Tommy Dreamer Hospitalized After Beatdown By The Shield On RAW (Pictures)

After making a surprise return to WWE on Monday night from Philadelphia, PA, ECW original Tommy Dreamer wound up in the emergency room on Tuesday due to "complications from The Shield's beatdown"on RAW. Dreamer posted a series of tweets (and graphic pictures) detailing his trip to the hospital.

* Warning: Some of the images below are graphic

Dreamer tweeted on Tuesday:

"Didnt plan on a trip to the ER today Had complications from @theshieldWWE beat down. Head swelling plus stitches. Im frigging pissed off"

"1st of many graphic pics I will post Dr asked if I wanted to press charges he doesn't get it @theshieldwwe"

"2nd graphic pic of ER visit @theshieldwwe Guys I got a lot of friends in this bizness & I'm pissed off at u""

"3rd graphic pic from my attack by @theshieldwwe insane dangerous levels of swelling of myhead"

"4th very graphic pic 18 stiches for a puncture wound a bolt went into my head causing swelling"

"Last very graphic pic of the night b4 stiches @theshieldwwe & @wwe better pick up the ER bill I'm F*cking mad"

"Hard to sleep w/ this swelling @theshieldwwe I will remeber u spoiling a great night 4 me & wrestling fans" is reporting that Tommy Dreamer being brought in for RAW from Philadelphia was a last minute decision and he reportedly didn't get the call to appear until Monday afternoon. As noted earlier this week, WWE was very impressed with the crowd reaction he got from the local crowd and are open to using him again in the future.