Ricky Steamboat Talks About His Return To The Ring & Ric Flair Inducting Him

Slam! Wrestling recently interviewed Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat regarding his upcoming return to the ring at WrestleMania 25 on April 5th. To read the entire interview, visit Slam.Canoe.ca. Here's what Steamboat had to say about:

His Return to the Ring: "I haven't changed my preparation that much," Steamboat said regarding the handicap match against Chris Jericho. "I still get into the ring and work out with the guys, I have been since 1994, I know I am not the Dragon that I was 15 years ago, I am probably about 80 percent of what I was."

Steamboat added, "I can still move pretty good and hit the ropes and come off the top. I feel good about myself. I've been asked about being embarrassed but I am very comfortable. I don't know long I will be able to go in this match, thank goodness I have help from Snuka and Piper, but personally I feel good about it."

Flair Inducting Him into the Hall of Fame: "That was a great choice for me personally having 'The Naitch' induct me. He is going to induct a guy who he has wrestled against so many times. When people talk about the two of us, every time I am asked about him, it is about the respect we have brought to each other. We brought each other along early in our career when we were young back in the 1970s. What a fitting moment for him to induct me."

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