TNA Victory Road 2012 PPV Results From Orlando, FL

TNA Victory Road 2012 PPV Results (3.18.2012)
Report by Elio Cannella of

We begin with a video package highlighting tonight’s Main Event featuring Sting vs TNA World Champion Bobby Roode. And we go live to the Impact Zone. Tazz and Mike Tenay are on commentary

Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring and grabs the mic and tells the fans to shut up. The crowd starts a “We Want Devon” chant. Ray asks if the crowd knows who he is and the crowd starts a “You Suck” chant. Ray says as of right now he is the talk of the wrestling world and is trending worldwide on Twitter not because he’s the toughest bastard in wrestling or because he’s Calfzilla, he’s trending worldwide because he is taking the Victory Road pay per view hostage and says tonight the people get nothing. They only get a pay per view if Bully Ray gets what he wants and what he wants is for his match against James Storm to be for the #1 contendership for the World Title at Lockdown. He doesn’t care who comes down he will beat the crap out of anyone who tries to remove him. He’s not leaving until he gets what he wants. James Storm comes out and says there seems to be a lot of beer drinkers in the house. Storm makes fun of Ray’s calves calling them chicken legs. The fans start chanting “Kick His Ass”. Storm says it’ll be real easy to remove Ray once he knocks his ass out. Storm says Ray doesn’t need to come out and waste people’s time to get what he wants he’ll give him his match right now

Bully Ray vs James Storm

Storm enters the ring and Ray goes on the attack beating Storm down. Ray throws Storm into the turnbuckle. Ray climbs out of the ring and grabs Storm’s beer bottle taking a drink, Ray turns around and walks into the Last Call. Storm with the cover 1….2…3.

The winner of the match: James Storm

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Austin Aries and he’s reading questions that have been tweeted from fans. Aries tells Borash to take a hike and in comes Eric Bischoff who takes over the interview and Aries says he doesn’t have to be in the last match of the evening to be in the main event. He is the main event everytime he steps into the ring. He knows it, Bischoff knows it and the fans know it

X-Division Title: Austin Aries vs Zema Ion

Stare down between Ion and Aries. Ion slaps Aries and Aries goes after him but Ion runs of the ring. Ion back in and Aries goes after him but referee Brian Hebner holds him back. Ion with a kick, irish whip by Ion and back to back float overs by Ion. Aries grabs Ion’s hairspray. Ion livid goes for Aries and a roll up but a 2 count. Aries with clubbing blows to Ion. Ion on the apron, shoulderblock to Aries. Ion to the top and Aries pushes him off the turnbuckle. Aries grabs the phone from SoCal Val and tweets during the match. Springboard leg drop, Aries with a moonsault and another two count. Snapmare by Aries. Aries off the second rope and a 2 count. Ion with shoulderblock to Aries, Ion up on top . Ion has Aries on the ropes. Picks Aries up, Aries fights back, Ion up to the top and crossbody into a pin but only 2 count. Shoulderblock into the corner, irish whip hard into the corner and a cover but 2 count by Ion. Ion looking for an atomic drop but Aries blocks it with elbows to the back of the head. Ion knocks Aries to the floor. Ion up top and a moonsault onto Aries. Ion picks Aries up rolls him back in 2 count by Ion. Once more and again a 2 count. Stomp on Aries. Ion mocking Aries with the pendulum elbow and he misses as Aries rolls out of the way. Inverted atomic drop by Aries and Aries beating Ion down in the corner. Irish whip by Ion reversed by Aries and Ion with a backflip, Aries to the apron back in and a spinebuster by Ion, pendulum elbow and a cover by Aries but 2 count. Aries picks Ion up and Ion with a back body drop. Aries back up irish whip and Ion gets the boot. Ion grabbing the belt, the referee grabs it away, Ion takes the hairspray and sprays Aries in the eyes. 2 count Ion drops Aries again and 2 count again. Shoulderblock in the corner, Ion setting Aries up on the top corner. Ion going up. Superplex attempt but Aries blocks it and hits a powerbomb straight down to the canvas. Brainbuster by Aries, Last Chancery and Ion submits

The winner of the match by submission: Austin Aries

We see highlights from the feud between new tag team champions Samona Joe and Magnus and Crimson and Matt Morgan.

