Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #81

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From: Max
I wonder why we never seen Hogan vs Flair at WrestleMania 8. Do you know why?

Cewsh: Well the hot rumor of the day was that Hogan and Flair had wrestled a few house show matches to get ready for the obvious Wrestlemania main event, and they stunk the place out so badly that Vince changed it on the fly to the matches against Sid and Savage, respectively. There has been a lot of doubt thrown on this theory, though Flair and Bret Hart have both suggested that Flair was having a lot of trouble with self confidence and adjusting to the WWE style during that period.

For the record, here is what former WWE writer JJ Dillon had to say about why the match didn’t happen:

"You take risks. You would've thought it would've been a natural dream-match. And it didn't have the box office sizzle that we all would assume that it would. And after a run that was disappointing in markets (like Tampa) where it should have done well and it didn't... it's like Vince (McMahon) said - that match got booked 5 years too late."

From: Nate
A handful of years ago, I vaguely remember reading that John Nord (AKA Yukon John, The Berzerker in WWF, and later in WCW under his real name) had a "Bible-thumper" gimmick at one point. Perhaps my Google-Fu is failing me, but I now can't seem to locate anything about this. If history is any indication, religiously-themed gimmicks tend not to last very long, so that may be why. (Think Friar Ferguson, Reverend D-Von, Mordecai, etc.) Any idea on when this gimmick for Nord might have been and with that promotion?

Cewsh: Yep, Nord sure did have a “bible thumper” gimmick. It was one of a variety of wacky gimmicks that he held while working for Verne Gagne’s AWA in the 80s. And yeah, the less said about it, the better.

From: E.J. Tootill
Do you think that by going to TNA and doing comedy spots or being overexposed or not properly used that the legacies of Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair and any other guys who made a name for themselves and were main-eventers in all of the orginizations that they have been in over the years will destroy the legacy that they built up in the years past?

Cewsh: I realize that TNA fans who read the mailbag probably think that I loathe the promotion, and take every chance to bash it for no reason. Honestly though, there are just a lot of sad realities that TNA fans have to come to accept. For example, do I think that working for TNA will ruin the legacies of the wrestlers in question? Nope. Because the vast majority of WWE fanbase is completely unaware of TNA’s existence. And with those guys in particular you have Van Dam, who is already back with WWE, Sting, whose status as the godfather of TNA has actually earned him more respect than obscurity would have, Angle, who resurrected his credibility after the shambles that marked the end of his WWE run, and Flair and Hogan, who have worked tirelessly over the past decade to destroy their own legacy in other ways.

From: Yorsh K.
Hi, I am from Mexico, And I am a fan of you since a long time ago. My question is: Should (if it happens at all) Austin Vs punk be the main event of Wrestlemania XXX? Or do you think that that spot should belong to John Cena? I think Wrestlemania XXX should be HUGE. And they should try to make the best card possible. But I can´t imagine right now a bigger match than austin/punk. (no, not even cena vs the rock 3).

Cewsh: CM Punk vs. Steve Austin would be an absolutely huge match. The mere suggestion that the match MIGHT happen has caused more mouths to water than the cake trolly at fat camp. But I think we need to be realistic here. If Steve Austin did come back for that match, it would be a disservice to him to expect him to wrestle a match worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania. He retired due to substantial neck injuries, he hasn’t wrestled in a decade, and he’s nearing 50 years old. Giving him a spot in the upper midcard of the biggest show of the year to tear the house down without the main event spotlight on his performance is the best gift they could give him. Let someone else worry about the showcase of the immortals. Let Steve Austin worry about kicking asses and drinking beers.

From: Brett
Alright with TNA rumored to have some money issues I can't help but ask. If TNA was bought out by WWE would you run an invasion storyline? If so, how would you do it and which superstars would you include? If not how would introduce the TNA stars?

Cewsh: We’ve actually started a new thing here with the mailbag where we’ll take one question every week and put it in the Rajah Mailbag thread on the Rajah Forums for the denizens there to answer for you guys. This question was the newest lucky winner, and a bunch of great answers have already been given, so head on over to the thread to check it out, and register and account on the forum to add your own thoughts!


From: Nick Tullikopf
First a suggestion, when I read an article an ad may obscure the writing of the article then kind of screws up the point of reading it, if you can plz fix it.

Now the main part. What match of Undertaker's streak was the most impressive and why.

Rajah: This should not be happening though I have gotten emails from folks telling me this. Almost always, it turns out to be Malware on the user's computer which causes ads to randomly appear. If you think this is not the case, please email me a screenshot to webmaster@rajah.com

Cewsh: As for your question, I think his match at Wrestlemania 9 is his most impressive. Carry Giant Gonzales to even the most rudimentary match is an achievement that you should be gilded in bronze for having on your resume.

From: Patrick Hocker
The Rock vs. HBK. Will we ever see it?

Cewsh: Nope.

From: Set Killz
Jumping right into the question... Why has Kassius Ohno been off NXT? Is he hurt, being repackaged or getting called up? The E needs to bring the Kings Of Wrestling to televisions viewers worldwide already... Thanks for bring the Mailbag back.

Cewsh: Well the man was just involved in a main event storyline with the Wyatt Family, and wrestled in the main event of the NXT show on June 20th. He hasn’t exactly disappeared. He may well get a few shows off because the storyline with the Wyatt Family has pretty much ended with the Family having debuted on Raw, and because NXT cycles talent in and out so that everyone gets a fair chance to be seen.

With Antonio Cesaro firmly entrenched with Zeb Coulter, and Kassius Ohno still in need of further work on his character, anyone hoping to see the return of the Kings of Wrestling in the new future will likely have a good long time to wait.

From: Batman
Nailz was the scariest superstar of all time! How many PPVs was he on? When was he scheduled to face the Undertaker? Will we see him back one day? When the Boss Man died, did he laugh? Who's cooler, Nailz or Snitsky?

Cewsh: Weird. I always saw Batman as more of an Atom Bomb fan.

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