WWE NXT Live Results Coverage (6/15/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Warning: spoilers from In Your House will be in text below. If you missed NXT TakeOver: In Your House, swing by and check out Matt's In Your House results!!

With that seemingly needless-to-say, but surprisingly necessary, bit said--welcome back to our live results coverage of NXT! Your host tonight is the wordiest name in sport entertainment's live results coverage today, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our NXT preview for tonight set up a big card. We already know we can expect a special announcement from General Manager William Regal, a Texas Tornado tag match, and Kushida continues his Cruiserweight Open Challenge.

A late afternoon update has added a women's tag division match between the teams of Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai, and Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter. Also, there will be a Million Dollar Coronation as LA Knight is coronated as the Million Dollar Champion. Also, Io Shirai will address the NXT Universe and last, but never least, a men's tag division match has been added as Imperium attempt to follow WALTER's orders and take out Breezango.
So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (6/15/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opening Video Package: NXT TakeOver In Your House

We open with a nice package showing highlights from In Your House, and if you've not seen it then you're missing out. We get a quick rundown of the results (link's above) and see how our program ended--with GM Regal telling Mackenzie that he's "never seen so much bedlam...complete madness...I think it's time for a change."

Welcome to the Capitol Wrestling Center!

WWE Legend Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Tom Phillips' Fringe alternate Vic Joseph welcome us as GM Regal makes his way to the ring.

Special Announcement: General Manager William Regal

Regal makes his way out to the ring and is introduced. He grabs a mic. "Thank you, but please just allow me to get a few words off my chest. I've been with NXT since the very beginning, day one. In some form or another...I started on the announcer's table...and I got to call the very first TakeOver." He gets choked up and has to take a moment to compose himself. He's teary-eyed. Regal talks about watching NXT grow from its roots to growing into its own brand, and that NXT is now in the UK, Japan and Australia (hints at long-rumored NXT brands?). Regal has to pause again and is in full tears. He tells us that ten years ago he had a dream of making this a place people wanted to be, and he's worked to try to correct problems and get it as right as possible for every competitor, every announcer, and every fan that took them to San Jose, Brooklyn, Houston, and Portland. Again, he has to pause as he's almost overwhelmed with emotion. Regal continues. "Because of all of you, and because of all the incredible competitors and because of all the incredible staff and because of (each and every one of you)...giving me your precious time...I don't think I'm capable of giving you what" you deserve. He starts to announce his retirement when out comes NXT Champion Karrion Kross with Scarlett. Kross and Scarlett are in street clothes and boy howdy, do they make a sharp couple! Kross gets on mic.
"Her and I always knew this day would come, we just didn't know when." A fan yells "stop" and people boo. "But the moment we heard all that, we had to come out here to see it and feel it for ourselves. Are you crying, Mister Regal?" Kross angrily looks at Regal. "You are...completely pathetic! You know, one week ago I told you...you lost control of this roster and you knew what I was saying was true, Is aw it in your eyes. And then at NXT TakeOver, when I punched a hole through the Mount Rushmore of NXT, you knew I could control this place through chaos and violence. And now we're here, and I want you to say it. I want you to tell these people that you're leaving! And then I want you to walk your ass up that aisle and never come back." Surprisingly loud cheers and boos to this. "Say it. Say that Kross was right! Say it," Kross screams, "say it! Say that 'Kross conquers all'! We ain't got all night, Mister Regal, tick tock!" And then...

Samoa Joe Returns to NXT!

