WWE NXT UK Recap (12/16): Joe Coffey, Nathan Frazer, More In Action

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of NXT UK!

This week’s edition of NXT UK will feature a one on one battle between Charlie Dempsey and Joe Coffey, as well as a collision between Nathan Frazer and A-Kid. Check it out:

NXT UK (12/16/21)

-The usual opening video package kicks off the show, and Nigel McGuinnis, along with Andy Shepherd, welcomes everyone to the B.T. Sport Studio.
-Joe Coffey makes his way down the ramp, and he’s in the opening contest.

Joe Coffey vs. Charlie Dempsey

The referee calls for the opening match bell, and men’s division action is underway! Both men start off with a tie up, and neither man is able to gain the advantage. Both men tie up again, and Coffey drives Dempsey into the ropes, forcing a break. A third tie up breaks out, and Coffey grapples with Dempsey all around the ring, until Charlie gains the upperhand with a takedown. Charlie follows up with a brutal submission hold, and Coffey powers out, but Charlie is still in control. Joe turns the tables on Charlie, and hits consecutive strikes, followed by a huge slam into a cover. Dempsey kicks out, and Coffey stays on the attack with an arm drag. Joe follows with a submission hold, but Dempsey uses his craftiness to escape the hold. Charlie applies a hold of his own, and works on the arm of Coffey, until Joe stops Dempsey with a straight right hand. Joe uses innovative offense to attack the hips of Dempsey, and both men fight into the corner, where Coffey keeps his momentum. Both men wrestle into the opposite corner, where Charlie turns the match around with a stiff shot to Coffey. Dempsey follows up with a gut wrench suplex, and tries a cover, but Coffey still has something left in the tank. Dempsey and Coffey begin to trade shots, until Charlie goes for a hammerlock, but Joe blocks the attempt. Charlie changes gears, and spikes Coffey on his head, then delivers a few kicks. Charlie nails an uppercut, and tries another one, but Coffey catches Dempsey with a rollup attempt. Charlie blocks the surprise pin attempt, and uses dirty tactics behind the referees back, then hits an impressive slam for a pin attempt. Coffey barely gets a shoulder up, and Dempsey applies another nasty submission hold. Charlie grabs the nose and eyes of Coffey, then brings Joe to a standing position, where Dempsey latches on a sleeper hold! Coffey powers out, and tries to hit a suplex, but Dempsey avoids the attempt. Both men trade shots, until a headbutt from Coffey to Dempsey floors both men. Joe and Charlie make it back to their feet, and a hockey fight breaks out, until Dempsey blasts Coffey with a spinning elbow strike! Both men collapse, and struggle to get back to their feet, until Dempsey is up first! Coffey and Dempsey have a brutal exchange, before Joe sends Charlie into the corner. Coffey nails Dempsey with the Glasgow Sendoff, but he’s unable to make a cover, after an apparent injury to his hand. Teoman and Rohan Rajah rush the ring, followed by Wolfgang and Mark Coffey, and we have chaos! Everyone fights at ringside, until Dempsey drags Coffey into the ring. Charlie applies a submission hold, and chokes out Coffey for the win.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

-Last week: Moustache Mountain defeated Pretty Deadly, and became the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. With the victory, Tyler Bate is the first Triple Crown Champion in NXT UK history.
-A word from Sid Scala: The NXT UK Assistant General Manager announces a pair of tag team matches, with the winners of each bout facing off to determine the new Number One Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Champions.

*commercial break*

In a promo package: Jordan Devlin raves about Dublin, Ireland, and “driving fast with the top down.” Devlin says he looks “amazing,” and calls himself “more than a hero.” Jordan runs down NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov for needing his family, and claims “all I need is me.”
-In the studio: The NXT UK Tag Team Champions are ready to celebrate!

Championship Celebration with Moustache Mountain

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions hit all four corners, and pose for pictures with their new titles. Trent Seven says “what a night that was. What a moment in time. We’re back, and we’re here, and we’re NXT UK Tag Team Champions!” Seven goes on to ask “what do I do if I lose this. I don’t know how long I have left, and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this... but wait, I have got this, and I have got you (the fans).” Tyler Bate adds “that sounds like music to my ears. It’s been a long ascent up this mountain, but with hard work, we now stand here as the first team ever to have held the NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Championships.” Trent Seven closes by saying “for every single person who helps bring this brand together, thank you. Thank you to the WWE Universe, because without you, this isn’t possible. From here, it’s onwards and upwards with a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!”

-In the back: Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter say they’ll be NXT UK Tag Team Champions soon.

