Update On The WWE Network & WWE Negotiating With Investor Partners

With the WWE Network launch still on WWE's radar but without a definitive date, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is in negotiations with at least one investment company about joint venturing on the new television channel.

According to their source, WWE's plan for how the Network will be presented has changed dramatically in recent months and people will be "stunned" when the plans are revealed.

Aside from the XFL, when WWE partnered with NBC, Vince McMahon rarely partners with companies for major undertakings like this. While WWE likes to have as much control as possible with their projects, the upside is that WWE will be able to share a lot of the costs associated with launching and running the Network.

WWE will also be saving a lot of money by featuring most of their own content on the Network, which saves them the need to license expensive shows. There is still a lot of upside to the WWE Network, but there is also fear in WWE that the company is at risk of over-exposing the television product even further.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)