What You Didn't See On RAW This Week

Thanks to Noah Mark for calling me with this information!

-- The Arena was mostly full and very loud all night

WWE Heat Tapings:

-- Kofi Kingston defeated Kenny Dykstra

-- Gene Snitsky defeated indy wrestler J.T. Flash. Snitsky now has a goatee.

-- Paul Burchill defeated Val Venis

-- Charlie Haas (in a mask) defeated Super Crazy

-- "The Canadian Bulldog" D.H. Smith defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Smith won with his feet on the ropes and was playing the heel.

After RAW Went Off The Air:

-- The Undertaker came down and posed in the ring with Flair

-- Stephanie and Vince McMahon came out and joined the Ric Flair farewell. Vince took Flair's arm and raised it up high on each side of the ring.

-- The celebration lasted until about 11:25pm (Eastern).

-- Flair eventually went to the back with his family.