Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #78

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From: Justin
Hey guys happy to see the mailbag back. I have a question about championship
belts. I was planning on buying the old WWE championship on WWE Shop. So I
was wondering if I should buy the replica or the commemorative title. Any

Cewsh: Well the only real difference between the two if that the replica is made out of metal and the commemorative is made out of plastic. Both are the size of the actual belt, and the plastic on the commemorative is high quality, so either way you’re not getting the tiny kids belts you see at Wal Mart or anything. But if you’re looking for the option that is the closest to the real thing, you’re going to want the replica.

From: Austin Hall
I heard that when Vince McMahon retires, WWE will fall into the hands of
Steph and Triple H. Is that true? If so why do you think he picked them
instead of Shane. could it be due to Shane liking more traditional hardcore

From: John
Is Shane O'Mac done, like completely done with the WWE? I know he had
started doing his own thing but I miss him on TV. Do you think he'll ever be
back or are his WWE days behind him?

Cewsh: We’ve had more than a few Shane McMahon questions lately, funnily enough. I’m guessing that as Vince’s career clearly winds down, people are looking to the future. But to all you Shane O’ Mac fans out there, I’m afraid there’s only bad news. Shane formally left WWE a number of years ago to pursue other business interests and all signs clearly point to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H being the future of WWE. Stephanie is the current Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operations and Paul Levesque is the Head of Talent and Live Events, so the transition will be a smooth one when it takes place.
In the meantime, Shane hasn’t just been sitting at home twiddling his thumbs. He’s the active CEO for China Broadband Inc. and sits on the Board of Directors for International Sports Management, which represents some of the biggest name golfers in the world. And I wouldn’t rule out seeing Shane again in the future. With the McMahon family, you never know.

From: Rene
I've been following this site since 2000, when I was 14. Thank you for all
the hard work your team has contributed over the years, I do appreciate it.

My question to you is one that has been bothering me for years. And I can't
even find the answer via Google: What episode of Smackdown did the Undertaker infamously utter the phrase "At No Way Out....there will be......no....way........out.."?

I am dying to find it!! Thank you so much!

Cewsh: It’s actually proven to be shockingly difficult to discern the origin of the famous phrase. From what little my research has turned up, I almost think that it may have been the Big Show who uttered the famous words before his barbed wire cage match with JBL in 2005. But if any of you readers have more insight into exactly how it went down, write in to the mailbag and let us know, because now this is going to bug me all week.

From: Albie
Don't you think it's odd how when Gail Kim debut in WWE in a divas battle
royal, Jazz was automatically eliminated from the match and lost her title
because she was knocked unconscious, yet on the divas battle royal a few
weeks ago AJ was "knocked unconscious" and the referees managed to let her
stay in the match and she ended up winning? Hmmm...

Cewsh: Wait. You’re either suggesting that there’s some kind of conspiracy in place among the referee union in WWE, or that WWE didn’t show consistency in their booking across two unconnected events a decade apart. I admire your tenacity in pursuing continuity, but maybe ease off the throttle a bit there, muchacho.

From: Hardcore
Hi all - big fan of the site since about 98. Question - when I think of
wrestlers who have not yet been awarded a spot in the Hall of Fame, I can't
help but wonder if/when Rick Martel will make it. In fact, it's relatively
surprising he hasn't already given that he was an AWA Champion and Pro
Wrestling Illustrated once had him beating Hogan in a fantasy matchup back in
about '86. Thoughts?

Cewsh: Terrific question. He isn’t talked about much these days, but in the late 70s and early 80s, Rick Martel was as hot any wrestler in the world. He was the star of NWA, had a great look and very good in ring skills, and he was poised to become a really huge star. Unfortunately, he never quite made it to the heights where many thought he could go, and in WWE he is primarily known for a number of babyface partnerships, and a fun run as “The Model” Rick Martel.
The trouble with the WWE Hall of Fame, or maybe the beauty of it, is that it isn’t clear exactly what the criteria is to get in. Some guys have been inducted who had the bulk of their success outside of WWE, while many others who had more success there have been left out. I think the general rule is that you will be honored if you contributed something to WWE and left a legacy that was either significant, well remembered by fans, or both. Martel will likely find his way in somewhere down the line, but there’s a long line ahead of him.

From: Sundeep
For the questions about people with different nationalities who won the
WWE/WWF championship you forgot Great Khali

Cewsh: The Great Khali won the World Heavyweight Championship, not the WWE Championship.

From: Bill
Do you think that since TNA has 4 pay per views now that WWE will do 4 or 5
pay per views soon?

Cewsh: No. WWE’s pay per views actually make money.

From: Max Machukie
Hi guys, love the site since 90s, got a question regarding an old angle from
1988.. involving Andre and one Jake the Snake Roberts.. Now im possibly
marking myself out but was the angle of the heart attack scripted? Or is
Andre the Morgan Freeman of heart attacks? Thanks keep up the good work dudes

Cewsh: It was 100% fake. Andre was actually a surprisingly great actor whenever his role didn’t involve a lot of speaking parts. Check out The Princess Bride for more of it.

If you have a wrestling or site related question you would like answered, you can send it in to the Mailbag by clicking HERE (please select the "Mailbag" drop-down).