Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #76

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From: Michael
First of all i would like to say i been coming to this site for years and i
love it. My Question is who are your Top 5 wrestlers from WWE, ROH, and TNA,
and which company do you like the most (Favorite to least favorite)

Cewsh: I can’t speak for the other main page denizens, but my top 5 lists shake out like this:

5) David Otunga
4) Sin Cara
3) Daniel Bryan
2) Alberto Del Rio
1) Dolph Ziggler

4) Gail Kim
3) Joseph Parks
2) Christopher Daniels
1) AJ Styles

From: Colin
I've always been curious what were the reasons why the Ultimate Warrior kept
leaving the WWF?

Cewsh: Well it’s been less about the Ultimate Warrior leaving, and more about him being tossed out on his ear after pissing everyone off. The first time he left, it was because he held Vince McMahon up for more money before he would perform at Summerslam in 1991. Vince paid it, and then promptly suspended Warrior for threatening to not show up. Warrior tried to get his release and was told he was under contract until 1992, conceivably while people in the office made rude gestures at him.
In 1992, Warrior was brought back in, only to be released for real in the weeks before Survivor Series 1992. It’s not 100% clear as to why, but the common belief is that Warrior failed a drug test, and WWE was on trial for steroids at the time. And then in 1996, Warrior made another comeback, only to be released again for no showing some shows, the cause for which WWE and Warrior have very disparate views of.
So yeah, Warrior was his own worst enemy during a volatile time. That pretty neatly sums it all up.

From: Kelly
Can you tell me who Antonio Cesaro is related to in WWE to be getting so much
air time, when he's boring the hell out of everbody. He even gets a title and
still nobody cares about him. He can't get any heat even by stupid yodelling,
so why the useless push? I give up, who is he related to? It can be the only

Cewsh: This is another installment of “PEOPLE WITH OPINIONS THAT MAKE SMARKS ITCH.”
Cesaro is regarded far and wide as an extraordinarily gifted in ring performer. He hasn’t found the right character to suit him yet, but give it time. WWE sees the potential in him.

From: Zanphter
Hey Rajah, I have been coming to the site for about 5 years now since I got
back into wrestling. (was a hardcore fan as a teen in the 90's, Attitude era,
monday wars, etc.) but around 99 I kinda lost interest. Started watching in
2008 and became a bigger fan than I was than when i was a teen. The question
about the Rumor though, IF this were to happen, what kinda Matches would you
guys at the site like to see.

PS. The John Report Rules!!!!!!!!

Cewsh: I’d pay good money to see Big Dick Johnson wrestle Don West.

From: Jimmy
Hi guys. I wonder if you can help me to settle an argument for me. How many
nationalities have held the WWF/WWE title since its conception?? My count is
6 my friend 9.

Cewsh: If we’re counting anyone who was not born in the United States, and only the WWE Championship, and not the World Heavyweight Championship, here’s a list of the first wrestler from each nation to win the title:
Bruno Sammartino (Italy)
Ivan Koloff (Canada)
Antonio Inoki (Japan)
Iron Sheik (Iran)
Andre the Giant (France)
Kane (Spain)
Sheamus (Ireland)
Alberto Del Rio (Mexico)

Unless you want to include Puerto Rico as an independent nation separate from the United States, it looks like the real answer is 8.

From: Whitney
I wanted to know why Mickie James left (WWE) and if she will ever come back; because the WWE Divas division sucks.

Cewsh: WWE released James, saying that they wanted to move the division in a new direction. Without getting too deep into things, James had been on the wrong end of a number of dangerous looking botches, and her character had taken a huge credibility hit after the whole “Piggy James” fiasco, so whatever the reason, the time was probably right to move on.
I couldn’t say if she’ll ever return to WWE, but you can catch her on TNA Impact anytime you like.

From: Brett
If you were Vince McMahon and you could draft one performer from TNA who
would you pick? And if you were Dixie Carter, Bishoff, Jarrett, or whoever
and you could draft one full time guy from WWE besides Cena or Punk who would
it be?

Cewsh: This is actually a great question, because I’ve thought a lot about this over the years, especially ever since talent stopped jumping ship. If I were Vince McMahon and I could have any TNA talent on my roster, I would take Magnus with no hesitation. Guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels are amazing, but they’re getting older, and most of WWE’s audience wouldn’t have any idea who they were to start with. They wouldn’t know Magnus either, but here’s a guy who looks like a Greek god, is growing quickly as a performer, and who is still only 27. Add in a British accent and experience as an American Gladiator, and you know that Vince can do something with that.
As for TNA, their situation is a little different. Much of their main event scene is aging quickly, and they need people with credibility who can have consistent main event matches that work. So if they can’t have John Cena or CM Punk, I am convinced that the best thing for them would be Randy Orton. However you may feel about the man, he’s an incredibly smooth wrestlers, and he has proven able to adapt to a whole range of different styles. In TNA, his promo skills will look much better, and his occasional Wellness issues will be a complete nonfactor. It’s a good fit. Just a shame we’ll never see it.

From: Steve
Who is rumored to be the fourth man? Why can't WWE adapt a dream match
type of feature like NWA did back in the 80's? That I think would draw back
more fans. I for one am tired of these stupid storylines. Also I feel that
the social media stuff is ridiculous but perhaps WWE execs should let the
fans get some quality wrestling matches back. Perhaps like a wheel of
fortune type spin piece with matches on them.

Cewsh: The first question there is in reference to the rumor that the Shield would soon be joined by a fourth member. To my knowledge the rumor is hardly definitive, but I have heard the rumor accompanied by the names Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves. Whether that is just speculation on the part of the rumor spinners, or whether they are really being considered isn’t for me to say. But stables tend to go south in a hurry once they bring in new members beyond the originals, so I wouldn’t be too terribly excited about the prospect.
I’m not really sure what “a dream match like feature like NWA” is in reference to, but WWE does indeed have a big wheel with matches on it. It’s called Raw Roulette, and it happens about once a year or so.

From: Ben E. King
Who has better ratings? TNA now or WCW in it's dying days?

Cewsh: TNA has pretty much averaged a 1.0 throughout its entire lifespan as on television. There have been fluctuations in either direction, but never more than half a rating point, and then it always creeps back to the average. WCW, on the other hand, averaged a 2.3, through its last year on television, which is actually a little bit better than the ratings that WWE Smackdown gets now.
Of course, there are all sorts of factors involved here, like cable’s growth in the years in between, the decline of wrestling interest and traditional cable viewers in general, and all of that jazz. So you could say that TNA’s 1.0 is more impressive than WCW’s 2.3. But in literal terms, WCW’s were higher.

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