WWE's Year End Financials Reveal Number of Employees & Wrestlers Under Contract

— In WWE’s recent 2019 year-end disclosures, it was stated that the company currently has 960 employees and approximately 300 wrestlers, out of which 187 are actively on TV, house shows (on any of the four brands) or injured. That would leave more than 100 wrestlers who are under contract and training but aren’t even being used on any shows - televised or un-televised - which lends more credence to the fact that WWE is “stockpiling talent", according to the Observer Newsletter.

-- As noted before, but not confirmed in any way, one of the reports going around is that Vince McMahon clashed with former Co-Presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios over this strategy with the latter two individuals wanting to invest money in other areas while Vince wanted to continue to expand the roster.