. Persia rolls outside. Jacy sets up a ladder and climbs again. Io once again makes the save, catching Jacy and dropping her across an angled ladder! Shirai then connects the middle-rope Moonsault on Jayne across the ladder!
Zoey is back in the ring, her limp more noticeable, and manages to take out Persia briefly. Stark sets up a ladder and Indi catches the champ in a brutal sidewalk slam across the ladder! Indi waves "bye bye" and the crowd starts a loud "this is awesome" chant. Shirai follows Indi up the ladder. Hartwell drops, and shoves the ladder. Shirai flies out of the ring and crashes rough onto the ladder bridge which doesn't give any. Shirai is off-camera and being checked by officials as Hartwell looks on concerned for a few moments. The camera stays off the announcer's area as Gigi Dolin enters, takes down Hartwell, and climbs to retrieve the belts.
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction!

Hayes & Williams' Adventures in the Haunted House Part One

After Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis appropriated Carmelo Hayes' North American Championship last week, the rightful champion and his ride-or-die decided to come searching for the missing title in the Gargano/Lumis haunted house. They start the (presumably first) segment by talking in the car. Melo has to convince Williams to go in with him. It looks like it was filmed outside, by an old moss oak, with Wal-mart's left-side Halloween aisle display items everywhere. Gargano, wearing a shirt and gloves like Lumis, tells Dexter that he's Home Alone'd "the shit outta this place" but tells Dexter not to worry as he had help. We see Zombie Ref who chuckles. The trio watch as Carmelo and Williams approach what turns out to be "only a dead kid" and a "weird-ass kid hanging out in the woods," not Johnny Gargano. Williams tells Melo that this is crazy and offers to buy him a replica. Melo tells him that he doesn't want a replica, he wants the one with his face on it. They find a creepy door and head in. To be continued.

Singles Match: Joe Gacy vs Malik Blade

Joe Gacy interrupts Grayson Waller, filling in on host duties tonight apparently, and cuts a quick promo about how Waller, the announce team, and the fans are why Halloween is a horrible holiday. Insert left-of-central lingo and rhetoric here. Malik Blade hits the ring and this match starts with Gacy taking an early lead. The crowd isn't much into this match. We see Harland in a Myers-esque jump suit on a black and white grainy security camera as he enters the building. Harland arrives at ringside, causing enough distraction for Gacy to win and put this match, and us, out of our miseries. Afterwards, Gacy tells Harland he can trust Gacy. KO Junior and Lars Sullivan's long-lost love child with Sam Worthington walk off together.
Your Winner, Joe Gacy!

Singles Non-Title Match: Odyssey Jones vs NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong with the Diamond Mine

Prior to an ad break, Malcolm Bivens issued a "Pick Your Poison" open challenge--indicating the Diamond Mine had anyone available for a match next, whether it be a tag match or singles competition. Odyssey Jones chooses Roderick Strong. Malcolm Bivens points out that Jones' weight excludes him from the 205lb limit on the Cruiserweight title, but Jones doesn't care. We start off with Strong attempt to pick the leg. Barrett makes a crack about Jones not having weighed 205 pounds since he was eight. Strong struggles with strength against the larger Jones. Strong turns to his technical background in an effort to wear out the big man. Strong uses working holds and a lengthy rear waistlocked sleeper. After several long moments of working holds and intermittent strikes, Strong gets Jones to the mat. Jones powers to a knee and Strong converts the sleeper to an angled abdominal stretch. Jones looks to break out of it with a Samoan Drop but Strong again escapes and drives the big man down. Strong pivots his focus to Jones' left knee and ankle. After a few moments, Jones kicks Strong off. Strong rolls to the outside. Strong hits the ring but Jones is already up and fires off a devastating burst of offense, running over Strong and driving him into the mat. The Creed Brothers attempt to interfere. Jones easily dispatches both men. Strong catches Jones with two leaping knees to the jaw to drop the big man. Strong covers and picks up the win.
Your Winner, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong!

Backstage Interview: Imperium

Imperium are asked by Sarah about their match tonight, curious as to what WALTER thinks of things.They respond in germ. "Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet Treu ihr sein für alle Tage? Nein, nein," states Aichner and Bartel before continuing. "Willst du bis zum Tod, der scheidet Sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen? Nein, nein. Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt." Our segment ends after the challengers express their optimism at winning tonight while assuring their loyalty to WALTER (who is not here tonight). Forgive me if my German in the word-for-word quote is a little rusty.

