WWE NXT Live Results (6/29/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome to the penultimate episode ahead of the Great American Bash! Your host tonight is the Icon, the red-and-yellow Rajahmaniac himself, Mike "Hulk" Hogan and brother, do we have a show for you tonight! Cameron Grimes is expected back to action after his loss to LA Knight in the Million Dollar Championship match. But a little birdie tells me that he's been saying his vitamins and taking his prayers. We'll also get a non-title match, brother, between those MSK dudes and those brothers by other mothers, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher. We'll have six of NXT's finest performers in the Women's Division squaring off in a number one contender's match in pursuit of the NXT Women's Tag Team championships, brother. And don't forget, brother, that we've got the debut of Tian Sha in mixed tag action against the unlikely team of Jake Atlas & Mercedes Martinez.

Brother, what else is in store for us, brother? Lemme tell you something, Mean Gene brother, we've got all this and a whole lot more so take your vitamins, say your prayers, and get comfortable because it's time for NXT! Brother.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here! And for those interested in the preview, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (6/29/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Previously on NXT...

We open with a video package from last week. We see the debut of the Diamond Mine, led by Malcolm Bivens making an impact in their first appearance. Tensions have built to Cole/O'Reilly II. We also get a quick catch-up on the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship situation, which set up a triple threat tonight.

Welcome to the Capitol Wrestling Center!

Tom Phillips' aborted experiment, Vic Joseph, welcomes us with Wade Barrett (WWE Legend Beth Phoenix is off tonight) to the CWC and we're starting with our Great American Bash qualifier!

Women's Number One Contender Triple-Threat Tag Match: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart vs Dakota Kai & NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

The winning team will earn a shot at the NXT Women's Tag Team titles. Out first is the team of Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. Zoey Stark and Io Shirai enter next, together, followed by Kai & Gonzalez. We'll be using triple-threat tag formats for this. We start with Gonzalez, Moon and Shirai. Our NXT champ easily uses her pure strength early on, woman-handling Shirai and Moon with ease. Moon and Shirai work together to attack Gonzalez but she counters with a double clothesline, leaving both laid out. Moon recovers and takes the champion down with a headscissors takedown. Moon uses Shirai's back to flip over and attack Gonzalez, then stomps on Shirai's back. Blackheart makes the tag. The ref loses control as both Zoey Stark and Dakota Kai enter the ring illegally and brawl. The brawl heads outside with Gonzalez and Kai double-teaming Stark. Shirai calmly walks the apron behind them and connects with a springboard Moonsault to wipe out the trio! Ember Moon stands on the middle rope and wrenches the top rope up, making a gap to allow Shotzi Blackheart to dive between her legs and the ropes, attacking the pile outside! Moon then heads up and dives off the top, wiping out everyone as we go to a picture-in-picture break!
During the break the action spills back into the ring and the ref applies some form of order. Kai and Gonzalez keep Shotzi to their corner and use a series of quick tags to keep her isolated and grounded. Zoey Stark re-enters the fray and drops Kai with a kick to the back, covering for two. Stark rocks the Kiwi Killer with a forearm uppercut. Stark with a back suplex and a pin attempt, but Shotzi makes the save. Shotzi with a textbook suplex to Stark as Kai tags in Gonzalez, and Gonzalez immediately tries to steal the pin from Stark. Stark breaks it up and attacks Gonzalez. Stark takes control of the champ, keeping her grounded with powerful stomps. Stark wraps up the champ and tags in Io. Shirai immediately focuses on the neck, using a waist leg-lock grip and working the neck. The champ slowly manages to power her way out of the hold with some assistance from a returning Shotzi, who slaps a sleeper on Io. Shirai stomps her legs, trying to wiggle free, and gets her foot on the rope. The ref allowed a rope break...in a triple-threat, odd. Attempted cover but Shirai only gets two.
We return from the break as Gonzalez fires back, dropping Shirai and Shotzi with a double clothesline again. Gonzalez maintains control for a short period as Wade Barrett compares Gonzalez's desire to be a double-champion with the British defeating the Germans twice in world wars to be double-champions or something. No clue. Kai gets the hot tag, and Stark easily lays out Kai and Moon. Stark whips Kai into the corner, following it up with a splash and tagging in Io. Stark whips Kai into the opposite corner and hits two running knees while Shirai hits a running elbow smash. Shirai with a springboard missile dropkick to cover, but Shotzi breaks it up with a perfectly-timed Senton. Shotzi with a step-up Enziguri. Shotzi pummels Shirai with a series of kicks, culminating in a spinning faceplant. Shotzi certainly has some innovative offense. Moon takes the tag. Shotzi with an elbow drop, followed up by Moon hitting a prone Shirai herself and attempting a cover. Kai reenters the fray and Moon easily handles her. Back in comes Blackheart. Moon and Shotzi set Kai and Shirai on the middle rope, then work together for a double-team 6-1-9/ringside assault combo. Gonzalez hits the ring, saving Kai, and finds herself being battered four-on-one as the ref once again loses control. Kai hits the ring to help Gonzalez, but the numbers are too great. Moon and Blackheart set Kai on top of the turnbuckle then attempt a double-superplex. Stark and Shirai quickly position under them, looking to hit a double-powerbomb into a double-superplex combo. NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez hits the ring once again, fired up. Gonzalez lays out everyone, using powerbombs and stiff slams to lay out everyone. Moon dives and Gonzalez catches her. The women brawl to the outside. Shirai slaps a Crossface Crippler on Kai, but Kai escapes and counters with a Team Kick to the jaw. Shirai counters a grapple attempt and hits a facebuster. The ref again loses control as all six women take their time hitting their finishers. Moon with an Eclipse on Stark, Kai with the GTK to wipe out Moon. Kai rolls up Shirai for a close two. Shirai with a modified European Uppercut, followed by a top rope Over the Moonsault to pick up the win. Great, exciting match!
Your Winners and Number One Contenders, Io Shirai & Zoey Stark!

