Rumored WrestleMania 28 Match Order, Batista Movie Update, Austin-HBK

- To update the story of Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels going hunting together for Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures hunting show, Austin noted on his blog that he's heading to his ranch this week to meet Michaels and his camera crew to begin filming.

- WWE is currently finalizing the match order for WrestleMania 28. As expected, the John Cena vs. The Rock match will close the show.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H Hell in a Cell match is currently scheduled to take place in the middle of the card. There had been some initial concern about how WWE would be able to construct the massive cage during the PPV, but WWE is planning to build a complex structure above the ring to hold the lighting setup as well as the Cell.

The WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho has been discussed as the show's opening contest.

-- Former WWE wrestler Batista is currently filming scenes for the latest Chronicles Of Riddick movie, titled, Riddick. Batista plays a bounty hunter trying to track down Vin Diesel’s Riddick character.

* NEW PICTURE Of BATISTA Filming Riddick (Mohawk!)

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