World Wrestling Entertainment Purchases Another ECW Asset

World Wrestling Entertainment has purchased the ECW music library, according to an announcement made on the website for musician Harry Slash, who created a number of original songs for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

On his website,, Harry Grivas (aka Harry Slash) wrote, "Harry Slash is pleased to announce that WWE has purchased our catalog of music used by ECW for WWE's future use in connection with WWE's library of ECW video footage."

Two years ago in June 2003, Grivas and partner Roderick Kohn filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment for using music created for ECW on WWE programming and DVDs without consent or payment, however the issue was soon settled and resolved on both sides.

Harry Slash and The Slashtones created a number of original songs for ECW, including the "This is Extreme" theme song, music for Sabu, Tazz, Super Crazy, Mike Awesome, and more.

With plans for a 6/12 Extreme Championship Wrestling PPV set for New York City, WWE now has one more piece of the ECW puzzle in place.

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[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]