The Miz's Babyface Turn, Royal Rumble Participants, End Of The World

- WWE has confirmed that this year's Royal Rumble match will feature 30 Superstars. As previously reported, the Royal Rumble fan fest taking place in Phoenix the day before the event will feature a Battle Royal, with the winner earning a spot in the Rumble match.

- WWE superstars Christian and Tyson Kidd joked around on Twitter about the 12/21/12 "end of the world" hype turning out to be a bust.

Christian: "Mayans: Come for the apocalypse, stay for the jokes on Twitter."

Tyson Kidd: "I hope this Mayan deal isn't like the cable company coming to your house. Any time between 8-5."

- The Shield member Seth Rollins tweeted the following explanation of his group's recent attacks:

"People don't like the idea of justice because it forces them to pick a side. Action begets reaction. #believeintheshield #justicelives"

- WWE officials currently have mixed feelings regarding The Miz's recent babyface turn. His character needed to be freshened up and he's been getting solid reactions from live WWE crowds, however most feel that he needs to continue improving his "good guy" persona.

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