Trish Stratus Doesn't Like How WWE Divas Are Being Used

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending in the following:

During their Wrestlemania recap show that airs on Fight Network Radio, The LAW aired a clip of an interview that they taped for next week with Trish Stratus where she gives her thoughts to co-host Jason Agnew about the Bunnymania match that happened on Sunday. The following is a transcript of the brief clip they played as a teaser for next weeks show which is at 11pm on CFRB 1010 Toronto and other Fight Network Radio affiliate stations.


Jason Agnew: You know, I am looking at someone like Beth Phenoix, who is really a good in-ring worker and is in a Playboy Mania match at Wrestlemania, any thoughts on that because I think you and her in a match would be much more entertaining than what they are doing right now.

Trish Stratus: Ya, well what is it called, Bunny Mania?

Jason Agnew: Ya

Trish Stratus: I have always been this way, I think there is a place for it because particularly there is a deal with playboy so there is obviously a place for it, there always will be, but I really think they could always provide the other additional idea, that is kind of what I did, I had the women's storyline going for the women's championship and then it's like Beth is the champion and there is no women's championship match, so I just... boo hoo, I don't like it. I don't like it one bit Jason.

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