TNA Tag Team Titles: Samona Joe & Magnus vs Crimson & Matt Morgan

And it’s Magnus and Morgan starting out. The crowd with a “Morgan” chant and Crimson tags himself in. Magnus going to work on Crimson, irish whip and a shoulderblock by Crimson. Magnus knocks Crimson down and an irish whip, Crimson with the boots to Magnus and Crimson has Magnus in the corner. Magnus comes back with a clothesline, irish whip to the corner and a tag to Samoa Joe. Joe beats Crimson down. Sanpmare and a kick. Kneedrop ont Crimson. Irish whip and a tag to Magnus. Irish whip and Crimson holds onto the ropes, sliding out. . Crimson with a neck snap on the ropes, Crimson back in and going to work on Magnus choking him out. Hard irish whip. Crimson picks Magnus up and knee strikes. A neckbreaker and 2 count by Crimson. Crimson with the suplex to Magnus and still a 2 count as Morgan has his hand extended for the tag. Crimson with the reverse chinlock on Magnus. Magnus to his feet and Crimson whips him back down to the mat. Slam by Crimson and an elbowdrop as the crowd chants “We Want Morgan” pin by Crimson and 2 count. Magnus off the ropes and a spinebuster by Crimson. Crimson with the cravat on Magnus neutralizing the head. Magnus fights back with rights, irish whip and a clothesline to Crimson. Joe tags in and Joe with the irish whip, Crimson with a boot the face. Crimson to the top, misses, Joe with the powerslam, Joe with Crimson in the corner Joe misses and Morgan tags himself in going after Joe and Magnus. Sideslam on Magnus and Crimson tags himself back in. Morgan tags himself back in. Magnus from behind, inverted atomic drop Joe with the 2 count. Morgan looking to Crimson telling him he’ll work solo. Morgan double clothesline on Joe and Magnus, Crimson back in the ring spears Morgan. Back splash by Joe, snapmare by Joe, elbow drop by Magnus. The cover, three count

The winners of the match: Samoa Joe & Magnus

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Bobby Roode and answers tweets sent in to Bobby Roode. And the first questions is how does he plan to get into the head of Sting and James Storm. Roode says the mind games are over, the talking is over and tonight he ends Sting and he reminds James Storm he’s never beaten him one on one. Storm walks in and they stand face to face. Storm says at Lockdown they have a world title match but he’s not looking for a match, he’s looking for a fight right now right here and calls Roode a chump and Roode walks off

Robbie E comes out with Robbie T and say they have bad news for everyone. Due to every wrestler in the locker room bein contracted to a match, the Robbie E open challenge won’t happen tonight. Robbie T whispers something and gives Robbie E an idea and Robbie E says the Robbie E challenge will happen tonight and is open to the fans. Robbie then goes looking for fans but then decides no one deserves a shot and declares the Robbie E open challenge officially closed. Devon then makes his way thru the crowd.

Television Title: Robbie E vs Devon

Devon knocks Robbie down and now Devon beating Robbie down in the corner. Devon tosses him across the ring. Irish whip and clothesline by Devon. Another irish whip and a faceplant. Devon with another clothesline sending him over the top rope to the floor. Robbie T distracting Devon and Robbie E with a knee. Robbie grabbing the chair but drops it, tossing Devon back in and relentless covers but only 2 counts. Irish whip and Devon is down but 2 count. Now Robbie with kicks. Robbie driving Devon’s head into the turnbuckle. Irish whip, spear by Devon. Clotheslines, irish whip and jumping shoulderblock by Devon. Clothesline in the corner, another jumping clothesline by Devon. Powerbomb by Devon and cover for the three count

The winner of the match: Devon

Backstage: Dixie Carter is with Jeremy Borash and Carter announces Slammiversary will be held at the University of Texas in the brand new Arlington Arena. And her thoughts on tonight’s main event she hopes it all ends tonight for Roode

We see a video package highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s Knockout Championship match.