Backstage: Karrion Kross Gets Gargano'd

We cut to the back as NXT Champion Karrion Kross seems to be arriving. Gargano comes up from his blindside and smashes Kross into the steel loading dock door, briefly attacking him before officials separated them. Gargano ran for the hills as a furious Kross yelled after him.

Video Package: NXT Breakout Tournament 2019, 2021

We get a video package showing us the tournament that introduced the NXT universe in 2019 to Cameron Grimes, Angel Garza, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, and so many others. We're informed that the NXT Breakout returns in two weeks!

Backstage Interview: Sarah with North American Champion Bronson Reed

Reed comments to Sarah about the last tournament and how he knows he wouldn't be North American champion without it. He's excited to see what new talent and competitors will come in. Hit Row approach Reed and Swerve challenges Reed to a title shot. Reed accepts.

In the Ring: NXT Champion Karrion Kross with Scarlett

Kross quickly marches to the ring and gets a mic. "Mister Gargano. Touche', touche'. Last week, I got you. This week, you got me. That's all very cute but unfortunately for you, I am willing to die by the sword I live by and at this present time I'm very curious to know if you are willing to do the same. Johnny! I dare you to walk down to this wrestling and see how well you fair when I can see the shot coming!" The crowd loudly chants "Johnny Wrestling." Kross tells Gargano not to waste any more of his time and calls him "little man." Gargano comes out on mic. "You think I'm afraid of you? You know who the hell I am? Last week, you jumped me like a coward...and now you want to get int he ring with me? Buddy, that's my world you're standing in. I don't have a sword, but what I have is actual talent." Without warning, Austin Theory attacks Kross! Gargano hits the ring and both men stomp him into a corner. It's not long before the champ comes out fighting, however, using suplexes to clear the ring. Kross chases Gargano outside and grabs him by the neck, repeatedly lifting Gargano off the ground and smashing his skull into the chain-link fence/plexiglass. While assaulting him, Kross warns Gargano that this is Kross' world, not Gargano's. Kross picks up the steel stairs and if not for Samoa Joe and officials, Gargano would be putty. As Joe's officials restrain Gargano, Gargano sneaks in a Superkick! Kross angrily looks at Joe, telling him "you did a hell of a job, Joe." Kross is pissed at Joe. Scarlett tells Kross not to worry, they're going to pay for that. We go to break.

Backstage: the Way Flees

Gargano and Theory are shown running to their vehicles and fleeing quickly after the break. We also learn that the North American title match is official for tonight.

Singles Match: Roderick Strong w/ the Diamond Mine vs Asher Hale

Malcolm Bivens leads Roderick Strong, Tyler Rust and Hideki Suzuki. Strong's competitor is already in the ring. We waste no time and Strong starts off aggressive, dragging his opponent to the mat with a headlock and controlling him with it on the mat for a few. Strong is shoved back by a door-kick. Hale gets a small bit of offense in but Strong continuously shuts down all offensive efforts. Strong brutalizes the youngster, using stomps and chops to redden Hale's skin and working holds to sap his strength. Strong with a back suplex for a close two. Strong latches on with a waist submission. Hale powers to his feet and breaks the hold with two elbows. Strong fires back with a spinning elbow of his own. Both men exchange right fists until Strong takes Hale down with a jumping knee. Strong immediately goes for a submission--picture a Full Nelson on a seated opponent, modified. Strong quickly picks up the win. Bivens announces on the mic after the match that the Diamond Mine is open for business and this is a sign of things to come.
Your Winner, Roderick Strong!