We hear the horn and out comes Samoa Joe in a purple suit to a loud "Joe Joe Joe Joe!" chant. Joe gets in the ring and stands beside Regal, staring down the NXT Champion. Joe speaks. "Mister Regal, I believe you wanted to speak with me." Regal says, "I did Joe, but not in these circumstances. It was a talk for later but you're here and...because of my love for NXT, I think everybody deserves a General Manager that can hold the position with the integrity and respect that it deserves. So I would like for you to be the new General Manager of NXT." The crowd goes wild. Regal starts to state that he's unable to perform his duties when Joe interrupts him. "My answer is absolutely...(no)." Joe goes on to praise Regal's tenure in NXT, praising him for scouring the world for the best talent--Joe himself included. Joe tells Regal that over the last seven years, Regal's taken NXT from obscurity to an international phenomenon. The crowd chants loudly. Joe tells Regal that Regal's got shoes too-big for him to feel, but he wants to make an offer. Joe admits he always made Regal's life hell when he was there, but he always afforded Regal suspect. "With that being said, I'd be more than happy to see that you get the respect you deserve from everybody," he says right in Karrion Kross' face. Regal confesses it's an interesting idea, and says if he's willing to do it there are certain conditions: "Number one, you cannot be a competitor. Number two, you cannot lay a hand on anyone..." He pauses and looks at Kross, finishing "...unless provoked." Joe accepts his offer and says there's only one more question to be answered, "which is: what are you still doing in this ring?" He gets right in Kross' face and says "tick tock, young champion" as the crowd pops for Joe. The crowd starts a "Joe is gonna kill you" chant as Kross and Scarlett leave. The crowd then starts a "nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey" lyric chant and we head to break.

Video Promo: the Grizzled Young Veterans

The GYV cut a pre-recorded promo acknowledging that they heard what Ciampa and Thatcher had to say. They're used to being looked down upon in their home country and they're going to kick in the heads of Thatcher and Ciampa.

Men's Tag Division Match: Imperium vs Breezango

When we return to the ring, Breezango is out and ready as Imperium make their way out. Tyler Breeze and Fabian Aichner start things off. Both men spend the opening minute or so alternating control. Breeze tags in Fandango who locks up with Aichner. Barrett reminds us that it was Breezango who cost Imperium their NXT Tag Team titles. Aichner takes Fandango into the corner and works him over. Fandango fights out with a series of chops and cleans house with Tyler Breeze. Breeze looks for a springboard cross-body to the outside but both members of Imperium walk away--bad, bad spot. Breeze plants hard on the floor and seems to at least be shaken up. Marcel sends Breeze into the ring to distract Fandango. The ref checks on Breeze and he makes his way to the corner. Breeze does run along the apron to kick an interfering Marcel as Aichner and 'Dango clash in the ring, then crawl/limp crouch-walks his way to his corner where again, the ref checks on him. We go to picture-in-picture commercial break.
During the break Fandango remains in the ring as Aichner and Marcel alternate tags and contain Fandango to their corner. The ref warns them a couple of times as they use the corner to their advantage. At one point Marcel streaks across the ring and hits a Basement Dropkick to send Fandango out of the ring. Imperium get in position, posing to the crowd, their arrogance on full display. Marcel takes Fandango into the ring and slams a right into his ribs as he tries to reach his corner. Marcel toys with Fandango, kicking him in the face as he tags in Aichner. Aichner with a kick to the face and clubbing elbows. Fandango throws two rights, attempting to fight back but Aichner shuts it down fast. Aichner with a pin attempt. Breeze seems okay as he extends his arm and calls for the real, live audience to pop for 'Dango. Aichner with a European uppercut, followed by a whip and a discus clothesline. Pin attempt nets two. Aichner with a Iron Claw on 'Dango's neck. Aichner drops an elbow as we return from break and covers for two.
Back from the break. Imperium continue to utilize quick tags as they toy with Fandango. Imperium has successfully managed to contain Fandango and cut the ring in half. Marcel clotheslines 'Dango then stands on his neck, taunting him. Marcel with a submission attempt. Breeze paces back and forth on the apron, seemingly fine and eager to get back to it. Marcel attempts to whip 'Dango but Fandango reverses it, dropping Marcel. Fandango looks for his partner and Bartel grabs his foot. Fandango kicks him off. Again, Marcel tries to block him. Fandango sends both members of Imperium to the floor. Slowly he crawls towards his partner. Marcel hits the ring and hits a snap German Suplex in an effort to stop Fandango but the hot tag is made. Breeze and Aichner are both tagged in at the same time and hit the ring fast. Marcel and Fandango tumble to the outside and Breeze uses the distraction to roll up Aichner and pick up the win!
Your Winners, Breezango!

After the Match: An Imperial Beat-down

Imperium absolutely snap and destroy their opponents post-match, laying an Imperium flag over Fandango's body in the ring.

