The Iron Sheik Gives Out His Own "Slammy Awards"

WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik went on an obscenity-laced Twitter rant on Monday night, giving out his own "Slammy Awards" to some of his least favorite former co-workers and trashing several others in the process. Here are some of Sheik's tweets from Monday night:

Ric Flair on the WWE Raw, he my good friend from the Minnesota. If i want i can beat the f*ck out of him till he cry like little b*tch

hulk hogan win Slammy for having smallest d*ck in wrestling

Virgil win the #SlammyAwards for being most broke dumb motherf*cker

Ultimate Warrior win #SlammyAwards for being the biggest freak piece of sh*t no good motherf*cker #teamsheikie

Ricky Steamboat my friend forever. Shooting wise i beat the fu*ck out of him if i want with one finger

He also posed the question, "AJ dumb b*tch or good girl?"

Ladies and gentlemen, The Iron Sheik.

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