John Laurinaitis Update, More On Fit Finlay's Return To WWE

- As previously reported, Fit Finlay is back with WWE and will resume his role as a producer. Finlay met with WWE during WrestleMania weekend and did state in an interview that he was meeting with WWE to discuss a new deal. Since WrestleMania, Finlay has been working with former WWE wrestler Tajiri and helped launch his new Wrestling New Classics promotion in Japan. Now that Tajiri's new promotion is off the ground, Finlay was free to return to WWE.

- John Laurinaitis' power behind the scenes continues to dwindle, with several other people now running the talent development division under Triple H. Laurinaitis had been involved in talent development and booking live events, but now he's limited to a performer and possibly handling company payroll.

Despite being fired weeks ago, Laurinaitis continues to work dark matches, teaming with the Big Show against John Cena in handicap matches. It's expected Laurinaitis will be brought back to television in some capacity in the coming months.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)