Backstage: Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, GM Regal

Cole and O'Reilly are brawling in the back. Regal tries to split the two of them up. He gives them a shot to choose each other's opponents, and offers a future match between the two at Great American Bash. They refuse to listen and continue to brawl. Joe shows up. Refs restrain O'Reilly, who stands down, but Cole refuses to. Joe slaps a sleeper hold on Cole and puts him to sleep. He tells officials nearby to tell Cole, when he wakes up, that Mr. Regal is awaiting his answer. We go to break.

Video Promo: Santos Escobar

Santos is seen sitting in front of an NXT Legado del Fantasma flag. Escobar addresses North American Champion Bronson Reed. He tells Reed that Reed went too far by putting Escobar through a wall, and Escobar is coming for Reed. He promises to be the next North American champion.

Video Package: Trey Baxter

We get a video package of the newest NXT superstar from the indies. He tells us that after tonight, the world will know his name when he becomes the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge Match: Kushida(c) vs Trey Baxter (Blake Christian)

Trey Baxter (fka Blake Christian) makes his way out to the ring. Kushida is already in the ring and loses his McFly vest. He hoists up his belt as Vic Joseph plugs the Great American Bash. The bell rings and we get under way. Both men start fast. Baxter gets the first couple of minutes to showcase his aerial offense. Kushida finds himself countered multiple times. Baxter, at one point, does the Ricochet taunt--where he performs a suicide dive feint and backflips into the ring, landing Iron Man-style. Kushida quickly hits the ring and slaps an arm hold before he can recover from his taunt. Kushida and Baxter clash a bit more as Kyle O'Reilly watches from the top of the ramp. Kushida and Baxter collide in a suicide dive as the crowd goes wild and we go to commercials.

Back from the break. We return to find Kyle O'Reilly pacing just outside the ring. Kushida with an armbreaker on Baxter in the middle of the ring. Kushida looks to stomp on a prone Baxter, but the kick is caught and countered with a spinning heel kick. Kushida whips Baxter into the corner and connects with a clothesline in the corner. Kushida with a snapmare, rebound off the ring, and followed up with a Basement Dropkick to the skull. Baxter attempts to fight back, showing off some truly impressive athleticism and agility. Kushida retains after picking up the win with the Hoverboard Lock.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida!

After the Match: A Challenge

Kyle O'Reilly approaches Kushida in the ring. He tells Kushida that they both one the same thing--to fight the best in the world. So he challenges Kushida to a match next week, and Kushida accepts.

Backstage: Frankie Monet and the Robert Stone Brand

Short backstage segment in which Monet is stirring up trouble for the Robert Stone Brand by questioning his employees as to what he's done for them. She walks off when he walks up, completely oblivious to her machinations and schemes. We go to break.

Video Promo: Mercedes Martinez

As she speaks, we're treated to clips of the Martinez/Li match from TakeOver. "At TakeOver, yeah, I felt the wrath of Tian Sha. But I've told you before--I'm the wrong person to mess with. Boa you wanna step to Mercedes? You're gonna feel the steel again. As far as Xia Li is concerned, we're one and one...Mae, next time you won't have a chance to get out of your chair as I'm going to knock you right out of it!"

Million Dollar Coronation: "the Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and "the Million Dollar Champion" LA Knight

