Updated List Of WWE's 60+ Releases This Week

In the latest effort to cut upto $20 million from WWE's budget, there were massive layoffs this week in Stanford, Connecticut. In a press release issued this week regarding the layoffs, Linda McMahon explained the layoffs (or as she called them, "efficiencies") would help WWE in the longterm by putting htem in a "stronger, more flexible position."

Here's an updated list of this week's casualties:

- 10% of WWE's 600 person office staff, including several longtime managers as well as members of WWE's television production and WWE.com divisions.

- Superstars D-Lo Brown, Bam Neely, Val Venis and Kevin Fertig.

- Agent and former referee Tim White

- Referees Jimmy Korderas, Mike Posey and Kevin Keenan

- Developmental stars Gavin Spears and Mike Kruel

- Vince McMahon's 2 limo drivers

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