Hulk Hogan Says He Wants To Be TNA World Champion In 2013

TNA star Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed by the UK's Guardian website as part of a "Celebrity Christmas Wish Lists" feature. Here's what's on Hogan's wish list, including some interesting comments about wanting to not only wrestle again - but to also be TNA World champion:

1 Thirty years of life: I want my youth back. I wouldn't change anything, though. I'd wrestle all over again. The same matches.

2 747 jet I would like my own private jet plane again. I'd take all the wrestlers with me on the plane. I don't just want a little Learjet, I want a 747. That would be a wild plane.

3 Knee surgery I've had eight back surgeries, I've had knee replacements, I've had both hip replacements. I only need one more surgery – to fix my right knee – then I'm going to go for the TNA world title. I want to be 59 years old and be the champion.

4 Hair I want a full head of hair.

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