WWE Speculates About Triple H's Buzzed Head, Hardy Disputes "Richest" List

- Following WWE's announcement this week that the company will be holding it's first-ever live events from Egypt later this year, PWInsider.com repoerts that WWE actually ran a few shows in Egypt back in the 1980's.

- Earlier this week, CelebrityNetworth.com published a list of the richest pro wrestlers in the world and each top star's net worth. Matt Hardy, who was not on the list, says the list is not accurate:

"I can say with 100% confidence it's wrong. LOL"

- WWE.com has picked up the story of Triple H cutting off all his hair - and speculates whether this means that his days in the ring are in fact over. They also have a poll up asking who had the best haircut of 2012 - Triple H or his WrestleMania 28 opponent, The Undertaker.

* PICTURES of TRIPLE H's Buzzed Head - Totally New Look