Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #80

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From: Charles Kinbote
Lifelong fan of wrestling, been coming to this site since the 90s, blah blah
blah. Yet in all my years discussing wrestling and reading dirtsheets,
apparently there's a fact I was just never aware of, and I now come to you
seeking answers.

I always thought that after the Montreal Screwjob, Neidhart and Bulldog left
WWE, and Foley threatened to but didn't, and that was it. But lately I've
been reading that a bunch of wrestlers actually left as a result. I saw
Crush's name mentioned, and Rick Rude was another (according to Dr.
Wikipedia). Do you perchance have a full list of wrestlers who ended their
WWE careers for any amount of time as a result of the screwjob? I'm curious
about who else is on that list, and shocked that I never knew there even was
a list beyond a few guys in the Hart Foundation.

Cewsh: This is interesting, because I think that what Mick Foley wrote in his book, (that lots of people wanted to walk out but that most ultimately did nothing about it, including him,) has been generally accepted and unquestioned as the truth of the matter since the book was published. It would be impossible to know what the individual motivation was for the guys who left without talking to them, or hearing interviews on the subject, but I think we can narrow down some suspects. Let’s take a look at some people who left the WWF in the second half of 1997/early 1998.

Curt Hennig
Davey Boy Smith
Jim Neidhart
Barry Horowitz
Del Wilkes
Clarence Mason

Of these, Rick Rude almost certainly did leave for this very reason, as he was only under a pay per appearance contract at the time, (meaning he could leave at any time,) and he showed up on Nitro almost immediately afterwards. Hennig and Mason left too early, and Davey Boy and Jim Neidhart are both an obvious yes. It’s been said by many that Bryan Clark (Crush) also left in solidarity, and the timeline does seem to indicate that that could well be the case. Del Wilkes suffered a back injury and had to retire. Barry Horowitz did wind up in WCW, but only after WWE declined to resign him.
So I would have to say that beyond the additions of Clark and Rude, the story is the way that we all thought it was.

From: No Name
what ever happened to mike adamle? he used to be a nice fit for wwe and there
creative system although he got lots of heat. answer this or ill kick your

Cewsh: I remember the old days when we could go a whole mailbag with no threats of physical violence against us. It was a more peaceful time really, a golden age. But as for Mike Adamle, he didn’t work out as a personality on television, mostly due to the numerous and continuous mistakes he made with names and concepts on the air. In interviews, his broadcast partners have said that he was also fed intentionally inept lines to build up this “dunderhead” of a character, but he’s been universally positive about his experience with WWE, and doesn’t seem bitter about how he was portrayed. In an interview with Monday Night Mayhem, he mentioned that he asked to be sent down to FCW to improve but that didn’t happen. So he became GM and then he was let go in 2009.
Now he’s a sports anchor for the NBC affiliate in Chicago, IL. Don’t feel bad for him, though. He’s one of the most sought after sports anchors in the country, and you can hear him doing his thing in the slightly tamer world of Arena Football for the Chicago Rush.

From: Kevin
Thanks for the site and the mailbag...just awesome! First, can you settle an
argument for my buddy and I? The CM in CM Punk...Im positive it stands for
Chick Magnet. He's convinced its somebodys initials. He says he'll only admit
he's wrong if you settle this.
My question is about the Shield. They seem kind of stagnant. Ive been
waiting for new members, or one of them to sort of break out on their own and
maybe some dissention and feuds between them. But for all the possibilities
and options the WWE had with them...they dont seem to be pulling the trigger
on any of them. Where do you see the Shield headed?

Cewsh: First of all, tell your friend that he’s awesome for considering us the only source credible enough to settle this timeless argument. As for the nickname, here’s Punk’s answer from a 2006 interview with IGN.com:
“"Originally it stood for Chick Magnet. I got put into a tag team with this other dude on a whim because somebody didn't show up to a show. It was only supposed to be a one-shot deal, I wasn't even ready to wrestle yet, I didn't have gear or anything, they just put me in the ring and beat the crap out of me. I had to come back the next month and the next month and it was something that stuck. I tried to get rid of it, and it wound up getting shortened to the initials. I was always Punk, but Chick Magnet at least got shortened to CM. I tell people it stands for C. Montgomery Burns, as in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. I tell people they are initials for my real name, Chuck Mosley, which is not true at all. I'll say it stands for Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson…Cookie Monster is another good one."

So there you go. I will testify in court that your friend now owes you $5,000.

Now to your actual question. It’s inevitable that stables like the Shield will start to slow down about 6 months into their run, and we’re at about the 8 month mark right now. I don’t see them adding any new members, as all 3 have said that a fundamental part of this stable is that it isn’t too big to be beatable, while being big enough to outnumber any one guy. I think we’re going to see the group take more losses in the months to come, as they already have, and then I think either Reigns or Rollins will begin to break away from the group and be positioned as a big babyface star for next year. The smart money is on Reigns, if they think he’s ready. One way or another, I would be very surprised to see the Shield existing in it’s current form by this time next year.

From: Sleazy (Of The Wrestling Show With Sleazy and the Fatman)
I know I'm a big reader for many, many years ( think Rajahwwf.com) and I
thought this would be a great place to become part of the community. My
question is this: Do you think that news and rumors of professional wrestling
has helped or hurt this era of wrestling we are in, and why?

