Rajah.com Mailbag - Edition #84

From: Tom Showalter
Hey guys, wife and I were sitting here talking about salaries for the current superstars. I searched the internet and found nothing of any use for current stars. Do you happen to know where I can get a list of current WWE Superstar salaries?

Cewsh: Some reports that claim to be accurate salary information for WWE stars have been floating around for years, but they’ve pretty much all been debunked at one time or another. Unfortunately, WWE really isn’t going to let go of that information to the general public, and even if we did find out their salaries, it’d be incomplete without knowing what kind of bonuses they got, what their merchandise profits were, what they made for appearances, and all of that stuff.
So you’re pretty much stuck with your imagination on this one. Let me help you get started. John Cena makes, roughly, 11 trabillion dollars. You heard it here first.

From: Lee
Having watched Judgment Day 2004 last night and saw how much Eddie Guerrero was bleeding I wondered how much of the blood we see is through “blading” and how often guys generally were busted apart. Is it a case of the superstars blading too deep and were the guys told to blade deeper for more effect during certain matches? Just wondered what the normal rules or instructions were to the guys as in the match I mention jbl bled a little where as Eddie was gushing. Also is the reason the wwe put a ban on blood to do with the pg era or another reason?

Cewsh: Well not being able to tell if the blood you’re seeing is the result of a blade job or not is the whole art of doing it, but if it’s in a straight line across the scalp, then that’s probably a blade job that you’re seeing. Wrestlers blade at the scalp because major blood vessels are located there, which produce a ton of blood on command. There’s even a way to stretch the muscles in your face to make it pump out more than usual, which is why you often see people breathing super heavy after blading. There’s a whole process to it, and it’s a difficult thing to do correctly. As for Eddie Guerrero in his infamous Judgment Day match, he simply bladed too deeply, either by accident or for dramatic effect, and the result was what you saw.
In regards to the ban on blood, it is generally understood that arenas around the country began to clamp down on blood at WWE events as a safety violation around that time, and WWE discouraged blading along with chairshots and other potentially dangerous things to go along with the new company direction.

From: Dick Dildow
How many more WWW wrestlers are gay or lesbian? Maybe they can spin them off into their own show that we can turn off!!

Cewsh: I am confident in saying that zero members of the World of Woeful Watermelons are homosexuals.

From: Anupam
Name a few things you think will make TNA better. I think and investor who can put them in a better TV station then Spike TV and give enough cash to bring in better talent. WWE laysoff lots of talent but most people do not notice as they find ways to replace talent. TNA lose talent and does not find a way to help bring in new talent. Why have Rampage and Ortiz in when they are not wrestlers and will rarely wrestle. They have to learn from the past to create more AJ Styles, Bobby Rhoode, James Storm, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe rather than bringing talent they are not going to use in the ring. Finally advertise more and go to big name cities not small towns for TV tapings. This would help them be more successful.

Cewsh: Well here’s the thing. TNA would not exist on a national scale without Spike TV. Spike TV wants TNA to co- brand with its other shows, such as Bellator Fighting. Thanks to that, Bellator Fighters who have downtime between fights are available to TNA when they never would have been otherwise, and represent more star power than just about anyone else they could get. So TNA bites, makes their network happy by employing big stars, and has to deal with all of the booking headaches caused by their constant debilitating need for talent now that someone at WWE has figured out which talents are actually worth hiring.
How do you fix that problem? No idea. How does AJ Styles feel about being cloned?

From: Mike Santay
Why is the IC title so irrelevant? I think if Punk wins it from Axel he can make it mean something again.

Cewsh: The simple answer is that it’s irrelevant because the World Heavyweight Championship has taken its place as the second most important belt in the company. In fact, the World Heavyweight title has become the workhorse title in WWE, much like the Intercontinental title was, and holds about the same significance on the cards. If you adjust your thinking and accept that the IC title in 2013 is basically the European title, that’ll help it all make more sense.

From: Tariq

1. Was Kings commentary during the Booker T/Triple H Wrestlemania XIX match the most entertaining ever?

2. Do you think that the sweet chin music on Shelton Benjamin off the ropes in the gold rush tournament was one of the best spots ever along with the spear to Jeff Hardy while he was hanging from tehe titles.

1. No. Otters wrestling penguins is the most entertaining thing ever.
2. Yes. Those spots were mind blowingly awesome. But those are just two out of countless great ones. So I’ll put it to you guys, what do you think was the greatest high spot in wrestling history?

From: VITO
This site is awesome! THANK YOU for the time and dedication. Now onto my question. Is there a possibility of ever having a Unified champion? Who could possibly carry both WWE Title and World Heavy Weight Championship?

Cewsh: Your question was selected to be answered by the madcap denizens of the Rajah Forums. So come on down to the official thread on the forums to find out what other readers like you have to say!