Knockout Title: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

Rayne and Kim lock up and Madison pulls Kim’s hair but the referee breaks it up, Rayne goes for a punch but Kim gets out of the way. Clothesline by Kim but 2 count only. Irish whip by Rayne, Kim gets her feet up nails Rayne. Kim on the apron and Rayne knocks her into the guardrail, Rayne rolls her back in and 2 count. Headscissor roll up but Kim reverses it and Rayne chops her down, Head smash by Rayne and now choking Kim out in the corner. Rayne rushes but Kim gets the boots up and Rayne with a strike. Bridge by Rayne but 2 count only. Reverse chinlock on Kim. Kim back up but Rayne whips her head back down. Rayne goes for the bulldog but misses. Rayne up and now they’re exchanging forearms and it’s Kim with a series of clotheslines. Rayne whips Kim into the corner, Kim catches her with the elbow, off the ropes and a corss body but 2 count. Kim off the ropes and a dropkick to Rayne. Cover and a 2 count on Rayne. Kim going for the Eat Defeat, Rayne covers and exchange of roll ups. Face smash and a neckbreaker by Rayne but Kim kicks out again. Forearm by Kim. Kick by Rayne. Face smash into the mat and Rayne on top of Kim. Irish whip by Rayne and dropkick 2 count only. Kim going for the Eat Defeat, cover on Rayne and the three count

The winner of the match: Gail Kim!

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Kazarian and Daniels and asks Kazarian about his more aggressive side and Daniels interrupts saying whatever the game plan is, Daniels is still running the show. They then throw to a video leading up to tonight’s tag team match.

Mr. Anderson & AJ Styles vs Daniels & Kazarian

Kazarian and Anderson lock up and Kazarian powers Anderson into the corner, a punch but Anderson moves out of the way, Anderson with the irish whip, picking Kazarian up in a front facelock and he tags out to Styles. Kazarian tags out to Daniels and Styles and Daniels lock up. Styles with the side headlock. Irish whip by Styles and a shoulderblock by Daniels. Daniels off the rope and a deep armdrag. Armbar on Daniels. Daniels back up and a side headlock, schoolboy roll up but a 2 count by Daniels. Daniels off the ropes and a dropkick by Styles and Daniels getting out of the ring but Anderson on him and now all four are on the outside. Back in the ring its Styles with two count on Kaz, irish whip and Styles goes flying over the top rope onto the apron and gets knocked down to the mat. Daniels on Styles on the outside. Daniels measuring him with punches and a cover but a 1 count. Irish whip and Styles is down again and 2 count. Styles fights back, irish whip and hip toss countered into an abdominal stretch by Daniels and Styles manages to get the hip toss. Daniels in the corner and runs into a boot. Tag to Kaz and a frankensteiner by Styles. Daniels whips Styles into the coner and a moonsault into the cover. Reverse chinlock by Daniels. Styles fights to his feet and drives punches into Daniels but Daniels maintains control and a kick by Daniels. 2 count by Daniels and he tags out to Kaz. Daniels whips Kaz into the corner, monkey flip into Daniels and Styles clothesline Daniels and delivers a pele kick to Kazarian. Tag to Anderson and clothesline to everyone, neckbreaker to Daniels and a samoan drop to Kaz on top of Daniels cover by Anderson 2 count and Daniels back on Anderson. Anderson going for the Mic Check. Styles takes Daniels out now all four are laid out. Daniels and Anderson back to their feet trading blows and Anderson with Kaz has him on the ropes, Anderson off th ropes, tripped by Daniels and Kaz from behind. Irish whip and suicide dive to Daniels. Styles tags in. Kaz goes for the Fade To Black, Styles counters into the Styles Clash. The cover and the 3 count

The winners of the match: AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Backstage: Jeremy Borash asks Kurt Angle about his match tonight. And Angle says he’sgoing to destroy Jeff Hardy. He’s going to show everyone why Jeff Hardy is everything that’s wrong with wrestling today. He says he hates Hardy’s guts and says tonight Hardy gets an extreme makeover

