WWE Heat Report (04/06/08) Taped in Orlando, Florida

WWE Heat Report: 6th April 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. Wow! what a week. WrestleMania was excellent from top to bottom and Raw had its fair share of nice surprises aswell. Cryme Tyme are back baby. Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah! Again, while I'm not the biggest Ric Flair fan, the man deserves his due for all he's done for the wrestling business. It was the perfect sendoff. Onto Heat, and before we get going we see a WrestleMania highlights package. It was basically the same one that's been playing on WWE TV all week.

Snitsky vs JT Flash
Snitsky traps, then grabs Flash by the throat and shoves him to the corner. Flash gets his feet up on a charge so Snitsky levels him with a clothesline. Snitsky gets mad, then applies a double underhook wrench with high kneelifts. Snitsky throws Flash to the mat, swats him with his boot, then stands on his face. The commentators talk up Snitsky making an impact now WrestleMania is history. Snitsky no-sells a punch before slamming Flash and dropping an elbow. Snitsky gets Flash up who punches the gut. Snitsky pushes Flash off the ropes into a big boot. A pumphandle slam finishes Flash off. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. If only all Snitsky's matches were this quick.

Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea vs Val Venis
The Burchills walk past the defeated JT Flash on their way out. Josh jokes, saying it took a whole commercial break for Flash to recover from his match with Snitsky. No mic time for the Burchills this week. Val towels and kisses a happy girl at ringside. Burchill backs Val to the corner. Burchill gets the advantage with a boot, side headlock and shoulder tackle. Val backtracks to the corner where Burchill boots him down. Val kicks back before Burchill wins a punch exchange. Burchill with an Irish whip and corner clothesline, then drags Val from the corner to cover for a nearfall. Burchill applies a chinlock, Val backelbows free then forearms and Irish whips. Burchill rebounds into a backbodydrop. Val delivers a clothesline and neckbreaker then heads to the top rope. Burchill rolls outside and he and Katie head to the back. Val gets down, walks after Burchill who immediately turns back to clothesline Val on the arena floor. Burchill throws Val back in, gets a one count then applies an armbar/chin wrench. Val escapes with a series of forearms, with the last one knocking Burchill down. Val lands a sholder tackle. Val goes for a neckbreaker before opting for a half nelson slam. Burchill manages to block it then elbow Val in the head. Val boots but Burchill gets his arms up to block a clothesline attempt. Burchill hits a single arm DDT then the curbstomp for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: PAUL BURCHILL. A good showcase from the more vicious Burchill.

Charlie Haas vs Super Crazy
The commentators discuss Haas and his mask as Haas throws Crazy to the mat. The crowd chant Super Crazy. Haas with a single leg takedown into a front facelock. Crazy punches free from a reverse chinlock. Crazy boots then rolls over Haas and armdrags him. Crazy slaps Haas then delivers a springboard armdrag from the top rope. Haas sends a charging Crazy onto the ring apron. Haas advances into a battering ram to the gut. Crazy hits a top rope cross body for one. Crazy ducks a clothesline then hits a leaping wheelbarrow snapmare and low dropkick to Haas. Crazy heads to the top rope as Haas rolls outside then underneath the ring for a costume change. Crazy awaits Haas who re-emerges, only to receive a backbodydrop. Haas comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Standoff. Crazy kicks the back of Haas' leg. Haas reverses an Irish whip. Haas catches a float over attempt and turns it into a faceplant. Haas punches and stomps on the fallen Crazy. Haas drives a knee into Crazy's back. Haas with an Irish whip, battering ram in the corner and a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Haas traps Crazy in an abdominal stretch. Haas pinches at Crazy's side then edges towards the ropes for unfair leverage. The referee fails to spot Haas doing this on two occasions. Crazy tries and fails to pull the mask off. The referee catches Haas tugging the rope a third time and Crazy hiptosses free. Crazy hits some forearms. Crazy attempts another wheelbarrow front bulldog but Haas catches him in a full nelson. Haas applies the hold in mid-air then on the mat. Crazy gets up and shifts his body before quickly punching free. Crazy ducks a clothesline and nails a heel kick. Crazy hits a dropkick, low dropkick to the knees and standing moonsault for a nearfall. Haas cuts off a rope whip with a knee to the gut. Haas lifts Crazy for a powerbomb, Crazy pulls the mask off in mid-air then gets down. A raging Haas quickly boots then unleashes some forearms. Crazy comes back with a kick to the back of the leg. Haas ducks an enziguiri kick and locks on the Haas of pain. Crazy quickly taps out. Here is Your Winner by Submission: CHARLIE HAAS. Post match, Haas puts the mask back on then leaves. Pretty good match. The crowd were into Crazy and appreciated Haas' wrestling skills.

Grisham narrates a brief montage of Ric Flair clips. We then get to see highlights from Flair's WrestleMania match and his farewell address on Raw this past week.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs "The Canadian Bulldog" D.H. Smith
Main Event time. Usual drill from Hacksaw. Smith gets announced as the Canadian Bulldog and no longer runs to the ring. His body language comes across quite heelish. The referee stops Hacksaw from attacking Smith with his 2x4. Yep Smith is heel....at least for today. Are we going to get a promo or an explanation? No. Instead we get Grisham commenting on the 'horrible' animosity between Americans and Canadians. We start off with lockups and shoves. Smith jumps outside and quickly hangs Hacksaw up on the top rope. Smith drops a couple of elbows for a one count. Hacksaw reverses Smith off the ropes and hits a hiptoss and three clotheslines. Smith goes outside for a breather. Back inside, Hacksaw wins a punch exchange. Smith telegraphs a backbodydrop with a boot to the head then delivers a series of punches to Hacksaw's head on the mat for a nearfall. Josh finally notes the attitude change in Smith. It only took him five minutes into the match to realize. Smith applies the first of four chinlocks which totally kill the match. In-between the hold of Orton, Smith uses a hair pull, several shots inside and outside the ring and a snapmare to stop Hacksaw's momentum and keep control. Before the final chinlock, Hacksaw gets in some punches in the corner. Hacksaw Irish whips but misses a charge. This allows Smith to deliver a slam, elbow, knee to the back and forearm to the head. Hacksaw resorts to grabbing Smith's ears to try and escape the final chinlock. Smith cuts Hacksaw off as he gets up with an elbow. Hacksaw blocks and reverses a head ram in the corner. Hacksaw lands punches and an Irish whip. Hacksaw hits the three point stance clothesline. 1-2-no, Smith gets his foot on the rope. Smith goes out to the ring apron as Hacksaw argues with the referee. Hacksaw turns back and gets a head shot in the gut. Smith gets in, trips Hacksaw, hooks the legs, and with his own feet on the ropes, Smith gets the cheap 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: "THE CANADIAN BULLDOG" D.H. SMITH. Jeez, Hacksaw's protected again in losing, for the second straight week. This was boring and really dragged. Smith needs a gimmick, a valet or even a stable. A British/Canadian combo with Nattie Neidhart and the Burchills wouldn't be bad. They'd do well on SmackDown! Post match, Smith jumps up and down, happy with himself. Hacksaw gets his 2x4 and Smith takes off to the back. Hacksaw starts to follow before stopping to salute the fans.

Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: Charlie Haas vs Super Crazy.
Worst Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs D.H. Smith.
Show Verdict: Thumbs in the middle.

See you next weekend. Maybe Cryme Tyme will be in the house? Shaun. If anyone wants to sound off, chew the fat or talk wrestling get in touch. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.