Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #79

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From: Wendy
I was a big fan of the original Tough Enough. Season 2 had winners Lynda
Miles and Jackie Gayda. I was really disappointed that Jake and Kenny didn't
win. I know that Kenny went on to eventually wrestle in TNA. I can not,
however, find any information on Jake. I think his last name was Darren but
I am not even sure of that. What do you know about his life post TE2?

Cewsh: Extremely little. As best as I can tell he did some indy shows after Tough Enough 2, but was never picked up by WWE. And then he fell off of the map completely. There are some mentions on forums here and there that people met him at various gyms, but that’s about as far as it goes. Sorry to disappoint you, but if it helps you can drown your sorrows by enjoying one of the films that he is credited with on IMDB, such as “The Black Butt Sisters Do Los Angeles”.

From: Brad W
If you made the WM30 card, what would be your top 5 matches? Whether you use
The Rock, Lesnar, HHH, and Taker is up to you.

Cewsh: Oh man, you’re putting me on the spot here. What would I book if it were me? Alright, it would look like this:

Championship Unification Match - John Cena vs. CM Punk
(Punk wins the World title AND the Royal Rumble on the same night, John Cena keeps the WWE title, and Punk begins the inevitable. This is the biggest match that WWE can possibly put on, and it’s the perfect time.)
The Undertaker vs. Kane
(The Undertaker’s last match. Let Kane be the one to end the Streak and lay his brother to rest, and they can retire together.)
For Control of WWE – Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar
(The McMahon storyline is clearly leading to some kind of confrontation to determine who will be the on screen figurehead of WWE in the future. So Triple H, Stephanie and Vince all choose their avatar to duke it out for supremacy. It’s like the Wrestlemania 2000 main event, except actually interesting. You can pretend that you wouldn’t pay to see this match, but you’d be lying to yourself.)
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
(Turn Sheamus heel, improve his character by 10,000%, and make this match for the first shot at the Unified Championship. These two are not capable of having a match that is less than amazing together.)
Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston
(The bodyguard turns on his boss because the boss is acting too nice. Big E Langston is a gigantic star just waiting for that break out match. Here it is.)

Of course, that’s just me. And if I really had free reign you’d see Batista coming back in a pink shirt and pinning Cena and Punk at the same time.

From: Mark
Do you know how this works with wrestlers, some like Kofi and Ryback have it
while others do not, do they ask to have it and is it the company that pays
for it or the wrestler seeing that it is a extra cost, not counting Kane in
this as it is part of his gimmick.

Cewsh: Generally speaking, the longer you’ve been in WWE and the more prominent you are, the more say you’re likely to have in what your entrance is like. What music you have, your video, etc. But pyro is a significant expense, and not too many people have it these days. So management, (likely Vince specifically,) decides where it is necessary and who gets it, especially in cases like Kofi Kingston where he debuted with it.
And no, WWE does not force the wrestlers to pay for the pyro themselves.

From: blurg
Hey man been rocking to this site since I was 8 back in 1992. I truly
appreciate it. Anyways, I have a question.

Why didn't WWE create a vampire stable in ECW with Kevin Thorne, Ariel, and
Gangrel was their leader? Would've been epic don't you think?

Cewsh: Funnily enough, it seems that Kevin Thorn himself had the same idea that you did, as he has said in interviews that when he was presented with the idea, he really wanted to do the vampire gimmick and have Gangrel be a part of it; basically reforming the Brood. I would say that the main strikes against that idea were the fact that ECW became less a show about crazy gimmicks or classic ECW, and more a developmental territory, thus making a vampire gimmick no longer sensible. Though it is interesting that Gangrel came back and did some appearances for WWE in 2007, so it certainly was a possibility. Chalk that one up to a missed opportunity.

From: Mike
Possibly stupid question; Why do all the Knockouts, and lately a lot of the
Divas, wear tights under their little shorts when they wrestle? They never
used to, and you don't see any of the guys doing it, so why do the ladies?

Cewsh: Perverts.

From: Yorsh
is vince (Mc Mahon) really a genious? Cuz, really, he (or the wwe at least)
seems to lose the ball very frequently (like, almost every week)I know that
many people says that he is a genius, but really, who deserve the credit?
Him? the wrestlers? The writers? It seems like the only thing that vince does
is to allow (and ban) in tv what he wants in it. And we have to remember that
he didn´t like (gold mines) wrestlers like Austin and Punk, but he loved
Mason Ryan, so we can say that he doesn´t have a good taste.

Cewsh: There are a lot of disparate opinions floating around out there about what Vince McMahon is and what he isn’t. I’m not going to play into that sort of rumor mongering about his personal life and character, but you can find evidence out there to support any few of the man you may want to have; from “Absolutely insane and in love with Shawn Michaels” to “benevolent savior of wrestling.” I doubt anyone outside of his immediate family will ever really know what he’s like as a person.
But you wanted to know if he was really a “genius” as some have called him, and that’s a very subjective term. As a promoter of wrestling, someone who markets his product and expands it across the world, he is beyond incredible, and has no peer in this industry. I don’t think we’ll ever see anyone do the kinds of things that he did, in terms of rapidly growing not only his own business, but the global industry of professional wrestling as a whole, and bringing it to mainstream prominence not once, but twice. Whether he was a genius or lucky or whatever you want to say, his legacy speaks for itself.
As for the product on the screen, it’s hard to ever be sure exactly how much of a hand he has in any given thing that you may see in this era. In the old days, (meaning up until the Attitude Era,) the booking was done by Vince and Pat Patterson, but now it seems that Vince’s role is to tweak things to improve them, based on his vast knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes he gets invested in a character and pushes them forward, and sometimes he hates a character and pushes them back. Without a list of who is who, I couldn’t tell you how his track record is. But since we all tune in week in and week out, the company he built must be doing something right.

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