WWE NXT Live Results (Sept. 27, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

NXT 2.0

Welcome back to NXT! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan. We've got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast. Also and officially, as of today's WWE Preview, NXT 2.0 is now just NXT.

Our official preview had six matches announced, and notably, it's also the end of the 2.0 era--we're back to just NXT now. We've got Gallus taking on Briggs & Jensen in tag action, and a whole slew of singles matches set for tonight. In a North American Championship Ladder Match qualifying match, Wes Lee squares off with Tony D'Angelo. The Diamond Mine's cave-in continues as Brutus Creed looks to smash Damon Kemp. Also on tap for tonight, Cameron Grimes finally comes face-to-face with the Schism's Joe Gacy. In the women's division, one half of the reigning tag champs, Kayden Carter, is set to take on Nikkita Lyons and NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose locks up with Fallon Henley.

Wes Lee; Tony D'Angelo

Cameron Grimes; Joe Gacy

Mandy Rose; Fallon Henley

Briggs & Jensen; Gallus

Brutus Creed; Damon Kemp

Kayden Carter; Nikkita Lyons

All this and more tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (Sept. 27, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Then. Now. Forever. Intergalactic.

Welcome to NXT!

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to NXT as...

In the Ring: Ilja Dragunov Wants to Repeat History; Breakker & McDonagh Weigh In

Ilja makes his way out to a hot crowd who show the former champ much love. He plays it up, working the crowd for a few moments, before hopping on the mic. Ilja speaks of having defeated the unbeatable monster, Gunther, and how pain is his friend. He then talks about doing it one more time--beating the unbeatable, this time in Bron Breakker. JD McDonagh makes his way out on the mic, angry at Ilja. Ilja recalls beating Jordan Devlin (JD McDonagh) so badly he had to leave NXT UK. JD owns it that he was beaten by Ilja, but "this is not your time. This is my time." He tells Ilja to stay where he's been the past few months--on the sidelines--"because if I need to stop you one more time, just one more, I swear to God I"ll end your career!" NXT Champion Bron Breakker's music plays and the champ comes out on the mic. He welcomes Ilja to NXT and calls him a warrior. "But with all due respect, my man, this NXT Championship isn't going anywhere!" JD insults Bron, calling him a meathead. The crowd chants for a "triple threat"; JD suggests the two "alpha males" beat the snot out of each other before he gets his title shot. And in a great nod to his uncle, Scott Steiner, Breakker uses Steiner Math to express the 33 and one-third percent chance they have. He then announces it'll be a triple-threat at Halloween Havoc and tells the boys he'll see them there.

Singles Match: NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction vs Fallon Henley

We return from break and find Fallon Henley all by her lonesome in the ring. Rose is escorted out by Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne to a great welcome from the NXT Universe. The ref calls for the bell at 8:16pm sharp. Both women circle and jockey for control in the opening moments. Rose attempts to use a wrist lock to take down Henley, but Henley counters. Henley runs off the ropes and uses a shoulder block to drop Rose. Henley and Rose engage in another series of counters, culminating in Rose dropkicking Henley in the face and covering early on. Rose yells "you are nobody" as she slaps Henley, angering the cowgirl. Henley fires up, chaining several moves together while looking for a cover. Henley whips Rose towards the corner; Rose counters and Henley throws a back elbow to gain some separation. Henley dives but Rose catches her cross-body style and converts the momentum into a Fallaway Slam! Rose spears Henley in the corner and the ref counts his warning. Rose takes control, battering Fallon with elbows and clubbing forearms. Rose attempts a cover, then a snap suplex is followed by a side Abdominal Stretch!
Henley screams as the crowd try to cheer her own. Rose drops Henley with a lariat and covers for another two. Rose again slaps on an Abdominal Stretch, pushing down on Henley's neck repeatedly as she puts as much pressure on the midsection as she can. Rose rubs the point of her elbow in Henley's ribs and continues to yell insults. Henley powers up, using a modified arm drag to drop Rose. Henley with two blows and a clothesline to drop Rose. Henley with a running elbow i n the corner! Rose chases Henley as she runs for a nearby rope and catches her with an elbow. Henley rebounds off the ropes for a spinning facebuster and a close cover. Both women are up and exchange slaps and fists, both women answering each other blow for blow. Henley looks for a DDT but Rose tosses her back and hits Kiss By the Rose to pick up the win at 8:21pm! After the match, they call out Alba Fyre who responds via previously-recorded vignette in which she sets alight the phrase "#AndNEW."
Your Winner, Mandy Rose! (5 minutes)

