WWE NXT UK Recap (06/30): Trent Seven In-Ring Promo

WWE recently held the latest episode of their NXT UK brand, which saw Trent Seven address the WWE NXT UK Universe in the show's main event segment.

Below are the results from the show, courtesy of F4WOnline.com:

- Blair Davenport def. Angel Hayze.

- We head backstage, where Kenny Williams was in Sid Scala's office and Tiger Turan walked in. They then had words and it was announced that they will have a match next week. Kenny Williams then vowed to unmask TigerTuran.

- We then had a backstage segment, where Noam Dar and Sha Samuels walked into the WWE NXT UK Performance Center and saw Mark Coffey training. They then had words and Mark Coffey challenged Noam Dar to a match for his WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Sha Samuels gave 1 in 100 odds to Coffey winning and bet a stack of his own money. A lot of wrestlers and trainers then wanted in on the bet.

- Fallon Henley def. Emilia McKenzie.

- We then had a backstage segment, where Oliver Carter talked about Ashton Smith's recovery from injury. Die Familie then entered and Teoman greeted Oliver Carter in German. All three members of Die Familie tried to persuade Oliver Carter to join them and told him that it would be in his best interest. They then left and Oliver Carter looked like he was thinking.

- We then saw Sarray training at the WWE NXT UK Performance Center. Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander then walked up and talked down to her. Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie then walked in and Satomura told Brookside and Alexander that they talk too much. Satomura then said that if Brookside and Alexander wanted to step into the ring, then she and Sarray would teach them a lesson. McKenzie briefly looked taken aback that Satomura would team with Sarray instead of her.

- Wolfgang def. Sha Samuels.

- Trent Seven then made his way down to the ring to address the WWE NXT UK Universe. Trent Seven started by saying since turning on Tyler Bate, all he has heard is the question, "Why, Trent? Why?" Seven then said that he had some visual aids and he even called it a work of art. Seven then said it was the most important moment in British sports as he saved the industry. Seven then said he is the center of attention now and he also took credit for having the most fans in BT Sport Studios since NXT UK started taping there.

Seven then said Bate had lost his killer instinct and would not come back to face him. Seven then said Tyler Bate was a weak little boy and would never be back, while he was British Strong Style and Moustache Mountain. As Seven was on his way to the bank, he got into it with a fan at ringside. Security told the fan to calm down, but the fan jumped the rail and Seven kicked him in the groin as security held the fan back. WWE NXT UK would then come to a close.