WWE NXT UK Recap (08/04): Blair Davenport vs. Isla Dawn

WWE recently held the latest episode of their WWE NXT UK brand, which saw Blair Davenport battle Isla Dawn in a #1 Contender's Match for the WWE NXT UK Women's Title in the show's main event.

Below are the results from the show, courtesy of F4WOnline.com:

- WWE NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov makes his way down to the ring while he was on crutches and while he was wearing a walking boot. Dragunov said that he severely injured his ankle and was not medically cleared to compete due to the events that took place last week in his match against Wolfgang. He then talked about never giving up and said the only man who was able to beat him was himself. He then said he had to relinquish the WWE NXT UK Title, but he would come back stronger and would get it back. The former WWE NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov then placed the belt on the canvas and kissed it goodbye.

- We then see a segment, where Chase U toured London and eventually arrived at the NXT UK Performance Center. Sha Samuels was seen sitting in front of the building as Andre Chase encouraged Bodhi Hayward to give Samuels a pep talk. Samuels was not amused and he berated Bodhi Hayward and told him he still had trunks and boots.

- Johnny Saint and Sid Scala were then approached backstage and asked about the now vacant WWE NXT UK Championship. Scala said there would be an 8-Man tournament to crown the new champion and they would announce the participants later tonight.

- Oliver Carter def. Rohan Raja. After the match, Die Familie immediately attacked Oliver Carter and Charlie Dempsey put Oliver Carter in a half-crab/kneebar before officials pulled him off.

- Thea Hail was then seen backstage talking about why she chose to go to Chase U. Eliza Alexander then walked in and told Thea Hail she went to the School of Hard Knocks and said she was sick of Americans coming over and taking opportunities from her. Eliza Alexander then challenged Thea Hail to a match and went off on Chase U, which greatly upset Hail.

- Die Familie was then seen walking backstage and talking about taking out Oliver Carter. They were then asked why they were happy since Rohan Raja actually lost. Teoman then sent his men away and said that the eye always had a plan and they actually won. Sam Gradwell then walked up and said that Teoman needed his men as backup and he would take Teoman out if they faced off in the ring alone.

- Sha Samuels def. Bodhi Hayward.

- Oliver Carter then made his way out of the doctor's room and said his leg was in bad shape. Sid Scala then ran up to Oliver Carter and told him he was in the title tournament and his match was next week. Oliver Carter then said he will be ready as he limped away.

- Blair Davenport vs. Isla Dawn in a #1 Contender's Match for the WWE NXT UK Women's Title ended in a no contest. Isla Dawn hit a top rope double knee and looked to have the match won, but Eliza Alexander pulled her out of the ring in the middle of the pinfall attempt. Amale was then in the ring and hit Blair Davenport with a kick. Isla Dawn then took out Amale, Eliza Alexander took out Isla Dawn and then all four women brawled in the ring and were eventually separated by the officials.