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Eric Sterling

Grimes makes his way out, yelling "Kiss my grits" to the crowd as they eat it up. When he reaches the ring, his opponent is already in the ring. The crowd starts a loud "to the moon" chant for him. The first minute of this match is a series of reverses as neither man can complete an offensive move---until Grimes whips Sterling out of the ring. Sterling attacks a pursuing Grimes and hits a beautiful springboard from the ring, bouncing his legs off the top rope, and flying out to the floor. Sterling takes it back into the ring and hits a fantastic modified Senton. Grimes manages to take the upper-hand with a running knee tot he gut, and uses a pair of clotheslines to lay out Sterling. Grimes hoists Sterling up but Sterling escapes and sends Grimes into the corner with an Enziguri. Sterling charges the corner and connects with a shoulder, then hits a step-up kick that sends Grimes reeling. Sterling heads up top but Grimes dodges, then hits the leaping double-stomp to put away Jeff Hardy's love child with MSK.
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

After the Match: LA Knight

Knight comes out, ribbing Grimes and telling him that while he (Grimes) won...no on still cares. Grimes and Knight exchange words. Grimes agrees with the crowd's "you suck" chant to Knight. Grimes challenges Knight for the Million Dollar Title. Knight gets fired up, and starts to announced that at the Great American Bash he'll---nah. Knight starts to walk off but stops. He tells Grimes that wielding this title empowers him. He states he's surpassed the Million Dollar Man and is the "Million Dollar Megastar" LA Knight. Knight tells Grimes that if he's so hot to get a title shot, all Grimes has to do is fine Knight's glasses and detail his cars. He then agrees that next week, he'll defend the title and if Grimes loses he'll become Virgil. Knight's butler. Grimes tells Knight he's got no problem being a butler because at the Great American Bash, he's leaving a champion and going to the moon! The crowd pops loud for this as our segment ends.

Backstage Interview: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark and NXT Women's Champions the Way

Before Shirai and Stark can even start their interview, Indi Hartwell and Candice. They insult their challengers and try to sew seeds of discord between Shirai and Stark. Stark reminds them that they don't need to be friends, they have respect for each other and a common goal.

In the Ring: Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole

Kyle O'Reilly makes his way to the ring as usual and seems to be styling his hair in some form of future faux-hawk. He speaks, telling us that this whole industry is about testing himself. He states he only wants to fight people who make him a better fight, and that's what next week's Cole/O'Reilly II is important. He reminds us that the first time they fought, he defeated Cole in an unsanctioned match. It helped show KOR that he can someday be NXT champion as he is main event material. KOR calls out Cole, wanting to know what excuse Cole will give next week after O'Reilly whoops his ass. Adam Cole comes out with a mic, heading to the ring...and is interrupted by Samoa Joe! Joe informs them that he's simply out here to ensure what happened last week--chaos--doesn't happen tonight. He gets int he ring with a squad of security at the top of the ramp. Joe tells them to pay him no mind and carry on. Cole enters the ring, insulting O'Reilly by claiming KOR goes home nightly to hope and pray that he gets half the career Cole's had. He accuses KOR of being obsessed with him and it's creepy. KOR looks shocked, the way stalkers do when caught, and gets defensive. He points out that Cole disappeared for weeks after their last fight, and lately Cole's been the one obsessed with KOR by attacking him frequently. Cole tells him that "Kyle O'Reilly is no one without Adam Cole." He tells Kyle that no one would even know his name if not for Cole. He throws back to the Undisputed Era's era, including multiple WarGames matches and titles. Cole tells O'Reilly that he was the star of the UE and carried him (Kyle) on his back for four years. And Cole is "still the star!" He states the entire world knows it, the NXT locker room knows it, Samoa Joe knows it, then adds "Hell, even your wife knows it." Cole grins and shrugs as Kyle paces. Kyle warns him to never mention KOR's wife again. KOR goes on to say that he's ashamed of his time in the Undisputed Era and for ever associating with Cole. He calls Cole a pathetic human piece of--and can't finish before Cole slaps the mic out of his hand. Joe gets between the two, trying to keep the peace as the crowd very loudly chants "let them fight". Cole tries for a sucker punch on Joe/O'Reilly; Joe ducks and KOR counters it into a leg bar submission! Cole screams in pain, begging Joe to get KOR off of him. Joe walks out the ring, looks up the ramp and back at the ring, then slowly motions for security to get involved after letting KOR punish Cole in the leg submission a few moments longer.