Backstage party

A series of segments throughout tonight's broadcast that showed a costume party in the back. Notable highlights include Cameron Grimes' challenge to Duke Hudson for next week, and Rikishi's leaner son sending "Elvis" through a wooden table.

NXT Women's Championship Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match: Raquel Gonzalez(c) vs Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose makes her way out first and we head to break. Afterwards, Raquel gets a unique entrance. We see a video of her outside, riding a motorcycle to the arena, into the loading dock and then down to the ring. Yep, definitely a WCW pay-per-view product. Raquel wears a Matrix-vinyl jacket over new lime-green vinyl ring wear. Chucky the doll says "let's go for a spin" and the wheel turns on its own, landing on tonight's special stipulation: Chucky's Choice. Okay. We see Chucky again who picks a Trick or Street Fright match. The rules? Typical no DQ/street fight/no holds barred/etc match. Pins and submissions only count in the ring, otherwise that's it. The crowd is hot for this one as we get things started.
Rose and Raquel exchange leads frequently for the first two minutes, with neither woman taking the lead until Rose retrieves a kendo from outside. Rose beats Raquel's right knee and lower leg in the ring as we go to a picture-in-picture break. During the break I've decided I'm going to rewatch Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021) this Sunday, and you should, too. But regarding our match, Rose continues to assault the champ's knee for a few more moments before Raquel has had enough. The champ pummels Rose into the corner and sets up a Tree of Woe as the muted crowd is still physically boisterous for our champ. Raquel retrieves several chairs from underneath one side of the ring, tossing them in, before getting a table from the ramp entrance side. The crowd is on their feet as our champ sets up the table. Rose rolls to the outside as the champ leans the table in the corner. Rose attempts to ambush the champ and the duo slug it out. Raquel looks for a Lawn Dart on Rose, but Rose wiggles free and tries to shove the champ through the table. Raquel is having none of it tonight and batters Rose down. She then wedges multiple chairs into the corner, forming a metal triangle so that she can rest another chair--in its seat form--on top of the two. Rose looks to interfere but Raquel takes it outside, punishing Rose with a kendo stick as we return from commercials.
Back from the break. Rose takes control outside, smacking the champ with a kendo. Raquel falls into an office chair and Rose uses a kendo stick, slid across Raquel's lap and between the two arms of the chair, to "pin her" in place. Rose tilts the chair back and covers but the ref reminds her falls do not count anywhere. She flips out and smacks Raquel a few times with the stick. Rose begins looking beneath the ring yet again and turns to find Raquel wearing a hockey mask and standing on the announcer's table. Raquel blasts Rose with the smoke from a fire extinguisher, then headbutts Rose while wearing the mask. Raquel rolls Rose into the ring as the crowd chants "slasher" I believe. The crowd is on their feet and very vocal throughout much of the match, chanting for tables as Gonzalez takes control back. Rose eats a big boot to the face then finds herself swung into the steel steps by the champ. Raquel places the bottom portion of the steel steps onto the apron, on its side. Rose punches Raquel in the stomach when the champ approaches and runs off into the ring. Raquel follows and, guess what? Rose sends Raquel into the very same steel step platform Raquel placed on the apron! What a slobber knocker, did not see that one coming! Rose covers for only two.
Rose looks for possibly a powerbomb but Raquel wiggles Rose off. Rose holds her back as both women are slow to rise. Raquel hits Rose with a desperate Spear that sends Rose through the table still in the corner! The crowd pops hot. Raquel covers but Rose just kicks out! Raquel is not a happy Green Ranger cosplayer right now. Behind her, on the ramp, stands a woman wearing a cheap black cloak and costume. The mystery person whacks Raquel with a shovel--which is legal. Rose capitalizes on it, taking out Raquel to pick up the three and with that, Toxic Attraction has all women's gold.
Your Winner and NEW NXT Women's Champion, Mandy Rose!

The Mysterious Superstar, Finally Unveiled

After the match, the cloaked person removes their cloak and it's Dakota Kai. Definitely not the other much-hinted-at debut of a repackaged Elias. Oh well.