Ted DiBiase makes his way out to the ring, which has a red carpet and the Million Dollar Championship on display. DiBiase speaks. He tells us that he's finally found someone worthy of being the next Million Dollar Champion, and calls for a video showing the pre-recorded promos both Grimes & Knight cut last week, interspersed with clips from their match this past Sunday. We cut to the parking lot where LA Knight arrives in street wear, big cigar in mouth and driving a sports car. He makes his way out to the ring. He's announced as the new Million Dollar Champion and grins as he climbs into the ring. "Teddy! Let me talk!" The crowd boos LA loudly. He removes his cigar. "I see, ya know what...just gimme a sec," he implores the crowd, then addresses DiBiase. "It's not often in life that we get to meet our heroes. In this business it's even more rare that you get to meet your heroes and share the ring with them. To think that you make it to that place, and then that hero then says 'hey, you can potentially be one of the suitors to carry on my legacy'" honored Knight. He tells DiBiase that when he (LA) watched wrestling as a kid with his dad, DiBiase was always on the screen. The crowd starts to chant but Knight tells us he's going to ignore them.
He then states that when he was a kid and they played pretend, he was always the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. He had the DiBiase action figure. He tells DiBiase that he can't overstate enough how much it means to be here. He thanks DiBiase and they shake hands. Knight calls this the greatest moment of his wrestling career "and it would be the honor of my life for you to officially crown me the Million Dollar Champion." DiBiase states he'd be glad to and retrieves the belt, placing it draped across Knight's left shoulder. They shake hands and DiBiase yells off mic, "Ladies and gentleman, the new Million Dollar Champion, LA Knight!" He does his trademarked laugh. The crowd has a dueling chant for Knight and Cameron Grimes.
Knight speaks again. "To have this (title) on my shoulder is beyond description. I've learned so much from the Million Dollar man, not just the lats few weeks, my entire life--(like I said) you were a fixture. And now I have everything I want. And now that I have everything I want, its time to drop everything (I don't) need." He then decks DiBiase, dropping the Legend to the mat. Knight destroys the bit set up in the ring and stands over DiBiase, yelling that the title belongs to him (LA) and he (LA) is the true Million Dollar Champion. Knight removes his jacket and begins to stomp the Hall of Famer repeatedly in the ring as the crowd drowns him in boos. Knight continues to talk smack about being the Million Dollar Champ as he stomps away at DiBiase. Suddenly, Cameron Grimes hits the ring to loud pops and makes the save! Grimes beats Knight across the ring and out of it before quickly rushing to check on DiBiase. Grimes points up the ramp and yells inaudibly at Knight before cackling "You crossed the line! You crossed the line and now you're gonna pay!"

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Dakota Kai & NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

Mackenzie asks Raquel about a match just 48 hours after defending her title. Raquel tells Mack not to worry about her, but worry about current NXT Women's Tag Team Champions the Way. Raquel tells Mack that her friend (Kai) wants some gold, too, and one belt isn't enough for Raquel. We head off to break and this match is next!

Backstage: GM Regal, Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, Samoa Joe, and Some Officials

We briefly see the four women backstage attempting to spar as Regal, Joe and officials separate them. Gonzalez and Kai head on out for their match.

Women's Tag Division Match: NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs KC2

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro, KC2, make their way out as their opponents are already in the ring, ready to rock. We start with Carter and Kai. Both women lock up. Carter drags Kai to the KC corner and tags in Kacy. Kacy and Kayden hit a double-team kick on Kai and Kacy covers for two. Quick tag back to Kayden, who works with Kacy to drop Kai with another double-team sequence. Kai tags in Gonzalez. Carter charges Raquel, who easily shows off her strength by catch Carter and shrugging her off. Gonzalez throws Carter into the corner. Carter runs out the corner and locks in an Octopus submission! Raquel struggles to get free. When she does, Carter dropkicks her and sends the champ into the KC corner. Kayden tags in Kacy. Raquel whips Kacy; Kayden catches her partner, using the momentum to turn the move around on Gonzalez. KC2 once again work together for another double-team move! Raquel and Kacy are legal. Kacy and Kayden send Kai outside. Kacy with a beautifully executed springboard tope to the outside to wipe out their opponents! KC2 stand large and in charge as we go to break.
Back from the break. Gonzalez stretches Kacy's body across Raquel's knee. Raquel whips Kacy into the corner and tags in Kai. Kai with a running boot to a seated Kacy. Kai covers for two. Kai takes Kacy into the corner and tags in Raquel. Kai holds Kacy in place for Raquel to charge in the corner. Raquel with a Sidewalk Slam but misses on an elbow drop. Kai tags herself in and drops Kacy to the outside floor with a running kick. Kacy whips Kai into the ring side. Kacy looks to make the tag when she enters the ring but Kai grabs her foot. Kacy shakes off Kai and makes the hot tag to Kayden! Kayden drops Kai, then drops the champ as she enters with a beautiful dropkick. Kayden with a hard kick to Kai followed by a double dropkick to both women! The women's champ is sent to the outside. Kayden with a Superkick to a knelt Kai. Kayden hits a sick looking running boot to a seated Kai, damn near taking her head off. Kai manages to connect with a Scorpion Kick, stunning Kayden. Kai tags in Gonzalez, who catches Carter diving off the top and reverses it into a slam! Raquel covers but only gets two. Gonzalez looks pissed. Gonzalez picks up Carter on her back in a reverse backpack stunner position and tags in Kai. Kai rebounds off the ropes and hits a devastating double-team move of their own, covering for two--Kacy barely makes the save! Raquel is down at ringside. Kai and Kayden struggle. Kai misses a blind tag and eats a slingshot shoulder through the middle from Kacy! Kacy and Kayden double-team Kai and cover for a close two. Raquel attempts another save but she's dropkicked to the outside! Kacy tags in Kayden. Kai looks to hit a running charge but Kayden hits a perfectly-timed reverse kick from the apron to shut down Kai! Cover for a close two! Outside the ring, Gonzalez lures out KC2 and drops them both against the barricade. Kacy tries to make her way up the ropes. Kai catches her climbing and finishes her off with a G2K.
Your Winners, Dakota Kai and NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

