Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #83

From: Brad L
I remember reading about a month back that Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter were left in charge of the script for raw and I can't remember which or it was but I remember it being great and it seems like wwe has been on top of its game since around that time. Does that mean that it's safe to assume that Heyman and Colter have taken over the week to week duties for writing the Raw script?.

Cewsh: Unfortunately, no. That rumor stated that Vince McMahon got Coulter and Heyman, (who both have extensive booking experience,) to help him make some last minute changes to punch up a recent episode of Raw at the last minute. They didn’t write the entire script, nor are they members of the regular writing team. From what we’ve heard, it sound like a one time thing. So you have the writers to thank for the recent uptick in quality.

From: Brett W.
So they're have been reports of WWE looking to push an African American. Is it just me or would it make sense for the wwe to run a storyline with Henry being an original member recreating the nation of domination for a gang war and there are several choices you could choose from to put in there as far as Langston, The Prime Time Players, R truth, even woods from developmental. More logical being the younger guys langston and ptp behind henry. I believe it would turn out a great feud and as well as push several African Americans at the same time.

Cewsh: It’s often been joked by a certain segment of wrestling fans that every time a black wrestler gets a push, they should reform the Nation of Domination. Honestly, that would be a TERRIBLE idea. The world is less forgiving of racial stereotyping and intolerance now than it was in 1996, and you have to realize that the Nation was built to take advantage of the fanbase’s tendency to hate black people. It was a only 15 years ago, but it was still a very different time. To do it again now in the current politically correct atmosphere would be inviting some huge negative attention. Plus, why do all the black people need to be grouped together in one stable anyway? Henry, Big E, the Funkadactyls, and the Prime Time Players are all great acts on their own. Let them stay that way.

From: Dan M.
Love the site. I've been on it for almost a decade. I wanted to ask if Drew McIntyre is ever going to get out of the doghouse and why he was put there in the first place? I think he has a good look to him and can be a solid mid-card wrestler. Thanks.

Cewsh: You know how there was a rumor going around forever that the reason John Morrison couldn’t get a real push is because Melina was such a handful backstage? And how he got a push pretty much the second she was released? Well apparently Taryn Terell didn’t do Drew any favors. Unfortunately, despite the fact that she’s been gone for some time, Drew has still never managed to get back to the level where he started. I still have hope for him, as he can be an exceptional talent. But it doesn’t look good at this point.

From: Phil From London
Hey, yo. Love the Mailbag guys. Here's my question: Since the Monday Night Wars and WWE's acquisition of WCW, we lost any real credible alternative to VKM's monopoly. Given that TNA is regarded by most in the IWC as 'floundering', why do WWE still spend time and effort concerning themselves with belittling TNA in private and publicly pretending it doesn't exist? Eg. backstage jokes about TNA audience numbers and even CM Punks classic worked shoot a couple of years ago mentioned ROH, Colt Cabana, a Japanese promotion, but not TNA. Does WWE perhaps feel a little threatened?

Cewsh: If WWE felt threatened by TNA, they could probably walk into the Panda Energy offices tomorrow with a check for 100 million dollars and own it the next day. CM Punk has had issues with TNA ever since he worked there and found it to be a horrible place to be, and pretending that TNA doesn’t exist is simply good business, as it wouldn’t benefit WWE in any way to acknowledge them. TNA flatly isn’t in WWE’s league as a business, and it likely never will be. That’s not me being a WWE fan, that’s just reality.

From: OJ Simpson
After seeing Chris Sabin win the TNA title it occurred to me that an awful lot of the title changes lately have involved first time winners, many of whom don’t go on to win it again. What's the point of putting the strap on a James Storm or even a Samoa Joe just to relegate them back to where they were afterwards. Plus does anyone take Sabin seriously as champ?

Cewsh: Great questions. If any TNA officials happen to read this, I would love to hear the answers.

From: Albie
Loving the site for years now! On to my question... What are the realistic chances of us seeing Sara Del Rey as an on-air WWE talent? I know she has all the developmental divas under her wing, but I remember there was a time when both Ivory and Jillian were trainers and maintained rare spots on tv, still.

Cewsh: I can’t say that it will never happen, after all, Fit Finlay made his WWE debut at the age of 47 after being a WWE trainer and agent for years. But the way training and development are done in WWE have changed hugely over the past year or two, and I think WWE is taking it much more seriously than they once did. As such, I don’t think they’ll have their trainers wrestling on the side. But you never know, she could get the itch again in a big way and show up on Raw. Just don’t hold your breath.

From: Phil
What's the best promo you guys have ever seen? Mine was the CM Punk pipe bomb promo.

Cewsh: This question was this week’s lucky winner to be answered on the Rajah Forums and a bunch of great answers have already been given, so head on over to the thread to check it out, and register to add your own thoughts.

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From: Matt
Any input on why Bob Backlund lost the WWE title to Diesel at a non televised house show?

Cewsh: Simple answer: Because putting someone over in the main event at Madison Square Garden is, symbolically and practically, the biggest rub they felt they could give both men. It was a throwback to Backlund’s time.