Hayes & Williams' Adventures in the Haunted House Part II: A New Beginning

More of the comedy schtick as they remark an 18th century is "fine" and are startled by Party City employees on strike. They search through the run down "house", still looking. The duo cautiously make their way through a room full of mannequins and poor souls who shouldn't have quit that McDonald's job to become actors. At one point, Melo and Williams wonder if someone is chasing them. Andre Chase is shown, throwing out a "did somebody say Chase?" They ask him what he's doing there and he tells them some generic excuse, then offers to lead them out of the house. Lumis & Gargano tell the zombie ref to remain put so they can go get the trio of invaders. Chase, Hayes and Williams come across a scary spot, and Chase yells "holy shit its zombies." "Zombies" abduct Melo and chase Williams throughout the house. He runs into a ghoul playing the piano. Melo runs into him, finally, and they continue on and find the belt. Williams tells Hayes "don't you ever see the movies? It's never this easy." Hayes grabs the belt and the two comment that Hayes don't miss as Lumis & Gargano take up position behind them. They slug the duo. The duo flee and fight their way through "zombies" before another clash with Gargano and Lumis. The duo flee, belt in hand, as Lumis and Gargano and their cheesy cast line up. Gargano tells Lumis "your house is kinda weird" and suggests that next year, they do Halloween at Gargano's. Lumis gives a thumbs-up, as does the cast and Gargano to end these segments.

Halloween Havoc's Fill-in Host Grayson Waller

Waller, in the ring, tells us to tweet at Waller or follow him on social media for exclusive content. Then, finally, out comes LA Knight! They're wearing identical costumes. LA Knight is great on the mic, telling Waller to take his dime-store costume outta the ring. Identical costumes. Waller informs Knight that Waller was here to save the show, how was he to know Knight had car problems? Knight asks Waller how exactly does he know Knight had car problems but they're interrupted by Solo Sikoa! Solo comes out, towel over his head a la Samoa Joe. Solo attacks Waller with a right then hits an overhead-to-the-outside belly to belly suplex. Knight hops down as the crowd chants "U-so" and Solo celebrates.

NXT Tag Team Championship Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match: MSK(c) vs Imperium

DJ Whoever Don't-Care uh 'plays' the MSK theme 'live' as our champs make their way out. Up next: the spinning of the wheel and the making of the deal. And the match. Afterwards, Chucky spins the wheel (remotely, of course). The NXT Fan of the Night and future arch-rival of Strowman's tag title partner Nicholas is a kid named Alex. Alex spins the wheel. Our special stipulation: Lumber-Jack o' Lantern Match. The rules? Lumberjack match. Lumberjacks surround our ring, all wearing costumes except the Diamond Mine. Aichner and Nash start out. Imperium ground Carter, using working holds and quick tags. Aichner carries the tradition on, of grounding the youngsters with an arm bar. Carter does his best to escape but Barthel maintains control for a few more moments. Carter finally breaks free and takes Marcel into the MSK corner. Wes Lee tags in and engages in a quick sequence with Marcel, culminating with Marcel sending Wes over the top rope--and unaware that Lee held on, Marcel wipes his hands clean. A surprise attack from Lee punishes him for his arrogance. Marcel finds himself outside the ring and Fabian has to come over to help his partner fight off the lumberjacks. MSK hit stereo suicide dives to wipe out Imperium as we go to a picture-in-picture break.
During the break MSK take a few moments to taunt Imperium. Fabian Aichner is tagged in against Nash Carter and takes control back for the former NXT UK champions. Fabian uses stiff, British strong-style low-angle suplexes and deliberate, powerful elbows to contain Carter. Carter floats over a back suplex and tags in Lee, who helps him double-team Aichner. Wes looks for an early pin but only gets two. Lee puts up his dukes and slugs Fabian back into the MSK corner. Carter makes the tag and the duo work in tandem yet again, leading to a Bronco Buster on Fabian! We also notice that Ikemen Jiro and another (I believe it's Kushida) are wearing early Steiner Brother-reminiscent ring gear.
Back from the break. Marcel catches Carter as he enters off the tag, hitting a big forearm uppercut. Aichner takes the tag in and takes down both champs. Aichner squats with Carter on his shoulders. Lee jumps on top and Aichner attempts once, twice, thrice--finally getting both men up on his shoulders! Impressive display of strength that Aichner had to work out! Aichner lays out both champs with a rolling crash. Tag to Marcel and Imperium set up their Imperium Bomb. Lee looks to make the save but thanks to Marcel, he's popped over the top turnbuckle and into the lumberjacks. Carter heads up the ropes and takes Marcel out, crashing into the lumberjacks as well. All hell breaks loose as all the lumberjacks begin to brawl with each other. The officials clear the ringside area, leaving only MSK and Imperium--both teams down at ringside. The crowd is hot for MSK as all four men drag themselves up. Both teams go at it, with Carter pairing off with Marcel and Lee taking on Aichner. MSK look for an in-tandem move but Imperium counter with a double-clothesline. Imperium set up for the Imperium Bomb again but Lee makes the save. Carter comes off the top after tossing Aichner off and crashes into him. They hit their double-man finisher but Marcel gets the shoulder up right at three! Carter tags in Lee. Carter holds Marcel up for a double-team move yet again. Aichner shoves Carter into Lee then hits a penalty kick to the jaw. Imperium with a quick tag. Aichner takes out Lee and third time's a charm as Imperium hit the Imperium Bomb on Lee, covering and picking up the win--and the gold! Three title matches, three title changes!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium!

