WWE Talking Smack Recap (11/13): Los Lotharios, Aliyah, More

After last nights edition of Smackdown, WWE taped their latest episode of Talking Smack. The show featured Jeff Hardy, an appearance from Los Lotharios, as well as a visit from Aliyah. Check it out:

Talking Smack (11/13)

Jackie Redmond welcomes everyone to the show, and introduces viewers to her co-host, Matt Camp. Jackie and Matt cover a few of the highlights from Smackdown, until Jackie throws things over to Kayla in the arena.

Jeff Hardy

After defeating Sami Zayn to keep his own spot on the Smackdown Men's Survivor Series team, Jeff Hardy joins Kayla Braxton for an interview. Kayla begins by asking Hardy how satisfying the victory over Sami felt. Jeff explains “last year I didn’t qualify for the Survivor Series team on Raw, but that was last year! It’s 2021, and I’m so excited to represent team Smackdown.” Kayla questions Jeff about Zayn’s tactics as of late, and Hardy says “Sami is up to no good all the time. He is so hard to believe because he seems so fake. Sami is going to be Sami no matter what.” Kayla pitches Talking Smack back over to Matt and Jackie, who sends the show to an ad break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, a few clips are shown from last night’s Smackdown, until Jackie hands the reigns over to Kayla.


After winning her first ever match on Smackdown, and losing her spot on the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series team, Aliyah joins Kayla Braxton to share a few words. Kayla fires away with questions, and asks Aliyah how she’s feeling after her emotional night. Aliyah explains “I’m just trying to figure out what I did to deserve that. To be on team Smackdown meant the world for me... I don’t know what I did?” Kayla follows up by asking Aliyah about the “words of encouragement” she received from Ricochet, and Aliyah says “it was cool... He sees a different side of me that isn’t seen... He’s just been helping me alot.” Aliyah closes by sending a message to Sonya Deville and others, stating “anyone who wants to doubt what I can do, you haven’t seen anything yet. Sonya Deville, what I’m about to show you and the WWE Universe is gonna be incredible.” Aliyah exits stage left, and Kayla sends Talking Smack back to the studio.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Matt recaps a few more segments from Friday’s Smackdown, until Kayla is ready for the final guest in the arena.

Los Lotharios

Coming off of the heels of their victory over Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs, Humberto and Angel of Los Lotharios join Kayla Braxton for a quick interview. Kayla starts the interview by asking both men about defeating the Intercontinental Champion, and she wonders what message that sends to the Smackdown locker room. Humberto says “I think it means if we beat one Champion, we could beat another.” Angel adds “it doesn’t matter who it is, we are going to take advantage of every opportunity.” Angel and Humberto move on, and Kayla tosses the show over to the WWE Global Headquarters one last time.

⁃ Matt and Jackie share their final thoughts on last night’s Smackdown, until the show comes to a close.

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