Backstage Promo: Ever Rise

Ever Rise are drinking from their mugs, standing before the remains of a shattered and broken door haphazardly thrown together to resemble nothing like a door. They address Hit Row and tell them the next time Hit Row messes with Ever Rise, well...you get the point. We go to break.

In the Ring: Io Shirai Addresses the NXT Universe

The former Women's Champion makes her way out to loud digital cheers. Io speaks. "I'm back!" The crowd cheers. "I feel good!" She speaks in Japanese. She starts to name who she wants to challenge when the Way's Candice LeRae makes her way out. She talks smack to Shirai. Indi Hartwell helps LeRae double-team Shirai until Zoey Stark hits the ring to make the save. Shirai and Stark work together to clear the ring. They wave "bye" as the Way leave up the ramp.

Backstage On-goings

Mackenzie catches up with General Manager William Regal and Samoa Joe as they're leaving the building. She wants to ask them questions, and the door closes. We cut elsewhere, where Ciampa and Thatcher arrive for the main event and come across MSK who are eating popcorn in the back. Thatcher snatches a bucket of popcorn from Nash, eats some popcorn, laughs at Nash Carter and heads out to the ring. We go to break.

Backstage: Mackenzie, GM William Regal, Samoa Joe, and the Way's Austin Theory & Johnny Gargano

Mackenzie wants to talk to Joe and Regal but they're rudely interrupted by the Way. The Way come up, chanting "Joe Joe Joe Joe!" Joe tolerates them briefly before telling them to get the hell out of there. Pete Dunne shows up and stares Joe toe-to-toe to end the segment.

Men's Tag Division Texas Tornado Main Event Match: the Grizzled Young Veterans vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