North American Championship Qualifier Singles Match: Wes Lee vs Tony D'Angelo

Wes Lee is out first with a Connor's Cure kid and we head to break! Tony D'Angelo is escorted out by Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and the "Don of NXT" gets mostly boos and heckled by the crowd. The bell ring sand both men lock up, with Lee slapping a side headlock on Tony D. He wrenches the neck and it takes Tony several long moments to escape the hold. Lee looks for a modified drop toe-hold but Tony D blocks it and slugs Lee. Lee and D run off the ropes, with Lee taking Tony D down with a side Hurricanrana and a dropkick that sends Tony spilling out of the ring. Wes Lee threatens a Suicide Dive but Stacks tells him to "watch himself" and blocks his way. Lee springboard attacks Lorenzo, wiping him out with a springboard cross-body. Tony D has to restrain Stacks from hitting the ring in anger. Stacks agrees to calm down then hits the ring again and Tony yells at him to get out of the ring and calm down. Stacks shoves Lee, but the ref doesn't call for the DQ as D'Angelo leaps to Lee's defense. The ref bans Stacks from ringside and we head to break! During the picture-in-picture break, Tony D'Angelo strings together a lengthy stretch of offense, battering Lee in the corner and across the ring, using stiff body shots to soften up Lee and suplex releases to send the cruiserweight bouncing around. Tony slows the pace greatly near the end of the break, taking more time to talk smack to Lee. Tony with a Strong Irish Whip that bounces Wes Lee brutally off the turnbuckles and the ref checks on him. Tony D talks more smack and again uses a Strong Irish Whip to send Lee bouncing off the turnbuckles. We return from break as Tony D continues to jaw off while kicking Lee in the gut.
Tony with a big right, then whips Lee into the ropes and hits a spinning backbreaker for a close cover. D'Angelo straddles Lee's back and slaps on a side face lock. He pulls at the facial features and the ref warns him as Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are shown watching backstage. Less starts to escape the lock, leading to Tony D clubbing his back, dropping him prone. Tony pulls up Wes to his knees and slaps the shit out of him, angering young Lee. Lee pulls himself up by the rope sand side-steps a D'Angelo charge, letting Tony D's face collide with the turnbuckle! Lee and D'Angelo are slow to their feet. The ref checks on Tony D'Angelo and calls for the bell. Wes Lee is shocked as NXT medical check on Tony D'Angelo. The crowd yell warm words for Tony D and Wes Lee looks visibly upset over potentially having injured D'Angelo. We get replays that show where Tony D's knee made contact with Lee's body during the trip into the turnbuckle. Unsure if he hurt his knee or his head.
Your Winner due to Referee Stoppage, Wes Lee! (8 minutes)

Singles Match: Amari Miller vs Sol Ruca

We return from break and Amari Miller's already in the ring, back in NXT after a bit of an absence. Sol Ruca makes her way out to 80's style metal/rock to a great welcome from the crowd and Amari herself. They shake hands before the match and the ref calls for the bell! Both women go back-and-forth for the opening minutes, with both getting short stretches of offense to shine. Amari nearly picks up the win with a pin counter to a Hurricanrana attempt. Miller and Ruca go back and forth, with the smaller Miller impressing against the newcomer. We're reminded by commentary multiple times that Sol Ruca has a background in gymnastics. Miller misses on a running big boot, setting up Ruca's comeback sequence. Ruca with a pair of shoulder blocks; a dropkick sends Miller into the corner! Ruca with a cartwheel attack in the corner followed by a standing 540 leg drop, picking up the win!
Your Winner, Sol Ruca! (4 minutes)

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Joe Gacy w/ the Schism

The Schism are out, followed by Grimes. A very, very short match ensues that sees Grimes get a handful of offensive moves in before Gacy takes over. The Dyad help provide a distraction, setting up the quick win for Joe Gacy. Disappointing; their entrances took longer.
Your Winner, Joe Gacy! (2.5 minutes)

