McMahon Ribs Laurinaitis, NJPW Sold, Brodus Clay-WWE '12, Rock-Mexico

-- The Yukes video game company has sold 100% ownership of Japan's New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion to Bushinroad Group Publishing, card game company). The sale reportedly took place on December 31st and will go into effect this week. It is believed NJPW was sold for approximately $6.5 million (US).

-- THQ is set to release Brodus Clay for WWE ’12 via DLC today. The download will be free via

-- While doing the media rounds in Mexico last week to promote his new Journey 2 movie, The Rock posed with Mexican wrestler Blue Demon Jr. for a photo, which was picked up by numerous local media outlets.

-- The short-sleeve referee shirt worn by John Laurinaitis at the Royal Rumble was a rib by Vince McMahon, who recently poked fun at Laurinaitis for his “flabby, skinny arms.”

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