SmackDown Does A Strong Rating, War Games At Elimination Chamber?

- Friday's 2/8 edition of WWE SmackDown scored a big 2.16 rating with 3.19 million viewers, up approximately 7% from the week before. This was the best overall viewership for a first-run Friday night Smackdown in a full year (2/10/12). SmackDown ranked #3 on cable for the night.

Meanwhile, The Rock's 2007, "Game Plan," which went head-to-head with SmackDown on the Disney Channel, drew 4.22 million viewers.

- Following Ryback's Monday afternoon tweet that The Shield will be serviced justice this Sunday "inside the chamber," reports that the match will in fact take place inside the Elimination Chamber. This would be the first time a six-man tag match has taken place inside the Chamber.

The report suggests the match will be held under traditional "War Games" rules, where the match starts with two competitors in the ring and at each interval, a new superstar (from either team) enters the match. This typically results in one of the teams having more men in the ring, which adds to the chaos of the match.

* Pictures of THE MIZ Dumping CM PUNK On His Head Saturday Night