Singles Match: NXT Women's Tag Champion Kayden Carter w/ Katana Chance vs Nikkita Lyons w/ Zoey Stark

Lyons is out, escorted by her partner Stark, and roars while doing a roundhouse in the ring. We head to break ahead of our fifth match of the night! After a break and hype for new NXT trading cards, the Women's Tag Team Champions--Kayden Carter & Katana Chance--make their way out. The crowd's hot for KC2 but Barrett informs us he doesn't like Kayden Carter. The ref calls for the bell and we're off! Lyons reaches for Carter, but Kayden steps out of the way. Both women circle and Lyons locks up with Carter, using a pair of textbook wrestling takedowns to drive Carter into the mat. Carter powers out of the rear waistlock and latches on a side headlock of her own. Lyons whips Carter off and into the ropes; Lyons does a split to drop down and Carter hops over her, wiggling her butt at Lyons to a pop from the crowd. Both women engage in a series of counters and reversals, leading to Carter attempting a quick cover. Lyons unloads a striking combination on Carter, battering her with lefts and rights before a standing side kick drops Carter to the canvas. Lyons stomps on Carter's chest then rolls across the ring and uses a handstand headscissors to drive Carter down, covering for a short two.
Lyons works Carter's neck, keeping her on the mat as she wrenches it side to side. The crowd fires up a chant for Kayden as she attempts to rise not once, not twice, but three times--each time with Lyons slamming her back into the mat. The fourth time is the charm, however, as Carter powers to her feet and uses a wristlock toss to gain separation. Carter with a Crucifix roll-up for a close two. Lyons with a pair of kicks to Carter's gut, then follows it up with a Michinoku Driver for a close two! Lyons pulls Carter up and throws a right but Carter dodges; Lyons throws a left and another right but Carter dodges and starts her comeback sequence, dropping Lyons with a seated senton. Carter covers for two. Carter grabs Lyons wrist and runs up the turnbuckles, but Lyons chops her down. Both women are down briefly. Lyons roars and hits her spinning roundhouse kick, follows it up with the split-leg drop and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Nikkita Lyons! (4 minutes)

Singles Match: Ilja Dragunov vs Xyon Quinn

We return from break to find Quinn in the ring. Dragunov is out next to a great welcome from the NXT Universe and we start our sixth match of the night! Dragunov and Quinn circle then lock up and Ilja immediately goes after the left arm. Dragunov uses Quinn's arm to take him down to the mat and slaps on a side headlock. Quinn struggles to get to a knee and Ilja transitions fluidly. Quinn finally powers out of the hold and looks for a side headlock of his own; Dragunov quickly counters, taking Quinn down and locking onto the head once again. Dragunov repeatedly takes Quinn down to the mat as he attempts to escape. Quinn finally powers to his feet and throws a right; Dragunov responds with a right of his own and slaps on an Abdominal Stretch! Quinn pulls Dragunov's hair to break the hold and tosses Dragunov. Quinn starts a comeback, hitting a charging forearm uppercut to Dragunov in the corner. Quinn with a punching combination to Dragunov.
Ilja fires off a series of chops, angering Quinn, who shoves Dragunov back against the ropes and clubs him down on the rebound. Quinn with a Strong Irish Whip, catches Dragunov on the rebound and hits a backbreaker! Quinn covers for a short two. Quinn goes technical, latching on a side headlock. Quinn holds Dragunov in it for several moments but Dragunov powers to his feet. Quinn throws a big right at Ilja, who absorbs it and fires back a step-up Enziguri! Dragunov with a rope-rebound lariat to layout Quinn and get the crowd back into this. Dragunov with a German Suplex! He holds on and attempts a second but Quinn puts on the brakes! Quinn with back elbow blows to gain some separation. Dragunov with a combination of blows followed by a suplex! Dragunov with a dropping fist. Dragunov roars as the crowd fires him up. He gestures to the crowd, counting to four, then hits his running torpedo uppercut to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Ilja Dragunov! (7 minutes)

