Foley Working With WWE Star, Maryse Shows Off New Swimwear Line, DeMott

- In response to online reports of NXT trainer Bill DeMott hazing WWE's developmental students, a fan asked him on Twitter this morning if he's bulled anybody yet today. He replied:

"Sorry, not today."

- As previously reported, a WWE superstar recently approached Mick Foley asking him for permission to use one of his signature offensive moves. Foley tweeted on Tuesday morning that he's headed to Bridgeport, CT for tonight's SmackDown tapings to pass on the move:

"Heading to #Smackdown in Bridgeport tomorrow, specifically to pass an iconic Foley offensive move down to a current @WWE Superstar."

- Former WWE Diva Maryse posted the following video on YouTube looking at her recent Snaps photoshoot for her new House of Maryse swimwear line:

* Animated .GIF of Antonio Cesaro's INSANE Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker On KOFI KINGSTON From RAW