Cewsh: That is one of the defining questions of this era of wrestling. The simple answer is that we won’t know until further down the road when we can look back and truly see the impact that it has had.
The more complicated answer is that it has both helped AND hurt this era of wrestling. News and rumors have given fans a look into the industry from the outside, and have given a lot of fans the opportunity to better understand the performers and their performances. You see this especially on the independent scene, where the wall between wrestlers and fans has come down a lot, and has led to a much more open landscape. But WWE has obviously been rocked the most by these changes, as they’ve had to adapt to everything from spoiled storylines, to backstage things being brought onto the shows by the fans, to people getting pushes because the internet has decided that they should. It’s a turbulent time, and I don’t envy the people who have to write these shows, because now they have to serve more masters than ever before. But as a fan with a completely unprecedented level of access into the amazing world of wrestling, it’s not too shabby.
That isn’t to say there isn’t a dark side to all of this. Poorly researched rumor mongering, and terrible journalism have made the world of news and rumors treacherous and untrustworthy. It’s hard to know where the truth really is and even if there is any. But in the end, hell, trying to find out the truth is almost half the fun.

From: Sally
Hi, If you could spring clean the WWE of about 10 wrestlers, never to be seen
again, who would you choose? I have asked this of about 5 friends and the
results have been much the same. Would love to see your learned response.

Cewsh: Ooh, the ol’ “Who would you fire?” game. It’s infinitely more awkward when I play it, as several of the people who might be named actually read this site themselves. But it’s hard to find your way in the night if you don’t burn some bridges first, so let’s have a go at this.
My major rule for cutting people, is that they have to be men or women who have so little momentum that it would take an extraordinary investment of resources to make them into something with real value to the show. So while Brodus Clay isn’t doing much of anything right now, he’s so big, and has won so often, and is so recognizable by fans that it wouldn’t take much to steer him in a new direction and get something going. They also have to be people who wouldn’t gain anything from simply being sent down to NXT for more experience, like the Kaitlyns of the world. Bear those things in mind as you read my list.

Alex Riley
Bo Dallas
Curt Hawkins
Ezekiel Jackson
Jinder Mahal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Now I’ll sit back and wait for all the hate mail.

From: Whitney
I know I ask you about mickie James leaving the wwe but I have two more
questions to ask, did mickie and John cena date? And was John the reason why
mickie James got fired from the wwe?

Cewsh: Around 2008 or so, a rumor got going online that John Cena was having an affair with Mikie James, who was engaged to Kenny Dykstra at the time. Here is what Dykstra had to say in an interview with SEScoops.com (via WrestlingINC.com): Doane says he discovered James had been cheating on him with the Cenation leader when he caught her searching online rumors of her act of infidelity with the query "Mickie James dating John Cena. "Upon confronting her about it, "She stared at [the computer] for like legit two minutes and I'm looking at her like "Did you forget how to read? Say something, WTF." She got up and ran into the other room crying saying she was sorry and she felt bad and admitted to it."
Now, we need to take this with a grain of salt, as Ken Doane has been spewing bitterness along these lines for a long time now, far past the point of real credibility. The truth is that we don’t really know if they ever had a real relationship as neither one has come out and told us, nor are they likely to. But as for John being the reason that Mickie was fired, well that rumor comes directly from good ol’ Ken Doane as well. So if you believe him in general, then there you have it. But I suspect it was more a mix of Mickie being dissatisfied with has WWE promoted her country album and WWE having very little for her to do.

From: Max Martinez
Why did WWE do away with "King Of The Ring" ?

Cewsh: Because it was a poorly drawing pay per view year to year. Historically, fans don’t tune in to watch tournaments, unless they are extremely, extremely good.

From: Zach
What would you have done differently for Brock's WWE run now that you know
the type of contract/schedule that he has? I pictured this run going totally
different, like more of him being this dominant dude that people are lining
up to take down.

Cewsh: We’ve actually started a new thing here with the mailbag where we’ll take one question every week and put it in the Rajah Mailbag thread on the Rajah Forums for the denizens there to answer for you guys. This questions was the first lucky winner, and a bunch of great answers have already been given, so head on over to the thread to check it out, and register to add your own thoughts.


From: Allan
Kurt Angle in his prime VS. Bob Backlund in his prime!! Who wins and
why?..THAT would have been a sellout..Talk about Mat Wrestling.

Cewsh: You mean like in a real wrestling match? Or who would be booked to win? In a real wrestling match in their primes, Kurt Angle would mop the floor with Backlund and just about everyone else except maybe a Danny Hodge or a Jack Brisco. As to who would be booked to win, that’s probably Backlund, though the dirtsheets would be really mad about it afterwards.

From: Luke
Who do think will be in the "new" Main Event Mafia?

Cewsh: Tiger Ali Singh, The New Shockmaster, Virgil and Axl Rotten.

From: Jacob
I haven't seen Ted DiBiase, Jr wrestle in like a year. Do you have any update
on him? He has a lot of potential!

Cewsh: Well, he’s around. You know, doing stuff. He’s still employed by WWE, and for a long time he was tailgating with fans outside of the arena before shows. I’m not really sure why the man can’t even seem to get a foot in front of a camera without the camera running away at top speed, but just keep on hoping. One day the Dibiase Posse will have it’s answer.

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