We see video package highlighting Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Angle lock up and Angle powers Hardy into the corner and a clean break. Lock up and a side headlock by Hardy, irish whip by Angle and a shoulderblock and Angle is out of the ring. Side headlock by Hardy, irish whip and another shoulderblock by Hardy. Angle again to the outside. Lock up again and a sideheadlock by Hardy and Angle counters into a hammerlock countered by Hardy and a snapmare by Angle. Hardy back to the hammerlock and another snapmare by Angle. Chinlock by Angle but Hardy back to hammerlock and Angle with an elbow. Hardy with Angle in the corner and Angle rakes the eyes. Angle with a whip and Hardy with the headscissors to the outside, Hardy with the kick and a double sledge from the apron. Angle back in and Hardy back in and Angle stomping on him. Angle choking him out. Irish whip by Hardy and inverted atomic drop, double legdrop and cover but 2 count. Angle back to the outside, Hardy after him and he drives Angle’s head into the steel chair. Hardy smashes Angle’s head into the steel steps and Angle’s been busted open. Back in the ring, Hardy off the ropes onto Kurt. Angle back up, the Ankle lock but Hardy fighs out, Angle with the Angle Slam. Angle chokes Hardy out. Another Angle Slam countered. Hardy back up, series of clotheslines by Hardy. Swanton onto Angle, the cover and reversal by Angle, Angle grabs the ropes and gets the three count

The winner of the match: Kurt Angle!

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Sting and Sting says he’s sick of talking, twittering and facebooking. Right now he feels like a wrestler

We see video highlights leading up to tonight’s main event

Bobby Roode vs Sting

Sting and Roode stand face to face. The lock up and around the ring they go and Sting powers Roode into the corner. Clean break and Roode shoves Sting and Sting with a slap. Lock up again and an armwringer by Roode and Roode grabs Stings hair yanking him to the mat. Sting pops back up and Roode escapes to the outside. The fans start a “You Still Got It” chant. Roode back in and they lock up. Side headlock into a hammerlock reversed by Roode and a clothesline by Sting. Sting going for the Sting Splash but Roode moves out of the way and Sting hits a dropkick. Roode back to the outside. Roode walking to the back and Sting to the outside after him and a clothesline on the ramp. He picks Roode up and delivers another clothesline. Sting brings Roode back to ringside smashing him face first into the ringsteps and into the guardrail. And Roode into the guardrail again. Into the ringsteps again and Roode is down. Roode fighting back and now its Roode smashing Sting’s face against the apron. Reverse knife edge chop. He goes for a chair smash but Sting moves out of the way. Sting brings Roode to the guardrail and hits Roode with a modified Stinger Splash and Roode over the guardrail. Sting brings him back in and tosses him back into the ring. Roode begging off and Roode slides out grabbing Sting’s leg wrapping it around the ringpost. Roode back in going to work on the injured leg dropping elbow after elbow on Sting’s leg. Chop block by Roode and Roode using the ropes standing on the leg. Stong back up limping and Roode kicking at the leg. Chops and punches to Sting and Sting falls. Sting fighting back. Backslide by Sting and Roode kicks out. Dropkick by Roode. Figure four by Roode on Sting. Sting’s shoulders go down but 2 count only. Sting turning it around and Roode reaches the ropes and another chop block by Roode. Pin attempt by Sting and Roode chops Sting but Sting standing moving towards him not budging and an irish whip by Sting and Sting with the whip and clotheslines to Roode. Back bodydrop by Sting. Roode back up and Sting kicks Roode’s legs out from under him. Irish whip and the Stinger Splash, going for a second one but misses. Roode to the top, Sting cuts him off. Superplex off the top rope. Sting locks the Scorpion Death Lock in and Roode reaches the ropes.. Sting picks Roode up and a neck snap off the rope by Roode and a spear by Roode but 2 count only. Roode to the outside going under the ring and he brings a steel chair into the ring. Setting the chair up, Roode gets Sting and picks him up, Sting blocks it and backdrop. Roode on the apron tries to fight back but Sting nails the Scorpion Death Drop unaware that the steel chair was behind him and hits his head on the steel chair knocking him out.

The winner of the match by KO: Bobby Roode

Roode picks up Dixie Carter and bring her into the ring and yells at her and Sting from behind fights Roode off and sends him to the outside. Roode back in and he nails Roode with the steel chair. Roode going back to the outside grabbing the duct tape taping Sting’s wrists to the ropes. Roode beinging Dixie to the other end of the ring and picks up the steel chair and goes to hit Sting as Dixie covers him.