Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #69

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From: Morgan

Any info on Fandango's valet? Is she a wrestler? A model? A real dancer? The
first few times I saw her I thought they were using different women but it
seems to be the same one at every TV taping now. Glad the mailbag is back!
Now just to bring back the 5000 word weekly "news and rumors" from the dawn
of the internet!

Cewsh: The best answer that there is right now about Fandango’s dance partner is that she is named Sophie Strutt. That’s it. That’s all we know. There are some rumors floating around that she may be replaced by NXT Diva Summer Rae soon, but until that happens, we’re left with the mysterious Ms. Strutt.

From: gabenolan

YES THE MAIL BAG IS BACK.... BUT is there any chance we will be able to see
ken shamrock back in wwe for a little stent like brock or rock .. he said hes
been trying but nothing has happened what do u think?

Cewsh: Unfortunately, Ken Shamrock is 49 years old. 50 year old guys who haven’t been on WWE tv in 15 years don’t tend to be very attractive free agents, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

From: Jeff Salvetti

Who is the head booker for Raw?

Cewsh: Well long standing Head Writer of Raw Brian Gewirtz was removed from the position last year and was replaced by Eric Pankowski. But Pankowski was removed early last month and no new head of creative for Raw has been named thus far. So, at the moment, nobody is, but I’m sure it’s being overseen by Head of Creative Stephanie McMahon.

From: Anti-Cewsh Army

So answer me this question.....according to the ever 'wonderful' Cewsh, Jeff
Hardy won't go back to WWE because he loves his 'drugs'....well like I said,
answer me this. The guy has been sober since mid-2011, and according so
SEVERAL has wrestled the best he has ever done in ages. Do you just have a
personal hatred for the guy and refuse to accept the fact that he has sobered
up, or are you just a bitter wrestling fan that is pissed he beat Aries for
the belt at Bound For Glory?

Cewsh: Jeff Hardy has been sober quite a few times. But the reason that I have to say that instead of just saying “Jeff Hardy has always been sober” is because his career is full of streaks of sobriety, followed by a self destructive burn out that seriously hurts the company he is working for. He has done it to both WWE and TNA twice, and the last time he actual got into a ring and attempted to wrestle a match under the influence, which could have resulted in a serious injury for himself, or his opponent Sting. To the best of my knowledge he has repeatedly refused to go to rehab and face his addiction, and I see no real reason why an addict should be trusted with the responsibilities of a being the face of a company.
Being an addict is an incredibly hard life, and he has my sympathy and support. But the reason WWE won’t sign him? Yeah. Drugs.

From: Brandon

Before Stone Cold had surgery on his neck.. Who was suppose to win the triple
threat match between him, triple h, and the rock at survivor series 1999??

Cewsh: Well Austin had been suffering from his injury for a number of months, so it’s pretty clear that he was always going to be pulled from the match so that he could have surgery and be replaced with the Big Show. That being the case, Big Show was likely always the planned winner.

From: Matt

Hey Rajah, I've been visiting your site since the late 90s, kudos on a great site! I remember back in the day you had a lengthy piece of the Bret Hart screwjob that occured in 1997. Could you send that to me again or post it back up on the site? I'd love to read it again. Thanks!

Rajah: Hi Matt, thanks for the comments and yes I still have it. It was actually written by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer and republished with his permission. You can find it HERE.

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