Before the break, Thatcher & Ciampa make their way out. We're reminded that there are no tags or count-outs, and the only way to win is by submission or pin fall. The GYV start to make their way out on the mics when Ciampa and Thatcher attack them on the ramp! Ciampa and Thatcher beat the GYV down the ramp and into the ring, then in the ring. Ciampa and Thatcher both grab the chins of their seated opponents and rain blows down on both men. They look at each other, shrug, and swap opponents to repeat the same move. Ciampa and Thatcher both lock armbars on Drake and Gibson, who grab the ropes--but there's no rope break. The GYV roll to the outside and Ciampa & Thatcher pursue. The GYV move back into the ring and attack Ciampa & Thatcher as they enter. Thatcher is sent to the outside and the GYV try to double team Ciampa. Ciampa ducks a double clothesline and rebounds, taking the GYV down with a double-clothesline of his own! Ciampa establishes control until the GYV work together, connecting with a Drop Toehold + Basement Dropkick combo. The GYV head outside the ring to brawl with their opponents. The action returns to the ring, where the GYV take control. They effectively isolate Thatcher, keeping Ciampa outside the ring to work on Thatcher together. Drake heads outside and ricochets Ciampa off the barricade. In the ring, GYV double-team Thatcher. Ciampa manages to make his way to the ring and sends himself and Gibson flying over the top rope with a Cactus Jack Clothesline! Ciampa cleans house and heads outside, whipping both Gibson and Drake into the barricade where they fall seated onto steel chairs. Ciampa with a double Hip Attack on both men! Ciampa send Drake, then Gibson, into the ring. Thatcher and Ciampa roll into the ring and slap each others' faces to fire each other up. Both men hit a series of running European uppercuts and forearms to the GYV! Five, ten times, each man strikes a Grizzled Young Veteran! We head to picture-in-picture break. Looks like we're getting another overrun!
During the break Thatcher and Ciampa maintain control. Thatcher punishes Gibson, throwing him into the chain link fencing that lines the barricade's plexiglass. Ciampa sends Drake into the barricade and Thatcher presses Gibson's face hard against the wire as the fans clap the plexiglass excitedly. Thatcher and Ciampa continue to punish the Grizzled Young Veterans, using stiff chops and the ringside itself as weapons. Gibson manages to counter a Ciampa whip attempt, and Drake gains control over Thatcher in the ring. Drake with a pin attempt for barely a one. Drake begins to slow the pace in the ring,focusing his strikes on Thatcher's neck as Gibson stomps Thatcher. Gibson locks in a rear arm hold and Drake kicks Thatcher in the chest. Thatcher attempts to fight back, his body prone on the mat. He throws a kick from the mat at Gibson, then Drake, but the numbers advantage keeps him grounded. The GYV continue to team up and wear down Thatcher. Ciampa's still down at ringside.
Back from the break. Thatcher starts his comeback sequence, throwing several forearms to each GYV! Gibson puts an end to it by connecting a dropkick off the top rope as Drake rolls Thatcher into a submission! Ciampa hits the ring, making the save and stomping down Gibson and Drake. Ciampa viciously stomps away at Drake. Gibson intervenes and eats some chops before throwing a thumb to Ciampa's eye. Thatcher is up and hits a belly-to-belly release suplex. Thatcher wraps up Gibson from behind, holding him for Ciampa. Ciampa streaks over and goes for the Big Boot--but Gibson moves and Ciampa connects with his own partner! Thatcher's down!
We're now in overrun territory. Gibson lifts Ciampa up in the Electric Chair--the GYV are hinting at a Doomsday Device! Thatcher comes over to make the save. Ciampa hits the Air Raid Crash off the top rope on Drake! Ciampa covers for a close two as Thatcher restrains Gibson! Gibson and Thatcher are sent tot he outside. Ciampa and Drake stand on the apron and alternate chops, with Ciampa welcoming the chops and firing off several in a row. Ciampa is pulled off the apron by Gibson and put back into the Electric Chair position. Gibson holds Ciampa at ringside, on his shoulders, and Drake hits a suicide dive into the hoisted Ciampa, slamming him down hard to the floor. Drake and Ciampa both land hard. Drake stirs, but Ciampa seems out. Thatcher and Gibson lock up in the ring. Thatcher and GIbson alternate forearm strikes, both men exhausted and using an arm around each other's neck to hold themselves up. They continue alternating blows for a good half a minute. Gibson attempts a backslide pin. Thatcher rolls through and looks for an Ankle Lock. Gibson reverses it to a submission attempt but Thatcher converts to a Chickenwing, looking for the Crossface. Gibson counters and rams Thatcher into the corner and Drake connects a dropkick perfectly with Thatcher's face. Gibson and Drake work together again, hitting their double-team Ultimate Backstabber (Powerbomb into a Backstabber) combo for a close two--Ciampa barely makes the save! The GYV take Ciampa outside and beat him in front of the announcer's table. Drake pulls of the thin plywood "NXT" logo board on the announcer's table, lays it at an angle and slams him against it. It, surprisingly, doesn't break as Thatcher watches from the ring. Drake beats down Thatcher in the ring, buying Gibson time. Gibson looks to put Ciampa through the table but Ciampa counters it! And the table doesn't break! Where's the "holy shit" chant when you need it? Ciampa and Thatcher work together in the ring, with Thatcher assisting with a Fairy Tale Ending spike DDT. Thatcher then locks in an Ankle Lock as Ciampa slaps on a wrenching armbar and Drake quickly taps out.
Your Winners, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with GM William Regal and Samoa Joe

Mack asks Regal about working with Joe. Regal smiles happily and thinks this is going to work wonderfully. Regal and Joe shake hands, comment that it was a remarkable night one, and separate to head home as we end our program.

In Closing

What a great episode of NXT after that great NXT TakeOver: In Your House event! It's worth watching the main event and the KC2/the Way tag match. Great, great ring work on display. Same for newcomer Trey Baxter (Blake Christian). Thank you all for joining us for our live results coverage, and thanks to all the commenters and our community of Rajahmaniacs everywhere! Have a great week. Stay cool, stay frosty, and stay safe out there.

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