Singles Match: Brutus Creed vs Damon Kemp

Brutus Creed is out first, solo, to a decent welcome. Brutus Smash! Kemp is out next to heavy boos from the NXT Universe. He has new music, heavy metal, with lyrics. Brutus attacks Damon on the ramp! The two exchange body shots down the ramp and to the ring, where the ref calls for the bell at 9:39pm. Both men clash and Brutus uses a gut-wrench suplex to floor Kemp. Kemp counters a charge with a pancake onto the top rope. Kemp locks in a neck hold and takes Brutus down to his knees. Brutus powers up, locks his arms around Kemp's thighs and hits a back drop but Kemp won't let go! Kemp holds the lock on even after Brutus attempts to break it with a rolling dive. Kemp holds the lock for well over a minute, scraping Brutus' face along the ropes as the ref warns him. Kemp throws knees into Brutus' chest as the lock's been on for nearly two minutes now. Finally Brutus breaks free and body slams Kemp. Brutus rubs his neck then charges Kemp, who sidesteps it and sends Brutus crashing into the ring post! Kemp pulls down his straps, mocking Brutus, but it only serves to piss off the neanderthal! Brutus beats Kemp out of the ring and follows. Kemp retrieves a steel chair and hits Brutus with it! On the third hit, the ref calls for the bell! Kemp takes it into the ring and hits Brutus multiple times with the steel chair until the refs take it from him. He yells into the camera for Julius Creed to come get some.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Brutus Creed! (2.5 minutes)

Tag Team Main Event Pub Match: Briggs & Jensen vs Gallus

It's time for our eighth and final match of the night! Gallus make their way out and we head to break, and upon returning Briggs & Jensen make their way out. It appears this is a tornado tag, no DQ match with ample weapons ringside. Our match starts at 9:52pm EST with both teams brawling in and out of the ring, then back in. Gallus is represented by Wolfgang and Mark Coffey, as the other Coffey brother's barred from ringside, and Gallus wear black slacks and their new, light baby-puke-green Gallus tees. Both teams use trash can lids then exit to opposite sides of the rings. Both teams set up tables. Gallus enter the ring with trash can lids; Briggs & Jensen up the ante with steel chairs! Briggs & Jensen easily smack the weapons from Gallus' hands with their sturdier steel chairs, chasing Gallus from the ring! We head to our final commercial break of the night at 9:56pm!
We return from break at 9:59 and find Gallus in command. Coffey kicks Briggs in the head as Wolfgang body slams him in front of the commentary table, neutralizing him. Gallus turn their attention to Jensen and begin to work him over in the ring. Gallus position a steel chair around Jensen's head and drop a strike on it, making him writhe in pain. They continue to work him over until Briggs hits the ring. The weakened redneck is no match for the combined efforts of Gallus and they quickly lay him out beside his partner. Gallus fetch leather belts and begin to whip Briggs and Jensen in tandem as the crowd screams in sympathy pains for the duo. Briggs throws fists, attempting to fight back, but he's whipped across the face and back. Briggs & Jensen finally grab the belts and rip them free, them spend a few moments beating Gallus with the belts. Everyone's covered with red marks and welts by the time they're done. But wait--there's more! They're not really done!
Briggs & Jensen rip off Coffey's shirt and they whip him and Wolfgang across the back as they're strung on the middle rope. They see glasses and an empty beer jug on the table with a keg under the table. Briggs & Jensen grab a glass each and each man breaks a glass over the heads of Gallus! Wolfgang is down outside and Coffey stumbles almost drunkenly into the ring. Briggs & Jensen put Coffey upside down into a trash can set up in the corner. hits the ring and is quickly knocked back, where he falls through a table setup at ringside. Briggs and Jensen send Wolfgang through a table leaning in the corner, then drive Coffey into the mat. Jensen covers for the three at 10:04pm!
Your Winners, Briggs & Jensen! (12 minutes)

An Arresting Development

As Briggs & Jensen celebrate, Gallus are begin to attack refs up the ramp. This leads to local police/security showing up and taking them away in handcuffs to end our program!

Next Week on NXT

Wendy Choo vs Lash Legend. The Grayson Waller Effect feat. Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez. Andre Chase vs Von Wagner in a North American Championship qualifier. "State of the Commonwealth Address" by NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's episode. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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