New Flair Shirt Available, WWE Pulls Flair Celebration Video, McCool/Women's Belt

-- is selling a new "Thank You Ric" t-shirt, which you can see at this link. They also released a Ric Flair Commemorative T-Shirt at this link.

-- Michelle McCool has posted her latest blog on, which you can read at this link. She talks about WrestleMania, Flair's retirement, and the WWE Women's Championship. McCool wrote: "Don't worry, I didn't forget about the Women’s Championship. Stay tuned ... you better believe I’ll be addressing that issue in the VERY near future."

-- A video of handheld camera footage of everything that took place after Raw went off the air on Monday was available on YouTube, but WWE had the video pulled due to a copyright claim from the company. The footage showed Undertaker and Vince McMahon walking to the ring at separate times to pay tribute to Flair. When Taker made his entrance, all the wrestlers got on seperate sides so that he could make his way. Taker hugged Flair and kneeled before him.

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