Madusa Continues Taunting Beth Phoenix, Says She Will Take Her Divas Title

Madusa revealed last week that she remains in possession of the WWF Women's Championship she unceremoniously trashed during a 1995 episode of WCW Monday Nitro and that she'd like to defend it against Beth Phoenix. The legendary women's wrestler tweeted an image of herself wearing the belt with a challenge to Phoenix reading "Are u woman enough?"

Madusa has continued taunting the WWE Divas Champion via Twitter. She wrote again to "The Glamazon," "You will be the only one with mud on your face... And everyone laughing!"

Phoenix responded, "Bring the hate. It fuels me. #divaschampionforever."

Madusa than vowed to take her Divas Championship.

She wrote, "No hate...only love when I stomp that ass and take the diva title too! Let the schooling begin!"

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