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Tommaso Ciampa(c) vs Bron Breakker

When our show opened, Chucky espoused its love for Ciampa as Ciampa's heart takes after Chucky's. Bron is out first and Chucky makes a joke, stating "I sure hope being a loser doesn't run in the family." Ouch. Ciampa comes out wearing Karrion Kross' lost ring gear it appears. Or like Kratos, somewhat. Ciampa removes the Mad-Max-meets-Braveheart entrance gear and our official introductions are made. The crowd likes Bron but they're strongly behind Ciampa. We start with both men shoving each other. The crowd fires up with a loud dueling "Let's go Ciampa/Let's Go Breakker" chant. Breakker shows off some impressive speed early on. Wade calls Bron a "genetic freak" (hello, uncle Scott) just as Bron proves it, easily hoisting the champ up and breaking a headlock with a slam. Bron goes to work on Ciampa's left arm. Bron channels his father Rick's technical prowess and uncle Scott's freakish strength as he continues to work away at the champ. The crowd starts a "Ciampa's gonna kill you" chant as the champ turns the youngster's offense against him and locks on a sleeper. Breakker stays in it for a few moments but takes control back by catching a Ciampa run and transitioning it into a big backbreaker. Ciampa rolls to the outside and Bron slowly follows as we head to a picture-in-picture break.
During the break Breakker takes too much time chasing the champ. Ciampa attacks Bron and sends him into the ring. Ciampa reaches deep into his playbook and pulls back the padding outside the ring, next to the commentary team's table. Ciampa sends Breakker outside and onto the concrete then follows it up with an attempted suplex onto the exposed concrete. Bron counters, slapping on the brakes and hitting a suplex of his own. The ref continues to count and Bron takes the champ into the ring at seven. Ciampa throws a right but it's easily caught by Breakker. The challenger throws a right then looks for another suplex. Ciampa throws shots to the side to break it. Breakker attempts the suplex again, and again Ciampa fights his way out of it. Bron drops on top of his head as the champ regains the high ground. Ciampa with a series of chest slaps and chops to the rookie in the corner. Ciampa continues to unleash rights as Breakker attempts to fight out of the corner, stomping the youngster back down and into the corner. The ref forces the break and Ciampa complies before coming back in to stomp away.
Back from the break. The crowd is on fire with the dueling chants, drawing deep from their own chant playbook as they break out with an old-school Steiner barking woot. Breakker takes control from the champ and climbs the middle ropes. The middle turnbuckle breaks under his weight and Bron crashes hard and awkwardly into the mat. Not sure if that was planned or not--don't think so. Ciampa pulls the youngster to his feet and the two slug it out with slow fists as Breakker recovers. Breakker takes control again and follows Ciampa as he slips to the outside. Breakker rolls Ciampa in and, as he enters, Ciampa connects with the Willow's Bell DDT (Spike DDT, just less fancy).
Breakker fights back after Ciampa only gets a one off the move. Breakker barks, paying homage the fam, and absorbs a jumping knee. Bron hits a huge body slam to pick up two, and barks again. Breakker hoists Ciampa up high but the champ slides down, hitting a modified inverted DDT! Both men need a few moments and are slow to their knees. Ciampa throws a right; Breakker fires off one of his own. They rise tot heir feet and the crowd hotly cheers on each man as they swap rights. Ciampa finally takes the lead with a combination of lefts and rights, battling the challenger into the corner. Breakker fights him off and sends Ciampa into the commentary table's side. Ciampa counters a move and drops Bron on the concrete with a snap DDT! Ciampa takes Bron into the ring and sets up a double underhook. Ciampa with the Fairy Tale Ending! Ciampa covers for the one, two...no! Breakker kicks out! Ciampa hits Breakker with three running knee-shots to the face, all in a row. Ciampa hits another Fairy Tale Ending and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa!

In Closing

And that's a cut! No more overrun with Child's Play: the Series on it seems! We get the briefest of celebrations before our program fades to black. Spanks for stopping by, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown. Be there or be scare.

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