Sin Cara Interview: Following In Mysterio's Footsteps, His Biggest Hurdle In WWE

Sn Cara recently spoke to WWE Magazine about a number of topics, including following in Rey Mysterio's footsteps, the hardest part of adapting to the WWE style of wrestling and more. Here are some highlights from

Following In Rey Mysterio's Foot Steps:

"I think being compared to Rey Mysterio is a great honor! In Mexico, Rey's an icon, so to be mentioned along with him is in no way a bad thing. But I also don't see myself as a Rey Mysterio clone. Our styles are similar, but each of us has something distinct, as well. I've learned a lot from Rey. Being his partner has been one of the highlights of my career."

The Hardest Thing About Adapting To Life in WWE:

"By far, the most difficult thing I've had to adapt to is the fact that 95 percent of the Superstars speak English and only English. I'm a Mexican-born luchador, and I never felt I was going to need English. I lived in Mexico; I had a career there. It's not that I never wanted to learn English; I just never had the need to. So working in an English-speaking environment has been quite the challenge! But I'm taking classes, and I study at home and on the road."

His Rival With Hunico (Black Sin Cara) In WWE:

"I loved it. It was cool to have to wrestle myself, in a way, because originally he had the same outfit I had. Then when he changed to the black version of my gear, it felt almost like I was wrestling my shadow. Something that I couldn't get rid of but was also a dark reflection of myself. There was a lot about that rivalry I enjoyed. And when it was over, I showed everyone who the real Sin Cara was!"

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