Fandango Continues To Trash Talk Jericho, Cena & Ryback's Best Finishers

- Fandango continues to talk trash about his dance-off opponent on tonight's RAW, Chris Jericho:

"Me in a #danceoff against @IAmJericho is like a Formula One car in race against a tricycle. #RawIsFandango"

"Hey A dancing tip for @Edyta_Sliwinska: Avoid breathing through your nose when dancing with @IAmJericho #RawIsFandango #danceoff"

- With just a few days left until Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, WWE has published the following video of the most impressive finishing Attitude Adjustments and Shell Shocked's from John Cena & Ryback:

"Witness the most painful, impressive, and downright awesome Shell Shockeds and Attitude Adjustments from Ryback and John Cena."

* PHOTO of EDYTA SLIWINSKA - Chris Jericho's Dance-Off Partner For Tonight!