Post-RAW Tweets From Seth Rollins, Jim Ross and Cody Rhodes

- WWE's "Top 100 Moments In RAW History" DVD and Blu-ray set was released today.

- Cody Rhodes tweeted the following after his return on Monday's RAW, less than 4 weeks after being put out of action with multiple injureis:

"2 muscle tears, 1 blown AC joint...25 days later HEALED. Rather miraculous...just getting started. #RhodesToTheFuture"

- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross tweeted the following about the brawl that ended Monday's RAW:

"Loved the final few minutes of @WWE #Raw tonight. The chaotic collusion w/ multiple madness painted a nice picture. Reminded me of old days."

- The Shield's Seth Rollins tweeted the following after Monday's RAW:

"The shadows are ours and soon so shall be the light. We are the ones who will make the wrongs right. @WWE @TheShieldWWE #TLC"

* Animated .GIF of Antonio Cesaro's INSANE Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker On KOFI KINGSTON From RAW