*commercial break*

-Promo package: Highlights of Meiko Satomura’s NXT UK Women’s Champion reign are shown, until Blair Davenport cuts in. They’ll have an epic collision for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, which will kick off 2022.
-In the studio: Danny Jones is already in the ring, and he’s in the next match.

Danny Jones vs. Kenny Williams

Before the match, Kenny cuts a promo, and says “I don’t want you Danny, I want Mark Andrews.” Jones stays in the ring, and the referee calls for the bell. Williams immediately goes on the attack, and scores a quick takedown, but Jones swiftly regroups. Danny works over the arm of Williams, until Kenny grabs a hold of his own. Both men run the ropes, and Jones nails Williams with a shoulder tackle, followed by a cover attempt. Williams kicks out, and blasts Danny with a shot to the midsection, then follows up with consecutive strikes into the corner. Williams begins to stomp a mud hole in Jones, and talks a bit of trash, then drags Danny down for a headlock. Kenny changes gears, and fires away with a slap to the face of Jones, followed by a forearm shot. Danny fires up, and whips Kenny from pillar to post, then finishes off the attack with a thunderous slam for a nearfall. Williams crawls to the apron, and uses innovative offense to stop the momentum of Jones, then unleashes multiple strikes on Danny. Kenny follows up with a pair of reverse DDT’s, and makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Williams

-In a promo package: Symbiosis has a cryptic message for the NXT UK roster, and warns “next year, things are going to be different.”

*commercial break*

-Announcement time: Next week’s NXT UK will be “a special holiday edition” of the show.
-During the break: Mark Andrews is down in the locker room, after an apparent attack.
-Back in the arena: It’s time for the main event!

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Number One Contender Match

Nathan Frazer vs. A-Kid

Round 1

The first round bell sounds, and both men start off with a handshake. After a feeling out process, both men exchange grappling maneuvers, and neither man is able to gain an early advantage. Frazer and Kid trade submission holds, until Kid blasts Frazer with a dropkick, followed by a pin. Nathan kicks out, and Kid immediately applies an arm bar, until Frazer monkey flips his way out. Kid immediately returns to the hold, and works over the arm of Frazer, then changes into a wrist lock. The pace begins to quicken, and both men misfire on strikes, until time expires.

Round 2

The second round kicks off with a bit of a slower pace, until Kid hits consecutive takedowns on Frazer. Nathan rebounds with a dropkick to the midsection of A-Kid, and grabs a headlock, until Kid slips out. A-Kid applies a body scissors, until Frazer springs out, and an incredible exchange of strikes and pin attempts breaks out. Frazer rolls up Kid, and steals the first fall of the match.

Nathan Frazer leads 1-0

Round 3

A-Kid runs out of the third round gate with a number of strikes, and follows up with a huge belly to back suplex! Kid nails a Falcon Arrow, and applies an arm bar, but Frazer slips out! Kid and Frazer each regroup, until Nathan goes on the attack with chops. Kid slows Frazer down, and applies a unique submission hold, but Frazer breaks free. Kid immediately blasts Frazer with a kick, and Nathan answers back with a big forearm shot! Nathan hits a shot to the midsection, and tries a cover, but Kid isn’t finished. Frazer lays in a few kicks, and misfires on one, allowing Kid to lock on a sleeper hold. Kid goes back to the arm bar, and nearly forces Frazer to tapout, but the clock strikes zero.

Round 4

The fourth round of the bout begins with a standoff, until A-Kid goes back to the sleeper hold. Frazer slips out, and scores a takedown, then misses a high risk maneuver. Both men have another incredible exchange, until Frazer flattens Kid, and tries a pin. Kid defiantly kicks out, and tries to go on the attack, but Frazer ties him up in a Boston Crab! Kid breaks free, and gets tossed to the outside, while Frazer turns his back in the ring. Kid slides back into the ring, and rocks Nathan with a running superkick, then makes the cover for the round 4 win.

Tied 1-1

Round 5

The fifth round is underway, and both men look completely drained! Kid comes out of the gate with a suplex, and Frazer rolls through. Nathan blasts Kid with a surprise knee to the jaw, and makes the cover for the 1-2-NO! Frazer climbs to the top rope, and gets stopped by Kid, who sets up for a superplex. Both men trade blows on the top rope, until Frazer flips off, and lands on his feet in the ring. Frazer goes back to the top rope, and nails A-Kid with a Spanish Fly, then hooks the leg for the 1-2-NO! Frazer misfires on a second high risk maneuver, and Kid capitalizes with yet another arm bar. Kid delivers hard strikes to the back of Frazer, and returns to the submission hold, forcing Frazer to tapout.

Winner: A-Kid

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: A-Kid

Match of the Night: Joe Coffey vs. Charlie Dempsey

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!