Video Promo: Tian Sha

Short video with Xia and Boa insulting Mercedes Martinez and Jake Atlas, whom they fight next--after this commercial break!

Backstage Promo: Hit Row

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is in the back with Top Dolla, Ashanti "Thee" Adonis, and B-Fab. They cheer him on and he tells the camera that we're gonna find out that Swerve is just different. Okay.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Mercedes Martinez & Jake Atlas vs Tian Sha (Xia Li & Boa with Mei Ying)

Jake Atlas is in the ring when we return to the Capitol Wrestling Center, and out comes his partner for tonight Mercedes Martinez. Out next is Tian Sha. Their enigmatic leader sits perched upon her throne at the top of the ramp as the camera takes an awkwardly long time zooming in on her mask. The camera pulls back to show Boa and Xia Li, who make their way down to the ring, ready for action. Xia does her usual entrance display of wielding a Bo Staff before they enter the ring. We're ready to begin! The instant the bell rings, all four competitors slug it out. The ref quickly establishes control and we start with Atlas and Boa. Atlas starts off fast, kicking Boa back into the corner. Boa with a standing switch and a strike in the corner. Atlas escapes and hits a beautiful springboard arm drag, followed with a standing dropkick, for a quick cover on Boa--but only for two. Boa tags in Xia Li, so Mercedes Martinez must enter and Atlas exit. Xia takes Mercedes down quick and sends her into the corner, using kicks to floor Martinez and pound her in the corner. Mercedes attempts to rise and Xia drops her to her knees with a clubbing forearm. Xia LI looks for a suplex but Martinez blocks; Xia tries again, and it's blocked again. Mercedes attempts a roll-up. Mercedes with a big back drop that forces Xia Li to roll out the ring. Mercedes yells at Mei Ying as we go to break.
Back from the break. We're told by Vic Joseph that Tian Sha have maintained control through the break. In the ring, Boa has Atlas in a headlock. Atlas breaks out with a few gut punches. BOa whips ATlas into the ropes, but Atlas latches on. Boa charges and Atlas dumps him over the top and to the outside, then quickly tags in Martinez! Martinez and Xia Li collide in the middle of the ring. Martinez takes the lead, and takes Xia Li up to the top rope. Mercedes hits a double-underhook suplex off the top rope for a one, as Boa makes the save. Martinez looks at Boa and has words with him. Boa swings at Mercedes but she ducks under and her partner, Atlas, drops him down. Mercedes and Atlas work together to hit a double-team attack on Boa. Mercedes looks up the ramp and notices Mei Ying standing out of throne. Mercedes exits the ring and starts up the ramp, but Xia Li attacks her from behind. Xia Li sends Mercedes into the ring and hits a quick suplex. Xia Li with a beautiful roundhouse kick to lay out Martinez. Xia Li covers but Martinez slowly gets her shoulder up. Something appears wrong. The camera cuts off Mercedes and stays on Xia Li and Boa, noticeably keeping Martinez off camera as the ref calls for the bell and medical assistance, all off camera. We get multiple replays of the roundhouse kick, and it looks like Xia Li got a lot more of Mercedes' head than she planned.
Your Winners by Technical Knockout, Tian Sha!

We'll have an update on the injury status of Mercedes Martinez as soon as we get word. We head to commercials.

In the RIng: Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher and NXT Tag Team Champions MSK

Ciampa and Thatcher are out first, steel chair sin hand. Carter and Nash come out next with chairs. All four men square off in the middle of the ring, then set up their chairs and all take a seat. After angry-face staring for a few moments, Ciampa speaks. "Wanna know what the difference between y'all and us is? We make this look good. But that's okay, y'all sit in your chairs with your NXT titles because next week at the Great American Bash....the champs are, indeed, the underdogs. See, Double T here (Timothy Thatcher), he's never held NXT gold...and he's hungry. Now I know Toothless Timmy isn't a many of many words," to which the crowd chants "Toothless Timmy," "but just look at him!" Thatcher continues his constipated-war face. Ciampa is interrupted by Carter, and Thatcher yells to show Ciampa some respect and let him speak. MSK rise to their feet. Wes Lee tells them that they respect their opponents and all they've done--and are cut off by a loud "Ciampa's gonna kill you" chant from the crowd. Carter tells them that they need to show MSK respect. They may be the underdog, but they're the challengers to MSK's title and next week they'll remind everyone why they're the NXT Tag Team champions. Carter tells Lee, "Yo uh, I don't think they'd hurt us." He then attacks Thatcher but backs off. Ciampa holds Thatcher back and Lee stands beside Carter. Ciampa talks into Carter's ear. "I want you to bring your pride, and bring your titles, because we're taking them both. Tonight you got a free one (free shot) but next week we're taking (them) from you." MSK hold their belts up and jaw at Ciampa off-mic.

