Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #71

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From: Lucas
You were incorrect in your latest edition of the mailbag regarding GTV. It
turned out to be Glenn Ruth (formerly Thrasher of The Headbangers) behind it
all. This was revealed when he outed Beaver Cleavage's "motger" putting make
up on that looked like bruises and talking about how she was going to get him
in trouble for abusing her. This effectively ended the Beaver Cleaver
character and reunited The Headbangers. The G in GTV ended up standing for

Cewsh: It was speculated by many that the theory you mentioned was the truth behind GTV, but it absolutely was not confirmed to be the case definitively. While Thrasher was shown in the angle you mention as having used GTV to reveal the truth, there was no sign that he had been behind any of the other videos and it was never brought up again. Ed Ferrara, assistant writer for Raw at the time, said that the angle was originally meant for Goldust and the angle was just kind of resolved with no definitive explanation after Goldust left for WCW. So if you want to believe that it was all Thrasher’s doing, then that’s as good a kayfabe answer as any.
But seriously, why would Thrasher have been videotaping segments with Val Venis and the Big Show comparing penis sizes? That’s going to bother me all day.

From: Wayne Hollander
Rumors have been persistent about midcarders being invited back into the WWE
fold......what about John Morrison? Any word on when/if he might return? Same
question about Kharma...

Cewsh: The best news we have on Morrison came after he wrestled a show in Mexico back in December. While there, he told fans that he was going to return to WWE “in about 6 months”. So whether he’s signed a contract or is just being optimistic remains to be seen. It’s worth mentioning that there never appeared to be any bad blood there over his departure, though. So odds are great that we’ll see him again.
As for Kharma, she has returned to independent wrestling, notably making her return to Shimmer at their Volume 53 show on Wrestlemania weekend. In regards to her return to WWE, there are only two things that we know, but they may paint an interesting picture. WWE recently renewed the copyright on the name “Kharma” and Kharma herself declined a contract offer from TNA recently, according to multiple sources. Maybe that adds up to nothing, maybe that adds up to a return to WWE. We can only hope.

From: Psycho Hank
Why didn't Vader have a more memorable run in WWE? After a big feud with
HBK, he sort of fizzled out, never won a championship. He was awesome.

Cewsh: It really depends on who you ask. But the most commonly given reasons for Vader being run out of town are:
- Shawn Michaels hated him.
- Vince wouldn’t fully get behind a star that he didn’t make.
- Vader didn’t draw as much as they expected.
- Vader had a bad attitude and worked extremely stiff with WWE’s top stars.

I imagine the truth is somewhere in the second two, as Vader just didn’t fit well in a more controlled WWE environment. To get the most out of him, you had to let Vader be Vader. Vince wouldn’t, or couldn’t, and so the whole thing fizzled.

From: Sammy Armogan
First off... Like everyone else I would like to express how much I enjoy your
site! And while I'm the last of my breed here out of my friends as in still a
wrestling fan.... So I usually have tonnes of questions and things I wonder
and never get to ask anyone... So here's my question... Who was undertakers
last loss? How? When? Etc:...... Thanks

Cewsh: Well his last loss is NOW from this past Monday Night, when he, Kane and Daniel Bryan lost to the Shield.
But to find his last loss of any kind before that , you have to go all the way back to Bragging Rights 2010, when he lost a Buried Alive match to Kane. So yeah, the Shield are the first people to beat the Undertaker in over 2 and a half years. And they’re the first people not named Kane to beat him since Elimination Chamber 2010, over 3 years ago.

From: Rowley
is there anyone on the wwe & tna main roster who you think should get pushed
to become the next main stars

Cewsh: For TNA, that one is easy. Christopher Daniels. The man is better in and out of the ring right now than he has been at any point in his career, and TNA has given him the shaft more than any other person that has ever worked for their company. He has the gimmick, the sidekick, the promo skills, and the match quality. The only thing standing in his way is a glass ceiling.
For WWE, it’s a little tougher to say, since there’s so much great young talent waiting for their chance, and I think they have a good handle on who they’re pushing now. But of all the people who aren’t getting a push to the top at all, Drew McIntyre is the one who most deserves one. It’s baffling to see him in a midcard comedy act, and I think he’ll be a big star for some company someday, one way or another.

From: Dan
As always, great to see the mailbag back. You guys do an awsome job. I was
wondering if you guys have any idea, weather it would be wwe or tna stars, if
there might be any current wrestlers in either organization who are heel that
might be turning face in the near future? Im always curiouys to know this.
Also, do you think Aj Styles will end up joining the Aces and Eights? Wheres
the Aj Storyline going in your opinion? Thanks guys!!

Cewsh: I’m one of the worst predictors of things in wrestling who have ever lived. But I think that the AJ Styles storyline in TNA right now is meant to mirror the Sting/NWO storyline from the WCW days. So they’ll tease AJ choosing one side or the other for awhile, and then he’ll go after Bully Ray in a big match, probably at Bound For Glory, if they have the patience to wait that long. If AJ joins Aces and Eights then he’ll just be another face in the crowd, and the whole storyline will be for nothing.
As for anyone turning soon, I would bet my beard that Mickie James from TNA and Big E Langston from WWE will both turn in the next 6 months. Mickie is chasing the Knockouts title right now, and is getting progressively more aggressive, and TNA needs another female heel right now. And while the Big E turn might be soon into his WWE career, he has such incredible potential that there’s no way that they don’t make him a singles act sooner than later. Partnerships in WWE never last, and the one between Langston and Ziggler is even more doomed than most. I wouldn’t expect that stable to outlive Ziggler’s inevitable title loss.

From: Wendy
I know this is going to sound really perverted but... I have been watching
wresting for years. I do not watch to see the guys nearly naked. With that
said I have noticed that Damien Sandow is either very blessed or wears a
massive cup. Any insite???

Cewsh: Yep, dude is packing. No doubt about it.

From: John
First of all, I wanted u to know I love the site. My question to u, What's
going on with Jeff Jarrett in TNA? I haven't seen him since he lost his match against Kurt Angle few years ago!

Cewsh: This is a TNA heavy mailbag, isn’t it? There’s no real news on what Jeff Jarrett is doing in TNA at the moment. He was initially removed from television back in 2011 because he was overseeing the launch and running of Ring Ka King, TNA’s offshoot wrestling promotion in India, and he was also developing a TNA project for the SPEED channel. But Ring Ka King has closed, (or more accurately but canceled, as it was a television show and not a touring promotion,) and the SPEED project never materialized. So in theory, he’s working with the agents and the writing team right now behind the scenes. He may well be done as an onscreen member of the TNA roster, especially after they left him off of the nostalgia show they taped recently.

From: Andrew
Why did the Miz go from a WM main eventer to lower card matches so quickly?

Cewsh: He made too many Miztakes. AHAHAHAHAAHA.

From: Ryan H.
Hey rajah, I love your site blah blah blah. I was wondering, is it true that you changed your site from rajahwwf.com to rajah.com because you got sued?

Rajah: No, that's not true. We changed over to rajah.com probably around early 2004. This was about two years after WWE changed their trademark from "WWF" and "WWFE" (anyone remember the "Get the 'F' Out" marketing campaigns?). When the trademark changed, it really didn't make sense to have a site with 'wwf' in it anymore. I had actually been trying to secure the rajah.com domain since the 90s and switch over at that time, but someone else actually had it and only sold it to me around the 2003 timeframe. Besides, I still own rajahwwf.com and have it automatically forwarded to rajah.com - so technically, it's still in use.

WWE has always been cool with me since I started my site and apart from a little squabble in 2001, they've never really had a problem with us.

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