Parking Lot Ambush: NXT Champion Karrion Kross and the Way

Theory distracts Kross as he enters the car with Scarlett. Gargano attacks Kross from behind, pummeling the champ as the in-house crowd boos Gargano. Gargano starts to address Kross by way of the camera, yelling into it threats and oblivious to a rising Kross behind him. Kross puts Gargano to sleep and kicks Theory again for a bonus. Kross and Scarlett drive off and we find Samoa Joe holding Gargano by the collar. Joe tells Gargano that he perhaps pushed Kross too far tonight, and drags him off by the collar.

North American Championship Main Event Match: Bronson Reed(c) vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott w/ Hit Row

Again, a reminder--Hit Row consists of Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Top Dolla (AJ Francis), Ashanti "Thee" Adonis, and B-Fab (Briana Brandy). After the entrances and introductions, we start our main event. Both men start off slower than usual. Reed takes an early lead and uses working holds to slow down the speedy Swerve. Bronson has the strength advantage, and Auszilla shows it off by easily laying out Swerve. When Swerve looks for a Triangle Hold, Reed easily lifts him up with one arm to break the hold. Swerve attempts some aerial offense, but Reed swats Swerve's springboard attack aside like a child's toy. Reed hoists Swerve high up over his head before performing a gorilla press toss, dropping Swerve hard on his face. Reed continues to remain slow, pacing himself and reserving his stamina, and slams Swerve's face into the turnbuckle. A chop from Reed drops Swerve, as does a headbutt. The North American Champ is firmly in control at this moment. Reed with an Irish Whip, sending Swerve into the corner. Reed chases a crawling Swerve and grabs his feet as Swerve grabs the ropes. Reed with a modified rope-assisted Pendulum drop, combined with a dropping splash. Very unique, love it. Reed and Swerve fight on the apron. Reed taunts Swerve to bring it, and Swerve kicks him square in the face. Reed shrugs it off. Swerve with a painful chop to the midsection that makes the champ yell in pain. Swerve floats over into the ring and uses a series of quick strikes to get the champ off balance. Swerve sunset flips over the top ropes, looking to transition it to a powerbomb, but Reed simply drops flat and smooshes Swerve between the canvas and himself. We go to picture-in-picture break.
During the break, Swerve takes control. Using his agility, Swerve swiftly strikes the champion and gets out of range, wearing the big man down over the three-minute break. When we return, Reed attempts to fight back but Swerve lays him out with a rope-assisted rear suplex, covering for a close two. The pacing of this match remains slow. Swerve looks for a shoulder lock but Reed easily rises to his feet and converts it into a Samoan Carry. Swerve with elbows to weaken the champ's hold and swivels onto Reed's back. Swerve with slaps and chops until Reed sends him off. Swerve with a double-stomp for a close two count. Hit Row, at ringside, are pacing and sending words of encouragement to Swerve. Swerve stalks Reed, who rises slowly to the crowd's dueling chants for both men, and Swerve goes for a kick. Reed blocks. Swerve with a discus elbow and Reed counters with a discus clothesline. Swerve rolls across the ring, leaps up--and right into the arms of a waiting Reed, who hits a beautiful Samoan Driver.
We're now in overrun territory. Reed takes control with powerful blows that leave Scott in the corner, reeling. Reed with a big splash in the corner. Reed whips Swerve and chest bumps him down, then hits the standing Senton. B-Fab gets on the apron to cause a distraction; as the ref is thus distracted, Adonis attacks Reed and rips him down to the floor! Reed rises and quickly lays out Adonis and Top Dolla, throwing both men over the barricade. Scott catches Reed as he enters with a big kick to the face, then follows it up with a 450 splash to put away Reed.
Your Winner and NEW North American Champion, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott!

After the Match

B-Fab and the rest of Hit Row congratulate Swerve and we get replays of the highlights of the match. Hit Row stands up the ramp, posing with the belt, as an upset Reed is bewildered in the ring. Our program ends at 10:05pm EST.

In Closing

There you go, brother, another episode of NXT in the wrasslin' books. An exciting episode, as usual, coming off that hot main event from last night has given us a lot of momentum going into the week. A bit of a shocking end, though. What does SmackDown have in store for us? We'll find out Friday night, and I sure do hope I'll see you all here when we do! Have a great week. Stay cool if you can stay frosty always, and stay safe out there.

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